Style Swap: Classc

Hello, Again Darling Divas,
Welcome back for your second blog post of the day. Just in case you missed it, today I am doing a double feature Friday, and I posted the first one earlier today at 2PM. Click here if you missed it! Right now I’m coming at you for the second time today with a blast from the past. I started the Style Swap series, but never continued it, so we are doing the second episode today! The video explains it all, so let’s get started!

Did you enjoy? I hope so! If you want to check out the style swap playlist, then click here. It only has two videos, but I plan on hopefully adding so much more throughout the year.
My Classic Style Inspiration
I mentioned that I would be sharing my inspo for this video, so here we go! I want to start off with Shirley Eniang. Her style is effortless, and I really hope my wardrobe will look like hers someday! Check out some of my favorite looks from her! 
Image result for shirley eniang
Next up is Miss Girl with Curves, Tanesha Awasthi. I discovered her years ago on Pinterest, and have been obsessed ever since! She truly is one of my style icons because she can pretty much wear anything and I drop my jaw! Check out some of my favorite looks from her! 
So now that you have seen my inspo, let’s take a look at my attempted classic style.
 Style 1 
Peplum and Print
Top: Ashley Stewart
Skirt: Eloquii
Style 2 
Blazer and Dress: Tracee Eliss Ross for JCP
Style 3
Jacket: Girl With Curves Collection for Dia&Co
Top: Walmart
Jeans: Fashion to Figure (Via Dia&Co)
So what do you think? Did I nail the Classic style? Which look was your favorite? Comment it down below! I think my style is starting to shift to the Classic style, so I am definitely looking forward to exploring it more! Have a style or piece of clothing that you want me to try next? Leave it in the comments! 
Ladies and Gents that wraps up my double feature Friday! Ya girl is tired, but I am so glad I was able to deliver this all to you! Are you following on social media? Do so today by clicking on the links above. I love you lots like tater tots, and I will see you next week for more videos! 

Style Swap: Preppy

Happy President’s Day Darling Diva’s!
I am back up here with your first blog post of the week! This is a new series that I am starting here on the blog where I swap my style out for other styles that I have been dying to try! 2017 is all about pushing boundaries and getting outside of your comfort zone, so I encourage you to try a new style this year! I decided to give the preppy look a try for my first style swap video! I think I did pretty good, and Pinterest definitely helped me out! So enjoy the video, and meet me below!

Did you enjoy the video!! I hope so! If you want to check out the Pinterest board that inspired my preppy looks, then click here! I had so much fun trying out some new styles, and transforming the pieces in my closet into a new style! 

In this video, I mentioned that I am going to use my Dia boxes now to help style me for the videos! Here are the three items from my recent Dia box that were featured in this lookbook! If you would like to give them a try in your next box, just copy and paste the style into the “Notes to my stylist” section on your profile, and let them know you would like to see it in your next box!

Ember Color Skinny Pants
Color: Hunter Green
Brand: Morgan&Walker
Size: 20
Zahara Poncho
Color: Beige
Brand: Lysse
Karis Scarf
Color- Multi
My Preppy Looks! 
 From my Pinterest board and looking at other pictures online, I noticed that the preppy style consists of:
Shift Dresses
Scarves and statement necklaces
Denim Shirts
Khaki’s and denim

From the following list put together my three looks! Not bad for me trying out this style! I really look forward to rocking some of the looks when I go out for a day of hanging with friends!
Look 1 
Poncho- Dia&Co
Top-Fashion to Figure Via Dia&Co
Jeans- Morgan and Walker
Shoes- Payless
 This look was inspired mostly by the neutrals of the preppy style! I wanted this look to feature colors that complimented each other, and I definitely knew I had to sneak striped in this look somehow! Although I didn’t keep the poncho, I really like how it easily layered over pieces, and how the beige compliments the green jeans! 
Look 2 
Jacket- Thrifted
Dress- Fashion to Figure via Dia&Co
Scarf- Dia&Co
Shoes- JustFab
 You guys this look is definitely my fave! I feel like it is such a good look for spring! I wasn’t expecting to love the combination of colors in this look, but I think the scarf pulls it all in! Can I also mention how soft and warm this scarf is? It is a new fave in my closet!
Look 3 
Denim Shirt- Fashion to Figure
Sweater- Gifted
Skirt- Forever21
Boots- Lane Bryant
So sorry that this picture and the clip in the video is out of focus, but you can still see this look! I noticed that a schoolgirl/uniform was also considered very preppy, and so, of course, I had to try this look out! This look came out cuter than I expected, and I am gong to revisit this look next winter! 
So, ladies, I hope you enjoyed this style swap video! If you have wanted to try out a style or type of clothing, I challenge you to do it this year with me! You never know, maybe you might discover a new style that you like! Feel free to follow me on social media by clicking on my links above! I will be sure to follow back! I love you lots like tater tots, and I will see you on Friday!