Get Ready With Me: Travel in Style

Happy Friday Darling Divas!
I hope you have your bags all packed up and ready because today we are doing another Get Packed with Me segment! If you missed the first two episodes no worries! Click here for episode 1, and here for episode 2. Today’s episode is going to be all about finding the perfect outfit to travel in! Let’s hop in and get started!

I hope you all have enjoyed today’s Get Packed with me! Confort is always key when you travel, so I hope that this video will help you create the perfect look for all your travel needs! Need some further inspo? Here are two looks that I created! They also will be available as pins over at the NoMinusPlus Pinterest page! 

I hope that this Get Packed with me episode was informational, and useful! I plan to of course continue all my series,  so just bear with me! Are you all following me on social media? You should be! Click the links above to keep update with me and the blog! I love you lots like tater tots, and I will see you all next Wednesday!

Get Packed With Me: How to Build a Vacation Wardrobe

Happy Hump Day Darling Divas!
Although I am away on vacation, that doesn’t mean that I can’t post! Today’s video is the perfect topic to discuss because it’s all about getting packed for a Summer getaway! Today I am coming at you with the second video in the Get Packed With Me series that I started earlier this year! Its more developed, and has a lot more direction, so I am pretty excited to show you guys some more content! Each Get Packed with me video will have a topic, and today’s is all about building the perfect vacation wardrobe! So grab your passports, and watch the video below!

I hope you have enjoyed the video! If you liked it and want more in this series leave your ideas in the comment section below! You can click here to check out the first video in this series. Let’s recap what we learned today! 

Every great travel wardrobe starts with a list ( or in my case 2)
Organization is always critical when it comes to pretty much anything! I find that if I write it down, I don’t forget it, so a packing list saves the day every time it’s time for me to travel. I jot down the types of outfits I need, and then from there, I start to pull things from my closet. Once that’s all done if I notice I need a couple extra pieces I make a shopping list so that I can grab what I need, and not what I don’t need.
When building the actual wardrobe remember to keep these four points in mind. 
1. Weather
Be sure to pull up your favorite weather app( or channel) and check out the weather during the week to the place you’re traveling to. This allows you to know what kind of outfits you need to bring and will help you be prepared instead of having to run around and find something to switch up the looks. Never assume, always check! 
2. Attire
Every vacation and trip are different, so you want to make sure you are bringing the type of clothes that cater to the kind of trip you’re going to. There’s nothing like showing up to an event or gathering, and you’re underdressed, or overdressed. Determine what kind of clothes you need, and let the creation of the outfits begin.
3. Don’t Bulk It Up
You want to make sure that you leave some room for whatever you may purchase while you’re gone, so don’t choose pieces that are too thick.  Limit them to 1-3 and watch all the space clear up. 
4. Try it on
I can’t stress enough how important it is to try things on! If you skip steps 1-3, that’s cool, but this step you CANNONT skip! Since you don’t have the option of swapping things out while your gone, you need to try everything on before you pack it. That way you know exactly what your outfit looks like, and there are no surprises and OOTD’s that you are secretly hating. 
So, ladies, that’s all for today’s blog post. If you want to see what I’m wearing on vacation be sure to check out my social media! I have posted plenty of OOTD’s! My social media is linked all above if you are interested! Be sure to come right back here on Friday for another blog post! I love you lots like tater tots, and I will see you all on Friday!

Brie Travels to…Puerto Rico

Happy Friday Darling Divas!,
Well, another Friday has come our way, and it has been a pretty busy week here on the blog! I have posted three times this week, and let me tell you it felt good! I always love when I get to give you guys new content! Our four day week has come to an end with this blog post today, which will be all about my recent trip to Puerto Rico! I am taking a couple of fun trips this year, so I decided to showcase all my outfits and fun with my trip in one super blog post that I will be calling Brie Travels to! It’s pretty much like my travel scrapbook, and I am so thrilled to share my first trip of the year which was fantastic. Let’s hop right in!

I am a very nervous flyer. There I said it! It’s something about not being on the ground that freaks me out! But I will not let fear stop me from seeing the world! My I traveled with my best friend Asha who just assured me that it’s all going to be ok! Idk but something about what she said really calmed me, so I got in the sky and just relaxed. I looked out the window and was just so amazed by the clouds! I have to say it has become my favorite thing about flying. Seeing all the clouds, and seeing all the civilization as you prepare to land.

After we landed we grabbed our rental car, made a stop for some groceries, and headed to our AirBnB. We rested up because the week ahead of us was about to be amazing!

Day 1 A trip to Old San Juan
Old San Juan was my favorite place to visit! It is filled with so many beauitul buildings, and so much history is there! It was a great way to kick off our week! 
 Outfit Details
Top- Fashion to Figure
Pants- Burlington Coat Factory
Purse- Cashi

 I told my best friend Asha that all I wanted to was drink out of a coconut while we were away. Well she spotted a place where we could do just that, and a item off my bucket list has now been crossed off! 

Day 2 Botanical Gardens Anyone? 
Ok so the botanical gardens? Simply beautiful! It was such an amazing spot filled will tall palm trees, and ponds filled with turtles! The sun was shining bright, and it was just so peaceful there! 
Outfit Details
Dress- Dia&Co
Shoes- Ross

Day 3 Rain Rain Go Away
It rained a lot during my visit, but its all good! We still had alot of fun! We waited for the rain to stop and we headed out to thrifting! The Thrift store we went
to was called Electroshock. It was very cool in there! 

Outfit Details
Top- KDupree
Skirt-Love Lianca

Day 5 Rainforest Goddess
I was so excited when we arrive at El Yunque rainforest. I was so excited to see all the greenery and to be in an actually rain forest! The ground is very slippery, and it’s pretty much a hike to get everywhere, so I decided that active wear was best for this day! 

Outfit Details
Sports Bra & Pants- Torrid
Sneaker- Nike

 Day 6 Partying All Night Long! 
We decided to end our week long adventure with a night out on the town! We got all dolled up, and headed back to Old San Juan to see what Puerto Rico was like at night! We had a great time ending out trip swaying to the amazing sounds of Salsa music! Oh and we had a couple of cocktails! 
Outfit Ideas
Dress- Dia&Co
Sandals- Payless 

So I hope you ladies have enjoyed taking a peek into my recent vacation. I hope you enjoyed this post, and look forward to more like it! Be sure to come right back here on Monday for your next blogpost! We are back to our regular schedule programing, but I hope you have enjoyed the four days I have been posting! I love you lots like tater tots, and I hope you have a fabulous weekend!