Healthy Hair Tip #3- Wash me ( Wash Unit)

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First off  I hope everyone had a wonderful  Christmas and you enjoyed  your holiday with your family and/or loved one’s. So let’s get back down to business! I haven’t forgotten about the Healthy Hair Growth Challenge, as a matter of fact my hair has been growing all out of control, and with me getting back on point with these tips, yours will too. If you need to refresh your memory, below are all the Healthy Hair Tip’s that have been posted so far. It hasn’t been many, so if you need to play catch up that’s just fine.

Alright is everybody all caught up?? OK cool lets move forward! So in the last post we talked about building your product arsenal which means some product weapons to defeat the many enemies against our hair. I broke all the products of your Arsenal into 3 units: The Wash Unit, The Condition Unit, and The Moisture Unit. In this particular post, were going to discuss The Wash Unit. So enough of the intro, lets get to the good stuff.
The Wash Unit 
Washing your hair is essential of course because product can build up in your hair, and no growing will happen if the pores of your are all clogged up. Your hair also will have trouble being healthy and growing if it’s too clean, so we have to find a healthy balance of the cleanliness of our hair. Now I know’s alot of you just looked at the sentence and probably thought, “How can my hair be too clean and not grow?”  Well, by over cleansing you hair you are washing out all the natural oils, basically the good stuff that we want to keep on our scalp. You only want your shampoo to clean out all the dirt and product build up, so finding that  healthy balance is really important. I only shampoo my hair once a month, at the end of month, and it’s been working for me fine for about 2 years now. By washing it once a month, your washing out all the bad stuff that built up from the month, preparing a clean scalp for more products for the next month, and keeping all the healthy stuff in your hair. 
What shampoo is the best to use? I’m glad to asked! Now it doesn’t really matter which one you choose to use, it’s totally up to you and what works for you. Now since Shampoo’s come with Conditioners  I recommend that for every 1 bottle of shampoo you use, you buy 2 bottles of the matching Conditioner because you go through conditioner quicker than Shampoo, that way you can always have some handy. Make sure to also get the matching because products work well together, I mean that’s why they were created. But this is also just as suggestion, so keep on mixing your products if that tickles your fancy. 
Shampoo and Conditioner Suggestions
Shea Moisture Raw Shea butter Shampoo&Conditioner 

For color treated hair folk like me
Garnier Fructis Color Shield Shampoo& Conditioner
But of course, what ever you use it totally fine! Sorry that I couldn’t recommend  more, I haven’t really used many different ones, just these two sets. Hope this healthy hair tip has helped! And stay tuned for the next healthy hair tips!!!!

Healthy Hair Tip #2 Your Personal Product Arsenal

Hello All My Darling Divas!!!!
Ok so I decided to make the second  healthy hair tip a non-video post because I just couldn’t find the time to make a video and I didnt want to put it off any longer than I already did! So this is gonna be an information packed post because this tip, like all the tips in this challenge, is an important one! So enough of the chit-chat, lets begin!

So Healthy Hair #2 is called  Your Personal Product Arsenal and this will be your weapons in the battle of hair growth, your enemies  dryness, lack of moisture, and harsh weather conditions. Using all of these products will ensure that your hair will stay protected and damage free during harsh winter winds, rainy spring afternoons, dry brittle summers, and frigid fall evenings. I will introduce your Arsenal, and then in the next couple of tips, I will break down the importance of each unit, and recommend some good products to use.

 Wash Unit 
The job of this part of your Arsenal is to cleanse and restore your hair. You want to make sure that you are using the popular rinse, lather, and repeat method because shampoo can over cleanse the scalp and hair, so the conditioner is used to restore natural oils back to your hair. CAUTION: Once a month only!!!!  Now of course your more than welcome to shampoo and condition your hair more times a month, but once is fine because shampoo can over clarify your hair, and you want to rid your scalp and hair of dirt, not the good stuff. 
Condition Unit
The job of this part of your arsenal is to further condition your hair right after and long after you have washed your hair. Your hair should always be properly conditioned if you want to grow healthy hair and retain length. This Unit consist of your Deep Conditioner and Leave- in Conditioner. Both will help your hair stay conditioned long after you have washed it. Co-washing every week will defeat any damage that you get from weather conditions.  (especially in the flip-flop weather were having this winter! ) And applying a leave-in conditioner after you wash your deep conditioner out, will retain moisture and softness during how ever way you decided to dry and style you hair. 
Moisture Unit 
This is honestly is probably the most important unit in your arsenal! Moisture hair is happy hair, and without moisture you hair will be in serious trouble! You want to make sure that you have two major moisturizers in your moisture unit; A water-based moisturizer to penetrate the hair and provide it with moisture and then a oil-based moisturizer to seal the moisture from the water-based moisturizer. We will discuss more about that in the moisture healthy hair tip which I will release later. This unit also handles any daily products that you used to style you hair each day. 

Ok ladies so I have introduced your 3 main units in your product arsenal  The next 3 healthy hair tips will go into further detail of the importance of these hair products in growing your healthy hair. Its now December, so my end of the month pictures for November will be below. Make sure to check out the 1st healthy hair tip and the challenge into video if you wanna refresh your memory! Thanks for watching ladies!!! 
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Healthy Hair Tip #1 Add Water

Hello All My Darling Diva’s
I’m finally back! After two back to back storms on the East Coast, everything is finally restored and we can get back to business. So first order of business is our First healthy hair tip of the Healthy Hair Growth Challenge 2012-2013. If you have no clue what the heck I’m talking about, then  Click Here. You may also wanna refresh your memory on how this challenge is working since I’ve been away. So once you refresh your memory, Watch the First Healthy Hair Tip: Add Water, and once ya do that, meet me below for some more info.

Ok so are our memories refreshed? Did you watch the tip? Did ya learn something? lol Am I asking wayyy to many questions? Lets just get to the good stuff

So lets recap what we learned in the Add Water Healthy Hair Tip: 
Adding water is essential to hair growth because water, just like for our bodies, is good for us
Add water by replacing water with your detangler spray
Add water by misting your hair before and after  you do your twists your hair for a protective style, for a two strand-twist out or bantu knots
Add water by doing Water bagging Click here for the Naptural 85 blog post that I brought up in the video 
That blog post is all about Moisturizing Your hair so its an added bonus
Alright ladies, I hope you have learned alot in the First Healthy Hair Tip Video. Stay tuned for next week for the next Healthy Hair Tip video. 

Happy 2nd Birthday

Hello All My Darling Divas!!!!

It’s that wonderful time of year again! That’s right, It’s Nothing Minus About A Plus Second Birthday! So please join me in saying Happy Birthday!!!! The official bday of Nothing Minus About a Plus is November 10th, this past Saturday, but I was in NY at a meeting all day, so I couldn’t get home and post. So I’m 2 days late but hey, it cant go unnoticed!  Let me first start off by saying thank you all for the love and support that I receive for this blog. Alot has changed for the better in two years, and its all because of all of you. I never thought in a million years that I would even make it past a day and would you look at that, it’s already two years! I am just filled with soo much joy!!! I also wanna take the time out to thank all the other fabulous beauty bloggers on the internet  It is because of all you fabulous mamas, that I even was inspired to create one of my own in the first place. I hope that Nothing Minus About a Plus continues to inspire and teach all its viewers. I hope that you all learn things that you never knew before, and develop the inner diva that secretly lives inside all of you. All of you ladies and gents are beautiful on the inside and out and you all inspire me as well. Each and every one of you have inspired me to work harder and make this blog better and better each day. I will stop at nothing to see Nothing Minus About A Plus reach the top, and I will be glad to say it was because of all of you. Ok ok now I’m starting to tear up  so I’m going to cut this short before my keyboard gets all wet lol.  Thank you ladies and gents for all your support, and I hope you will continue to take this Journey with me. 2 years down and many many many years to go! Happy Birthday Nothing Minus About A Plus. You have officially changed my life forever!

Click Here for the first blog post, and Happy Birthday! 

Do you accept the challenge?

Hello All my Darling Divas!

Ok so the video will pretty much explain everything soo watch the video first, and then meet me below for all the extra info. And if your lazy and don’t feel like watching the whole thing, don’t worry I sum up everything below.

Ok so are we all here? Alright awesome. So do you accept the Healthy Hair Growth Challenge of 2012-2013? Because I think it’s going to be a pretty amazing journey for not only me, but you guys! Lets sum up what was said, since I know the video was crazy long( or maybe its just me, I HATE long videos!) 
The purpose of this challenge to challenge yourself to grow your hair healthy. Now the tips I give you will not promise you a full long head of hair by next year, but if you keep on through with the tips, you will know what steps to take to keep your hair healthy and growing. If takes 1 year, 3 or 5, hair growth ranges from person to person and it all takes P A T I E N C E.  
  • I will post a healthy hair tip for you to try out each week. This tip also include interviews with other natural women, salon owners, and current hair school students. You can choose which tips you want to follow, or rather not follow. And also revamp them to make them work for your hair type
  • Take 4 pictures of your hair at the end of each month for personal motivation and to track your progress. Label each  folder of the four pictures with the Month and Year that you took them Ex:: the 4 pics you take this month will be labeled October 2012.
  • Labeling your pictures are completely optional, but it just helps to organize your pictures under some type of system so that you don’t have to go looking for them. 
  • There will be hair tools and product giveaways during this process (hopefully) so stay tuned for that!
Ok I think I summed everything up. If ya have any questions, let me know in a comment below or on the Facebook Fan Page.  Ok that’s enough of the pictures I will leave you with my 4 hair pictures for the month of October 2012.



Turbans Galore

Hello all my Darling Divas!

Ok so this has been a highly requested video that I decided to finally sit my butt down and do. It’s a how I wrap my turban video yay!! This is going to be yet another Jam Packed tutorial, so ladies and gents brace yourself, lots of reading ahead. But the purpose of all this info is to ensure that any questions you have get answered and to further explain the looks I’m going to show you since the video below is in high-speed. Reason for that is because I personally would hate looking at a 15 min video, so I shortened it to 3 mins! Now you can wrap your hair in peace and you don’t have to hear me ramble on in a voice over. If the video is going too fast for you, feel free to slow it down or pause it so that you can do it on yourself. There is no limit on how many times you can play this video, so the more clicks the better! So go on a head and press play, and meet me below the video for all the info.

Ok so since the video is super-duper short, I know it didn’t take long at all so let me just answer some questions that I know you’re thinking….
1. Why is the movie going to fast lady? You didn’t even break it down and explain!
Ok so the reason that its super-duper fast is because when I did to all the explanation’s the video was 20mins!!! Who wants to sit and watch a video that long! And besides, a lot of looks are repeating steps, so I know that speeding it up will focus more on showing you what I do instead of taking 5years to explain it step by step. It’s better to watch, then to hear.

 2. Where did you get your scarves from?
The scarves I’m using in the video are just my fashion scarves that I usually wear around my neck, with the exception of the African printed scarf. That is just a random long piece of fabric that my mom gave me. So what does that mean? That as long as it is long enough to fit over your hair and tie up, then use it! I’ve cut up pieces of old clothes that I didn’t want, found old scraps from Halloween costumes, and I’ve even used a shirt! So if it works, then use it. No need to go out and buy something, get creative! If you like the print, make it a turban.

 3. Do you really wear these looks out the house?
Yup I sure do. I’m a generally lazy person, so when I forget to tie my hair up at night, or just don’t feel like styling my hair, a turban always helps to save the day. It turns my bad hair/lazy days into a true fashion-forward day. As you can see in the video, my hair was all poofy and had no curl. I did that on purpose to show you that you don’t need any curl in your hair. Even a wild and crazy poof looks good. These turbans are also a good idea for rainy or windy days. It keeps your hair protected and allows you to go on about you day with one less thing to worry about.

Ok so that’s enough of the question round; let’s get on to the fun stuff…Pics!! A lot of these pics are pics from my instagram(@BrieBlondie)  and facebook, so if you follow me on those sites, and the pics look a bit familiar, that’s where you see them before! 

Now feel free to create your own looks and styles with your turbans. These are just all the ways that I wear my turban. If you think of anymore turban ideas and/ or have tried any of the looks I wanna see them! Post em on the Facebook fan page or put them up on instagram and tag my instagram name (@BrieBlondie) in the comment. That way I see your fabulou
s look and can feature it on my site. I
 hope you ladies enjoyed this post! If you have any questions, post a comment below, or post a comment on the Facebook Fan Page and of course I will do my best to help you out. Until next time, XOXOXOX

Summer Protective Styling

Hello All My Darling Divas!

This is probably going to be the most informational blog post that I’ve done! Why? because I want to make sure that all my darlings have little to no hair issues this summer! Basically I’m creating the blog post that I wish I had for my past summers of hair epic failure! This post is filled with lots of info and inspirational pictures so that you can solve all your hair issues! The video below is just a bit of an intro and under it is where all the info and pics begin!

Before you put in your protective style
Ok so before you go forward with your protective styling, you want to make sure that you prep your hair for being away for awhile. So what I do is make sure my hair is COMPLETELY clean. Wash and deep condition your hair, that way its fully protected during its time of being up. Next thing you want to do is give your hair a nice trim. The whole idea of a protective hairstyle is to put your hair away so that it can take a break and grow. And so give your hair a nice little trim so that it can grow healthy and long while its in its a protective style. And the last tip is to make sure that your hair stays moisturized before and during its in it’s protective styling. That means if your installing your weave, braids or twist, make sure your using some type of pomade or daily moisturizer to twist or braid your hair during the installing process. And while your hair is in the protective style, don’t neglect your hair! Keep on giving it moisture and the much needed attention that it deserves. You don’t want your hair to become brittle and dry during this process. The point is to help your hair grow healthy and strong! Not put it in an even worse state

Box braids are a wonderful transitioning hair style and my personal fave! Whenever I want length, or get tired of doing my hair and want to put it up, I always go for Box Braids! Their versatile, can easily be put in different hairstyles, I just honestly love them so much! And with Patra Braids ( Solange Braids)  being really big this season, everyone really has been getting their hair in this braided style. Now this summer I have had the honor of experimenting with blonde box braids (now that my hair is blonde) and before I was really scared and really  not sure how I would look, but im glad I got it! So if you have colored hair like me, then go for it! You may end up loving it and starting a new trend! 


Now if you want to go for a different look, then the two strand twist is the answer to your problems, this look can be worn with extensions, or with your natural hair, and is a great no-weave alternative to a protective style. The lovely thing about two strand twist is that when you take it out, you have a wonderful curl pattern and curly fro! So its a two in one hairstyle. Now this hair style can be braided up on the sides, to give a funky unique style, like the pic in the middle. Or can be braided like the box-braids above. Either way to twist it up, you are sure to get a unique look that will look awesome during the summer! 


Updo’s ( with your natural hair) 
Ok so if you wanna go for the option of keeping your hair out, and want to put it up, then you can always go for an updo. when I had my hair out before I put in my braids, I had it in an updo and its a great way to get your hair out your way, but still keep it in its fabulous poofy state. Now for this one I have my Updo, hair tutorial, and that blog post link is above the video below, for you to see pictures.
Weaves and Wigs
So the last protective styling option that I am going to suggest is a sew-in weave or a wig. Now I’m no weave  expert, but I will say that this is probably one of the best ways to change your look up completely! Wearing a weave or a wig gives you the freedom to wear your hair relaxed, curly, colored, short or long. You can also use weave to add volume to your natural hair, giving you a full look. Weave and wings gives you the option to completely change your look without actually changing your hair! That’s the beauty and wonderful side of weaves and wigs. Now your weave and wig can be ordered online, or custom made or brought in store. What I did when I got my first weave, was I searched for different hairstyles in the google search engine, and went for any pictures that were close to look that I wanted to go for.  Just get some hair-inspiration and use that as your guide! Below is some pictures of different weaves and wigs, so it can jump-start your hair ideas! 

Top 10 Things A Natural Gal Needs

Hello Darling Divas!!

I’ve decided to do something a little bit different and do my Top 10 essential things that a  Natural Gal Needs. Now I am in no way a professional or expert, but to me having these top 10 things will help your hair grow, keep it maintained, and help it look nice, The Video explains it all and below I have more info on each top 10 item. Enjoy!

Detangler Comb And Brush

Essential for safely removing any knots and tangles that your hair WILL make. Its ok for your hair to get all messy and tangled. Its apart of being a Natural Gal! Using either a detangler comb or denman brush will ensure that you get all those troublesome knots out without damaging the hair. Remember ONLY detangle hair when its WET or slighty DAMP. never ever ever EVER!! Detangle on dry hair. 
Shea Butter
Now this is actually an optional thing on the list because Shea Butter is not for every type of natural hair. As stated in the video, on softer, wavier types of hair, Shea Butter may weigh the hair down. But for us Kinkier, Coilier Natural Gals Shea Butter Is God’s Greatest Creation. It can be used raw, or mixed with oils. How ever you choose to use it, it does wonders for your hair. Now if your not all into mixing things, then try the yellow labeled Shea Moisture products. It contains Shea Butter in it and does wonders for your hair! 

Spray Bottle
Water is Essential for Hair growth! Just like plants need water to grow big and strong, so does your hair. I know that water may seem like the enemy because it may ruin your curls and all that. But a light mist before you go to bed and even before you take down your twist in the morning will really make a big difference. Keep you hair like you keep your body. Nice and healthy and Hydrated 
Deep Conditioner 
Ok so you remember when I said Shea Butter was God’s Greatest Creation? Make that the second because Deep Conditioner is definitely the best creation! It restores your split ends, breakage, and any other troublesome problems. Deep Conditioner comes in all types of treatments to ensure that it can solve any of your hair problems and fulfills all your hair needs! Deep Conditioner is something that will help aid your hair into growing healthy and strong.

Bobby Pins and Clips
Bobby pins and clips are great for two things: Styling and getting your hair out the way. Bobby Pins help create any type of style that you want your hair to go. It can help it go up, help it go sideways, puts it in a bun; anyway that your want to shape your hair, the bobby pin helps you! As fair as clips go, they can aid in sectioning your hair so that its easier to manage your hair when twisting, conditioning or whatever else you may do.
Hair Goodies
The best part of being natural is decorating it. With headbands, scarves, pins, bows I mean I could go on forever and ever and ever! Natural hair is Art so dress it up! Wear a turban, clip on a bow do something crazy and different. And Hair goodies like that make having natural hair so much more exciting and fun

Shower Cap
 The Shower Cap and plastic cap is great because it protects your hair in the shower and also holds everything in while your deep conditioning or Hot Oil Treating your hair. I describe more in detail about the shower cap but its definitely a beauty essential that never gets recognized but is sooo important! 
Satin Scarf or Bonnet
Let me tell you. Your hair goes though soo much when you sleep! Your pillow and wild sleeping is to blame for that but you cant help it. So protecting your hair while you sleep is very important. So Satin is the best way to go. Now if your still want to sleep all wild and crazy, then you can go for a Satin PillowCase. All of which can be purchased at your local beauty supply store.
Heat Protectant

Now if your a natural gal who likes to use heat, then Heat Protectant should be your best friend. From time to time I use heat, and when I do I always have Heat Protectant. Heat Never touches my hair without some type of protectant and yours shouldnt either! 
Rainy Day Hat 

Now as you can see, my rainy day hat is used not only for my fro but also for my braids. I should have actually called this the lifesaver, lazy day hat. All your hair problems are minimized with this hat, which is why  I def recommend that everyone has a go- to hat on those days where your hair isnt looking all that great. Now I dont just use this blue hat, I also use floppy hats, turbans, and pretty much anything else that can hide my hair on bad hair-days and rainy, gloomy days