Dress Like me, OOTD

Hello My Darling Diva’s!!!

Ok so this week I have def been feeling myself alot. (Blame on the pounds I’ve been dropping lately!) I’ve been snapping pictures, and just making the best outfits ever!. Ok so what if it’s only been three days out of the week, a girl is looking pretty great! So I decided to share my vain-ness with all of you! These are my two outfits of this week, and I may even have a Valentine’s Day edition this weekend! (Let’s cross our fingers!!) OK so lets go through my two outfits. And as a special treat, I have added some links so that you can get your hands on similar pieces to my outfits.

Flower Power
So the harsh weather  conditions of the winds always makes us want to grab the blues, greys, and blacks out our closet. But for this particular day, I decided to remind myself that spring is coming  And added a touch of floral and spring-y colors to my outfit. Below the pic im gonna lsit where I got everything, and then provide a link of something similar online. ( Perhaps I shall do all my OOTD’s like this!!!)

Top- Target ( similar top here)
Cardigan- Fashion To Figure ( similar Cardi here click on the green color option) 
Skinny Belt- Forever21( Exact belt here , Similar color belt here
Jeans- NY & Company( Similar Jeans here these jeans are also available  in petite and tall sizes, so everybody can wear these!!!) 
Shoes- SimplyBe.Com( Similar shoes here they go up to size 11!) 
Blazin Blazer
I wanted to find a way to wear my black wedge sneakers because I’ve had them for MONTHS and only wore them 2 times! ( Shame on me!) So I decided to be casual but dressy at the same time, and paired together this fun outfit that I am proudly wearing as I type this to you right now! I love this outfit soo much because I finally get to showcase my lovely shoes, which unfortunately don’t show much in the pic! But have not fear, I have a haul up my sleeves, so you shall see them soon. 
Top- Fashion 2 Figure( I couldn’t really find a top like mine, but you can take any top and turn it into a shirt like mine. I have made tons and here’s the tutorial that showed me how!) 
Blazer- Forever21( Similar Blazer here
Skinny Belt- Forever21( Same as above link) 
Jeans- A Gift( Similar Jeans here)
Shoes- From a random boutique in NY( Similar Shoes here these actually look EXACTLY like mine!) 
Well that’s enough fashion for one day! I hope you ladies have enjoyed this Dress Like Me OOTD, I know I did! I felt like a personal stylist almost! lol Below are my links so that you can Stalk me and love me!!! Until next time…love you lots, like tater tots! 
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