Dia & Co ( March) Styling and Try On Video!

Hello My Darling Diva’s!

Welcome back to another day here on the blog! Today I am going to be doing a Styling/ Try on video for the items that I received in my March Dia & Co Box! If you haven’t seen that unboxing them click here! Today is going to be my usual follow up video for all my Dia & Co Unboxings. Here I show you how I would style each piece, how everything looks tried on, and what I decided to keep and send back. So enough of the chit chat, lets get to the video!

Did you enjoy the video? I hope so! If these were your pieces, how would you style them?  Comment below and let me know! So lets get into how I would style them, and what stays and goes.

Fashion To Figure Sasha Skirt- $39.90 
Size: 1X
Keeping? : No  

This skirt has a very vintage look to it. So I would pair it with different types of tops in various colors that give it that 1950’s look. Halters, blouses,  and even a crop top would do the trick.  I could stuff so many tops that skirt. I wish it fit me the way I wanted, but I have plenty of skirts like this already in my closet.
Kiyonna Chrystie Knit Wrap Dress – $98.00
Size: 1X
Keeping?: Yes  

This dress was too gorgeous to give up! It fits like a dream, and its the perfect dress for any event. I plan on styling this dress with colorful accessories. Since this is a plain black dress, adding some color through accessories will make this outfit come alive. 
Modamix 3/4 Sleeve Blouse- $79.00 
Size: 16
Keeping?: No   
This top is perfect for pretty much anything! I wish it fit me better so that I could have kept it. This top can be paired with anytype of skirt, jean, or pants. This basic black top is perfect because it can pretty much go with anything.

Hayden Nadine Tunic Top- $48.00
Size: XL
Keeping?: No
 This top actually surprised me. I thought I wasn’t going to like it, but I actually did. Too bad it didn’t fit. But I’m pretty sure  I can find something similar. This top can go great with jeans or jean shorts. I would also rock this as a cover up for my bathing suit. Tunics are great for warmer weather, so I will definitely be finding another one that fits. 
Kaitlin Necklace- $36.00 

This necklace is not my style, but you could definitely pair it with alot of things. You can pair it with jeans and a t-shirt, a cute dress, and so much more. 

So that’s it for today’s Dia & Co Styling and try on video for March! Be sure to check out Dia & Co’s website and order your very own monthly box. Click here to visit the website! I promise you will love getting clothes sent to you each month. I having a blast trying out different brands, and some that I am familiar with. Are you following me on social media? They are linked above, and my snapchat is BrieLikeMe! Also be sure to follow the blog’s instagram and twitter page over @NoMinusPlus! I have been loving sharing things over there! So until we meet next week, I love you lots like tator tots, and see you soon!

March Dia & Co Unboxing

Hello All My Darling Divas!

Welcome back to another week here on the blog! This week were talking all about Dia & Co ,and were going to kick off this week’s blogpost with my Dia and Co March unboxing! I could keep telling you how amazing Dia&Co is but honestly you have to see for yourself! Click here and here to check out my very first Dia & Co related videos. They really get into detail about how the company works, and gives you a demo of how to request items and send it back. And of course click here to visit the Dia&Co website to get further information. So lets get into the video!

Did you all enjoy the video? I must admit I wasn’t too impressed with this month’s box. There was nothing that I was really swooning over, but hey sometimes these things happen! What did you ladies like and not like? Comment below. If you didn’t get a good look at the items don’t worry. Tomorrow there will a styling/ try on video, so there you will get a better look at all the items. Lets get into the breakdown of the box!

Kiyonna Chrystie Knit Wrap Dress- Black 1x ( $98.00)
Click here to order it online

Sweetheart Knit Wrap Dress 
Fashion to Figure Sasha Skirt- Black/White 2x ($34.90)
Click here to order online
Plus Size Betty Polka Dot Midi Skirt 
Modamix 3/4 Sleeve Blouse- Black 16 ($79.00)
Click here to order online
Emily Pintuck Blouse 
The last two items which were the Hayden Nadine Tunic Top, and the Katilin Necklace I wasn’t able to find online for purchase.  
So that’s it for today’s blogpost ladies! Be sure to check out the Dia & Co website by clicking here! I swear if you join you wont regret it! I am not being sponsored or asked to do this video, so this is all my honest opinion and Dia & Co is truly bomb! Be sure to check back here tomorrow for the styling/ try on video for all of these pieces! Are you following me on social media? NoMinusPlus has some new social media! Follow @Nominusplus on IG and Twitter! My snapchat is @BrieLikeMe, and all my other social media is linked above! Ladies I hope you have enjoyed this video! So I love you lots like tator tots, and I will see you all tomorrow!

Dia and Co (February) Styling and Try-On!

Hello All My Darling Divas!

Welcome back to the blog. If you logged in yesterday then you already know that this week is all about Dia & Co. I finally received my February box, and I was really pleased with what I got. If you want to check out yesterdays blogpost then click here. That post gives you a full rundown of what’s in this box, and I even provided links to some of the items that I received . Today I am taking those pieces and I am trying them on and styling them! I will also share with you what I am keeping, and what I am sending back, So enough of the intro, lets get into the video!

Did you enjoy the video? I really hope so. I REALLY was pleased and impressed with my box this month! I can tell that the slight adjustments that I made to my style profile was noticed and taken into consideration. This box was more of my style, and I was really happy about that! Lets get into the styling!

Modamix – Mermaid Sequin Tank – $89.00

Size: 1X
Keeping?: Yes  
 Since I want this top to be the center of attention I would pair all black with this top. I would do a black skinny pant, black blazer, and black shoes. I would go for the flats when I want to dress it down, and wear the heels for when I am going for a night out. 

Fashion to Figure – Ruched Sweater Dress – $46.90

Size: 1
Keeping?: Yes  
This dress just SCREAMS Kim Kardashian to me! It fits me in all the right places, and I feel so sexy in the dress even though I am covered up. The only thing I would pair with this would be some black thigh high boots, and a pair of tights. I cant wait to rock this piece


Zenobia – Button Down Blouse with Pocket – $40.00

This shirt is so simple and basic that you could pretty much pair it with anything and have a great outfit! I paired it with a skater skirt and a chain belt for some flair. I would wear an outfit like that to work since I’m required to wear all black. On a casual day I would just rock this shirt with a pair of skinny’s. And of course I have to have my pop of cheetah in the flats which I would wear with both outfits. 

Fashion to Figure – Plaid Sweater – $36.90

Size: 1 
Keeping?: No

 If I was keeping this top I would pair it with either black leggings or blue jeans. If I am feeling really fancy then I would even do a red pair of pants because I think a pop of red would bring some color to this black and white sweater. I would pair it with just combat boots since this top is so laid back,


I totally forgot to get footage of the Olivia necklace that I received, but I’m sending it back anyway so its no need to style it. 
So ladies I am keeping my hands on 3 items from this month’s box! I just couldn’t choose one, so I kept all three! I am so pleased with this months box, and I already cant wait to see what I get next month. Grab your own Dia and co box today! Click here to visit the website, and here to order with my referral code. I am not being sponsored or asked to do these videos from Dia&Co. I truly just believe that every curvy girl needs to know about this company! 
I hope you enjoyed this styling and try on video for my February Dia & Co box! Which one of the pieces was your fave? I would have to say my favorite is the sequin top. I can see myself rocking that piece all spring and summer! What would you keep and send back? Leave me your thoughts in the comment section below! Are you following me on social media? They are all linked above and my snapchat is Brielikeme. I would love to be connected with you all! That’s it for the blogpsot for this week ladies. Be sure to meet me back here next week with two brand spanking new blogpost. I hope you all have enjoyed this week, and I missed you all so much! I’m so glad to be back on track! So until next time ladies, I love you lots like tator tots and have fabulous rest of the week and weekend.


Dia&Co (January) Styling and Try On!

Hello All My Darling Divas,

Welcome back to another day on the blog! This week is all about Dia & Co! Yesterday we talked all about my first Dia & Co unboxing! You can check that blogpost here. Today’s blogpost will be all about trying on those fabulous items, and how I would style them! You also find out if I decided to keep anything this month, or if I’m sending it all back! So lets get into the video!

Did you enjoy? I really hope so. I am so excited for these unboxings, and I already can’t wait until next month! So lets get into the rundown of each item and see what’s staying and going.

Taylor V-Neck Long Sleeve Dress in Blue
Size:18 Wide
Keeping?: No 
Here is a simple collage of how I would style this dress. Strappy heels and bold jewelry is the best for this dress! I think gold and black will make this dress look perfect, but feel free to experiment with different colors and prints! This dress you can definitely have fun with! 
Modamix Feather Vest in Gray
Size: 2X
Keeping?: No

 You can do so much with a vest like this! You can dress it up, or dress it down! I would def dress this down with a simple basic tee and jeans, and some over the knee boots for a pop of sexy! I would let this bold piece stand out on its own and keep everything I style with it simple!
Modamix Faux Leather Yoke Dress in Black
Size: 2X
Keeping?: No
For this simple LBD( Little black Dress) I would see myself wearing this to work. I would pair it with a blazer and some really cute pumps. You can either pair it up with a single colored blazer, or show some personality with a printed one. This would def work in the workplace! 
Sapphire Necklace in Gold & Blue and Gold Accent Clutch
 Keeping?: No

Thease pieces and add a pop to any outfit. The clutch can be used as a perfect accesory for a night out on the town, and the saphire necklace can add some fab to a simple t-shirt!

I unfortunately wasn’t able to find any of the items online! I would say if anything copy and paste it into google, or use it to find a similar pieces at a different stores!

So ladies that’s it for the Dia & Co styling and try on! I hope you have enjoyed it because I know I did! Be sure to check out Dia & Co! You can click here to visit the website! If your interested in buying your very own box then click here for my referral code! When you sign up you can get your very own referral code to share with your friends!

Be sure to follow me on all my social media! They are all linked above! You can also follow me on Snapchat (BrieLikeMe) for my daily shenanigans. I would love to be connected with you all! That’s it for this week on the blog! Be sure to come back next week for your next 2 blogpost! It’s my bday week and I am sooo excited! So until then I love you lots like tator tots, and I will see you next week!

Dia & Co January Unboxing!

Hello All My Darling Divas!

Welcome to another week here on the blog! I hope your weekend was relaxing and fabulous, but it’s time to get back to NoMinusPlus business! I am here today with my very first( well sorta) Dia & Co Unboxing! Dia &Co is a fabulous plus size styling subscription service that I was introduced to while I was at CurvyCon last year! ( Click here to grab your curvy con tickets! ) I decided to finally join up and give them a try, and I am SOOOOO happy that I did! In today’s video I am going to give you the full rundown on how Dia & Co works, and show you what lovely items were picked out for me this month! So enough of the chit chat, lets get to the video!

Did you enjoy the video!?? I hope so! I am super excited that Dia & Co will be joining NoMinusPlus for 2016! I love fashion sooo much, so I was super pleased that I finally got the chance to get my hands on a Dia & Co box! Now like I stated in the video these unboxings are NOT SPONSORED! The lovely people over at Dia & Co have not asked me to do these videos, so I am paying for everything on my own, and my opinions on everything are my own. So with that being said….. I AM OBSESSED! I think that this is such a dope opportunity for us curvy fashionistas, and I am already excited to see what I get in next month’s box!

Now thease Dia & Co boxes will come in two parts: An unboxing and then a try on/ styling video. The second part of  the video you will get tomorrow! Here is just a small list of what I got in this month’s box.

Sapphire Necklace in Gold & Blue

Taylor V-Neck Long sleeve dress in Blue

 Gold Accent Clutch 

Modamix Feather Vest in Gray 

Modamix Faux Leather Yoke Dress in Black

Now I meant to take pictures of each item, but I of course forgot to! (lol)  I will be sure to definitely do that next time! I swear I knew I was forgetting something! But in tomorrow’s blogpost you will get to see footage of me trying on each item, and pictures of me in the clothing, so thank goodness I took pictures of that! So be sure you check back in tomorrow if your interested in the look and fit of the items from this month’s box!

So ladies that’s it for my first Dia & Co Unboxing! I hope it was filled with alot of information, and I hope you enjoyed! Be sure to go check out Dia & Co if you have any questions! Click here to visit the site!  If you want to join up and get your own Dia & Co box, then click here and order with my referral code! Then when you sign up you will get your own referral code to share and you can earn $20 toward your next box! So you help me, and then you help yourself, and then you help yo homies! How amazing is that!

Be sure to follow me on all my social media which is linked above! You can follow me on Snapchat over at BrielikeMe to see my daily shenanigans! I would love to be connected with you all! Meet me right back here tomorrow at 5 for the try on and styling tips for each of these items! So until then love ya lots like tator tots, and see you ladies tomorrow!

Fall Fashion Essentials

Happy Friday Darling Divas!

Today you are in for a treat because you are getting TWO blogpost today! Since both of the blogpost today are Fashion related, I decided to call today’s double feature Fashion Double Feature Friday! This will be the first post, and be sure to come back at 2PM for the second! Lets get into today’s FIRST post.

Fall is right around the corner and its time to prepare your closets! In this video I touch on ten fashion essentials that you need for your fall wardrobe. You probably have some or most of the items on this list, but either way your going to need at least 3 of these items to create a perfect look for fall! So enjoy the video, and meet me below for more details!

Did you enjoy the video! I know it was a bit on the long side, but I had so much fun making this video for you guys! Fall is honestly my favorite season, and I get so excited everytime this year comes around! So I am going to quickly list the ten items on our essentials list so that you can recap what was said in the video!

Fall Fashion Essentials
1. Cardigan
My Black Cardigan is from Forever21
2. Oversized Sweater
My American Flag Sweater is from Forever21
3. Faux Fur Vest
My Cheetah Print Vest is from Avenue 
4. Denim
My denim is from Torrid. Click here to check out my Denim buying guide blogpost
5. Leggings 
My leggings are from Eloquii. Click here to check out my Eloquii haul 
6. Tights
My tights are from Target
7. Scarf
My scarves are from so many different places. Click here for a tutorial on how I wear my turbans
8. Hat
I got my floppy hat from Target
9. Boots 
I got my Knee High Boots from DebShops
10. Over sized Bag
I got my cheetah print bag from Target  
So ladies that’s it for the first blogpost of today! Be sure to come back later today at 2PM for the second blogpost for today’s Double Feature Friday! Feel free to follow me on any of my social media! They are all linked above! So until we meet again at 2PM, love ya lots like tator tots, and see you later!

Eloquii Haul& Styling Video

Hello All My Darling Divas!

Welcome back to the blog! Today I am excited because I am finally doing a haul! Retail therapy always makes a girl feel good, and I am so happy to share the goodies that I got with you ladies! Back in June I attended Cuvycon, and while I was there I won a $250 shopping spree from Eloquii! Pretty amazing right? Well I finally cashed in my shopping spree, and got some amazing pieces. This is my first time buying anything from Eloquii and I definitely was nervous. I had no clue what size I was, and I didn’t want to order anything too big or too small. But after paying attention to the customer comments and just going with my gut I actually ordered everything in the right size and that’s great! I’m not going to lie Eloquii at first didn’t have a good impression on me. I’ve known about the brand for a long time and just never wanted to try it out. The pricing was not in my budget, and the clothing I didn’t feel fit my personal style. But now that I have had the chance to own some clothing from Eloquii I am IMPRESSED and OBSESSED! I already have my basket full for another shopping trip! That definitely proves that you shouldn’t knock something until you try it! So enough of my chatter lets get into the video!

Did you enjoy the video? I hope you enjoyed this style of video! I’m hoping to record all my hauls like this from now on, so let me know if you like them this way! So here is the rundown on the items I brought from Eloquii. I brought them all from the sale section, and hopefully all of them are still available! Eloquii is always updating there sale section, so always keep a lookout on there website.

Overlap Pencil Skirt
Click Here to shop

Essential Leggings in Black 
Click here to shop
 Studio Weave Texture Skirt
Click here to shop
 The Open Knit Top that I ordered is sold out online! 
Sorry ladies! Apparently there is a matching skirt and I must have it! Here it is pictured with the top I purchased! That is def going in my shopping cart for next time!
Here is the rundown on how I styled all these pieces. I give you the info on where I brough the other items of clothing that I styled with the Eloquii pieces. 
How I styled the Overlap Pencil Skirt
 Top- Ashley Stewart
How I styled the Essential Leggings

Top- Kay Dupree

Click here to shop
Cardigan- Forever21
How I styled the Studio Weave Texture Skirt
Top- Deb Shops
How I styled the Open Knit Top
Skirt- Fashion 2 Figure

So ladies that’s it for the video! I hope you enjoyed it as I much as I enjoyed making it! Eloquii has definitely won my heart over and I’m glad! Sometimes its boring to shop at same stores over and over, so its nice to have a new place to shop! I cant wait to shop here again! Feel free to follow me on my social media. They are all linked above. Be sure to come back here tomorrow for another blogpost! So until then love ya lots like tator tots, and see you tomorrow!