November Dia&Co Unboxing!

Hello, All My Darling Divas!
Welcome back to another fabulous week on the blog! I’m here today with a personal NoMinusPlus favorite, my Dia unboxing!  This month’s box was styled by none other than my amazing stylist Luna, and I am telling you I was blown away from this box! If you are interested in ordering a Dia box of your very own, click here to get one today! Let’s get into the unboxing!

Did you enjoy? I hope so! As always this box was right on the money! I am so impressed with my boxes each time around! If you currently have a Dia box and you want any of the items you saw in this video, feel free to send a note to your stylist letting you know that your interested in these items! Let’s get into the box breakdown!

                                      ASOS Velvet Legging ($42.77)

Eloquii- Rosa Midi Skirt($89.90)


State Street Crossbody( $45.00)

Fashion to Figure- Camden Bomber Jacket($46.90)

Junarose- Mya High-Low Top($49.00)

Ladies that’s all for my November Dia box! If your interested in what I am keeping or sending back, or how I would style these pieces be sure to come right back here tomorrow for the styling and try on video! If you’re interested in buying your very own Dia box, then click here to order one today! Are you following me on all my social media? You should be! Follow me today by clicking the links above! I love you lots like tater tots, and I will see you all tomorrow! 

Dia&Co (October) Styling and Try on video

Hello All My Darling Divas
I’m back at it again with another video!! As promised in my post at 3 PM today, I am back here today with the styling and try on video for my October Dia box! If you want to check that out, click here! So let’s get this styling video going!

I hope you enjoyed! I loved every single piece from this box! I have been wearing them faithfully~ So let’s get into the breakdown for this box!

Celebrity Pink- Bree Mid Rise Skinny Jeans
Keeping? YES
This is honestly one of the most comfortable pairs of jeans that I have ever had! They feel like butter. I have never had a black pair of jeans before, so I just knew I had to keep them! Jeans are always so easy to style. I would wear the jeans casually with a sweater and boots, and would dress it up with a beautiful blouse and ankle booties! 
 Michel Studio- Jada V-neck Peplum
Size- 1X
Keeping? Yes
I’m not sure why I am obsessed with peplums at the moment, but I just had to keep this one! It’s such a simple piece, and I know I can do a lot with this in my wardrobe! For me, peplum tops were made for pencil skirts and skinny jeans, so that’s exactly what I would style it with. For a night out I would style it with a bold pencil skirt and heels, and for a comfortable day, I would style it with jeans and a cardigan to keep warm!

Rachel Roy- Faye Oversized Jacket
Size- 1X
Keeping? Yes
I requested this jacket, and I regret nothing! I love how well its made, and how comfortable it is! A jean jacket  like this is so perfect for everything! Style it with a tunic top and leggings for your weekends, or with a printed dress and combat boots for an edgy look with a girly touch!

Fashion to Figure- Avril Top
Size- 1X
Keeping? Yes
At first, I wasn’t going to keep this top. But then I thought about how I can pair this with so many things in my closet. Since it’s something that I don’t have, I decided to take a shot and keep it! I instantly knew that I would style it with a midi skirt like this pink one. Add a choker and a pair of heels, and I have a retro look! For a badass rocker look, I would also wear it with black faux leggings and pointed cap flats!
Society Plus- Maude Waist Belt
Size- 2X
Keeping? Yes
I have always wanted a belt li
ke this, and I swear to you I am so happy that I finally have one! It just adds such a pop to any look! For a formal evening, I would wear it with my dress to give it some bling. I would also pair it with a shift dress to bring my shape back to life!

So that’s it for another double feature! Don’t worry if you’re tired of seeing me. You won’t again until next week! I seriously love everything about Dia&Co, and you should do! Order your very own box today by clicking here! Tell them Brielle sent you if your first box, and if you have already ordered a box feel free to request the pieces that you see here if you like them! Are you following NoMinusPlus on social media? Stay connected with the blog by clicking on those links above! I am gone for now ladies, but you will see me next week with two brand spanking new blog spot! I love you lots like tater tots, and I will see you on Monday! 

Dia& Co September Unboxing

Hello All My Darling Divas,
Welcome back to another week here on the blog! I am posting a little late this week, but better late than never right?? This week is all about Dia&Co, and I am starting off with my Dia & Co September unboxing! I am excited that Fall is coming, so I was thrilled that a box was coming to prepare me for the new upcoming season. BTW click here to check out the 4 Looks, 1 Piece video, and vote in the poll which piece you want me to style next!  Enough of the chit-chat, let’s get into the video!

Did you enjoy??  I hope so! If this was your box what would keep or send back?? Find out what I decided to keep or send back, and also what the pieces look like tried on by checking out tomorrow’s Try on and styling video!! Listed below is a quick rundown of the items in this box!

Taylor – Alicia Dress – $98.00

Junarose – Greta Straight Leg Jeans – $79.00

 JRQUEEN JEANS, Decadent Chocolate, large 

Modamix – Kenna Tunic – $79.00


Under One Sky – Lucille Crossbody Bag – $36.00

Swak – Navaeh Tank – $29.99

Image result for SWAK Nevaeh tank


 Ladies that’s all for today’s video! Be sure to come right back here tomorrow for the styling and try on video for this month’s Dia box! Are you following me on social media yet?? Because you should be! Click on the links above to stay connected with me and the blog! So until we meet again, I love you lots like tater tots and I will see you ladies tomorrow!