EveryBODY has a beachbody

Hello All My Darling Divas!
I have been working on a couple of projects lately, and I finally get to share both of them with you.  As we all know the two piece bathing suit has been taking the plus size community by storm ever since one of my fave plus size bloggers GabiFresh rocked one a couple of years ago.  Different types of retailers have embraced the fatkini, and are making it hot for everyBODY to show a lil skin. So I decided to do an inspirational photo shoot with all my fatkini;s so that you all can go rock a two-piece if you aren’t already.  The shorts in these pictures are my shorts from Styled By NoMinus Plus. They are perfect for the beach! I opened up shop last Monday, so click here for more info on all of that.  Now lets get into what we are here for today….FATKINI’S!!!

I wanted the theme for this whole shoot to be bold and colorful. So I made sure that the makeup was bold, and prints were everywhere! I was pleased with the looks, and I’m excited to someday do this again.

Look 1
Bathing Suit-Forever21
Coverup-Ashley Stewart
 Look 2
Bathing Suit-Forever21
Coverup- Mandee’s

Look3 (My fave!)
Bathing Suit- Forever21
Jacket- Thrifted
Satin Rose Crown- Coming Soon to Nightly Allure
Look #4
Top- I created myself using a black scarf, and a strapless bra
Bottoms- Lane Bryant
A special shoutout to my best friend Asha for being my photographer! She is an amazing model, so go follow her on Instagram( @Asha_Singing_Softly ) to see how super talented she is! 
Laides this summer is all about fun and great memories! Be bold and show a lil skin!!! I hope that this mini Fatkini look book has inspired you all to get out there and get your hands on some fab bathing suits! All of mine are from forever21, but there are TONS of plus size vendors that sell amazing bathing suits!! There shall be no excuse for not being a hottie on the beach this summer!
Feel free to follow me on any of my social networking sites! They will all be linked above! Enjoy your body and be inspired! Remember that #everyBODYhasABeachBody! Love ya lots like tator tots, and see you next time!

Introducing StyledByNoMinusPlus!!!!

Hello All My Darling Divas!!!

I am sooo excited about today because it is the launch of my new store, StyledByNoMinusPlus!!!!! I am sooo ready to create some great things for you ladies! I showed you a lil sneak peak of my shorts in my latest OOTD video, you can check that out right here. I created a lil video showing you all the short design and some info on the process. Check out that video below, and then meet me under for more details.

Ok so for those who maybe cheated and didnt watch the video (Shame on you!), then here is quick rewiew on what I said….

The name of the site is styledbynominusplus.bigcartel.com and It will be availbe right now as your reading this post

Any questions on how the Styled by Nominusplus can be explained on the big cartel site, via the How it works tab.

If you have any questions regarding StyledByNoMinusPlus, feel free to message me either Via the contacts tab on the Store, or through the email for the store which is Styledbynominusplus@gmail.com. ONLY SEND MESSAGES RELATED TO STYLEDBYNOMINUSPLUS TO THIS EMAIL!!!

So that that pretty much sums up the video ^___^

So ladies now that it has been introduced, go buy some shorts!!! I promise you that they will be extra cute and you and everyone will love them!!!!!

As always, feel free to follow me on my social networking sites, they are linked above. Until next time my darling divas, love ya lots like tator tots!!!!!!

Hot Pants

Hello All My Darling Divas!

I am really excited about today’s outfit post because its featuring a lil sneak peak of what I’ve been working on for the past couple of weeks. I’m pleased to announce that I will be opening up a store! Yes NoMinusPlus now has a store, and I am super excited! The first thing I am selling are these super cool ombre shorts, along with three other short designs. I will explain more in detail in a video on Monday because that’s when I am opening shop!

(A special furry guest decided to make a surprise appearance in my photo today)

A Closer Look at the shorts!
 Top & Shoes- Target
Vest-Old Navy
Shorts-StyledByNoMinusPlus (Coming Soon!)
So ladies I hope you are as excited as I am for the launch of the store! Check back on Monday for the grand opening, and get your hands on some pretty cool shorts. Like always feel free to follow me on any or all of my social networking sites. The links are above. Until next time, love ya lots like tator tots!