NoMinusPlus Guide to Cyber Monday

Happy Monday Darling Divas!

I’m here with your last shopping guide for Black Friday weekend! Today is the finale if the sales which is Cyber Monday! I hope all you ladies have been enjoying your shopping, and have been spending your money wisely! The perfect thing about Cyber Monday is that it’s only online! So no fights at the checkout, and no issues at stores! Its the perfect online holiday! Today I am showcasing deal’s from stores that are on my list of places to shop from! So enjoy ,and lets get into the deals!

20% off everything
Use code Cyber 
 Image result for rebdolls logo

Discounts are already applied on everything on the store!
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Up yo 70% off everything and an extra 10% using code EXTRA10
 Image result for simply be logo
Sales up to 30%-50% off! Discounts already applies on the site! 


That’s all for the black Friday weekend shopping guide’s ladies! I hope you have had fun with all your shopping! Be sure to come back here at 5:00PM for your regular blopost! See you ladies later at 5! 

NoMinusPlus Small Buisness Saturday Shopping Guide!

Happy Saturday Darling Divas!

I hope you all are enjoying your shopping this weekend! (If you are participating!) I’m back here with another shopping guide, and its all about Small Businesses! Today is Small Business Saturday, and today is about supporting Small Businesses. Its important to support small owned businesses because those are the people who are grinding, and really making it big out there! I find it important to support small businesses just as much as you would support a big business such as Target or Walmart. So if your going to give your money up to a big business, show some love to a small business today if you can! So here are a list of small businesses that I have shopped at, and know of and I will be sure to leave a link of businesses that you can shop at today. Shop small today ladies!

Which is owned by somebody who I love and is close to me! So def shop with her today!

Image result for 127 east cosmetics


My Graphic Artist who does amazing work! Just like this logo and flyer below!

Now those are the only shops that I know of off the top of my head, or have shopped from personally. But you can always head over to Etsy by clicking here and shop there today. It’s a website filled with small buinessess! Support a shop or two today! Etsy is filled with amazing homemade stuff, so shop small and buy from an etsy shop! You can also just simply log on to your Instagram where you are sure to find plenty of shops, and boutiques online waiting for you to shop small. However you can show your support, I suggest you do so! So I will see you this Monday with your shopping guide to Cyber Monday, and your first blogpost of the week! Happy Small Businesses Saturday Darling Divas!

Black Friday Shopping and Budget Tips!

Hello All My Darling Divas! 
Welcome back to another day on the blog! I mentioned in yesterday’s video that I would be talking to you darling divas today about black Friday shopping and budging tips! If you missed the blogpost from yesterday click here! It was double curlbox unboxing! This week is Thanksgiving weekend, and Thanksgiving weekend means MASSIVE SHOPPING! Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday awaits us this weekend, and I have a couple of tips and tricks that you can apply to your shopping trip to ensure you get everything you want without breaking the bank! Retail and you bank account should have a happy relationship, and hopefully this video will help you out with out with out! So let’s get into the video! 
Did you enjoy the video? I hope it helps you with your shopping this weekend. Let’s quickly go over the 5 tips again really quickly. 
1. Set a budget for yourself.
This give you a cut off number, and gives you an end point. We always have to have an end point! 
2. Stay away from credit! 
Unless of course you have to. Save credit for possibly bigger purchases, and really think about if you want to use your credit. If you do decide to you use it think about if you will have the money to pay it off in a couple of weeks. Owing something always sucks! If you dont have to owe something that is always better! 
3.  Make a Shopping List
Since I am an organization freak this is so important for me! This tip is optional, but it kinda gives your shopping some direction. You know what stores or sites to visit, and you know what your getting. That way your money doesn’t get wasted on careless things, and you can get what you really want. Then you can spend any leftover money on the stuff you really don’t need!
4. Shop from Biggest to Smallest
Get the bigger purchases out the way first. So if you are buying a big ticket item, then buy that item first. That way you get the more expensive item out of the way. Big ticketed items like electronics, furniture, and appliances are things that are never really on sale like this ,so you might want to grab those first. Then you can spend your money on small things like apparel and makeup with whatever you have left. If you have nothing left after buying you big ticket item at least you got your big item for a low price! Clothes and stuff are ALWAYS going to be on sale. 
5. Realize that there will always be another sale! 
Don’t worry if you can’t participate in this years sales! There will always be another one. You can save up for another sale, or go shopping at another time! Don’t stress over trying to shop this weekend to catch all these good deals! They tell you in the advertisements that there will never be another good deal like this again, but trust me there will be! 
 If you are going to physically participate in Black Friday shopping be careful! Don’t go crazy out there and get into fights over products! (lol) Have fun and happy shopping! I hope you all have an amazing Thanksgiving, and fill you bellies with lots of food! Feel free to follow me on my social media by clicking on the links above. I would love to be connected with you! So until next week ladies, love ya lots like tator tots!