Dia&Co December Unboxing

Hello My Darling Divas,
 Let me first start off by saying sorry for being missing last week! Things definitely got a little crazy for me! But enough of the explanation, you want to see the Dia&Co goodies!! I am thrilled to show you the fabulous picks that my stylist sent me this month! So enjoy the video, and meet me below for more details!

 Did you enjoy the video??? As always Luna did a stellar job with my box this month! If this was your box what would you send back and keep??? Comment it down below! If you want to check out any of my Dia&Co Unboxing’s from this year, then click here to check out the playlist! Now let’s get into the box breakdown!

Fashion to Figure-Genevieve Denim Shift $44.90

SLINK- Giselle Distressed Skinny Jeans $65.00

The Easy Rolled Boyfriend - Audrey

Jessica Simpson- Mae Cold Shoulder Top $59.50

Image of Jessica Simpson Rose Cold Shoulder Solid Blouse 


Fashion to Figure- Lesha Dress $42.90

Emerald- Ariana Lace Trim Tunic $39.00

Liberty Bag $36.00

(This item was a special 6th surprise!)

Ladies, that’s all for today’s Dia&Co unboxing! Be sure to come right back here tomorrow at 5 PM for the styling and Try On video! Order your very own Dia box today by clicking here! You won’t be sorry! So I love you lots like tater tots, and I will see you all tomorrow!

4 Looks, 1 Piece ( A Cape)

Hello, All My Darling Divas!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and are having a safe and fabulous Black Friday! I am back here with your Friday blog post!! I am really excited about this video because it’s the second video in my 4 Looks, 1 Piece series. If you want to check out the first video of that series, then click here! In that video, I asked what would you like for me to style next, and somebody voted for a cape. So of course I delivered!  Here is the next video styling two different fabulous capes! If you want a chance to vote for what piece gets styled next in this series, then click on the small I in the right top corner of the video! Let’s hop right in!

Did you enjoy? I hope so! Be sure to vote in the poll for what item gets styled next! Which look is your favorite? Comment down below! 
Look 1 ( With a Dress)
Dress- Fashion to Figure
Cape- Fashion to Figure
Boots- Payless
Look 2 (With Leggings)
Leggings- Forever21
Top-Fashion to Figure
Cape-Fashion to Figure
Shoes- JustFab
Look 3 ( With Jeans)
Jeans- Torrid
Top-Michel Studio ( Via Dia&Co)
Look 4 ( With a Skirt)
Skirt- Fashion to Figure ( Via Dia&Co)
Top-Fashion to Figure
Ladies that’s all for today’s video! Remember that all of these fabulous looks are available as pins on Pinterest right now! Click here to save any of the looks to your board!  I hope you all are enjoying spending time with your loved ones, eating lots of leftovers, and snagging some amazing pieces with all the sales! Stay connected with me and the blog by following me on social media. They are all linked above! I love you lots like tater tots, and I will see you Monday!

Shop Your Closet

Happy Friday all my Darling Divas,

Are you as pumped as I am for the weekend?? So ready to relax and kick back! Today’s video is going to be a fun day on the blog because we are going to play a game!!! I think you are going to really enjoy it! I don’t want to spoil anything, so I’m going to sit back and let you enjoy the video!

Did you enjoy this fun game! I hope so! This video features a lot of pieces that I discussed in Tuesday’s video where I talked about building your wardrobe. Click here to check it out if you haven’t already!  I had so much fun making this video, and I hope it inspired you to get a little creative and see what you have at home. You never know what you may find! So here is the breakdown of each look!

Lunch With Friends
Top- Fashion to Figure
Belt- From a Dress I received in my Dia box
Leggings- Eloquii

Office Chic
Cardigan- Target
Dress- Target
Skirt- Eloquii

Hanging with Friends
Vest- Target
Purse- Dia&Co

Date Night
Top- Dia&Co
Skirt- Wet Seal

So ladies how would you shop your closet? I challenge you to take a closer look at what you already own the next time you get dressed. You never know what you may have! Be sure to join me right back here next week for two brand spanking new blogpost!!! Are you connected with the blog? Keep up with NoMinusPlus on social media by checking out all the links above! I love you lots like tater tots, I hope you have a great weekend, and I will see you all Monday!

How to Build Your Wardrobe

Hello All My Darling Divas,
Welcome to another week on the blog! I am so excited about today’s video! Today I am showing you how to build your wardrobe! The basics are essential to any great wardrobe, and I will be showing you some basics that are a must have in your closet to make it the best! This video is pretty long, so grab a snack and take notes! Let’s get into the video!

Did you enjoy?? I hope so! I hope it was informational and taught you something new! Since the video was so long, I am going to just hop right into the breakdown!

Here are the collages that are mentioned in the video. Here I am showing you three looks that you can create using the basics in this video! They are many other ways as well, so get creative!! These collages are also available as pins on the NoMinusPlus Pinterest page. You can click here to go check it out! 

 And also here is a list of the items mentioned in this video. This is will also be on the Pinterest board to save!

Need some help on purchasing jeans, want to know how to style leggings, or do you rock a size 11 or higher and need tips on how to buy shoes? I have videos on all three! 

Click here to check out my Denim Buying Guide
Click here to check out my Jennifer Seamed Pant Lookbook
Click here to check out my Size 11 & Wider Shoe Buying Guide!
Well, ladies, I hope this video was information and helped you out! Stay connected with the blog by following me on social media! They are all linked above! Be sure to come right back here on Friday for your second blog post of the week! I love you lots like tater tots, and I will see you on Friday!

Dia&Co (October) Styling and Try on video

Hello All My Darling Divas
I’m back at it again with another video!! As promised in my post at 3 PM today, I am back here today with the styling and try on video for my October Dia box! If you want to check that out, click here! So let’s get this styling video going!

I hope you enjoyed! I loved every single piece from this box! I have been wearing them faithfully~ So let’s get into the breakdown for this box!

Celebrity Pink- Bree Mid Rise Skinny Jeans
Keeping? YES
This is honestly one of the most comfortable pairs of jeans that I have ever had! They feel like butter. I have never had a black pair of jeans before, so I just knew I had to keep them! Jeans are always so easy to style. I would wear the jeans casually with a sweater and boots, and would dress it up with a beautiful blouse and ankle booties! 
 Michel Studio- Jada V-neck Peplum
Size- 1X
Keeping? Yes
I’m not sure why I am obsessed with peplums at the moment, but I just had to keep this one! It’s such a simple piece, and I know I can do a lot with this in my wardrobe! For me, peplum tops were made for pencil skirts and skinny jeans, so that’s exactly what I would style it with. For a night out I would style it with a bold pencil skirt and heels, and for a comfortable day, I would style it with jeans and a cardigan to keep warm!

Rachel Roy- Faye Oversized Jacket
Size- 1X
Keeping? Yes
I requested this jacket, and I regret nothing! I love how well its made, and how comfortable it is! A jean jacket  like this is so perfect for everything! Style it with a tunic top and leggings for your weekends, or with a printed dress and combat boots for an edgy look with a girly touch!

Fashion to Figure- Avril Top
Size- 1X
Keeping? Yes
At first, I wasn’t going to keep this top. But then I thought about how I can pair this with so many things in my closet. Since it’s something that I don’t have, I decided to take a shot and keep it! I instantly knew that I would style it with a midi skirt like this pink one. Add a choker and a pair of heels, and I have a retro look! For a badass rocker look, I would also wear it with black faux leggings and pointed cap flats!
Society Plus- Maude Waist Belt
Size- 2X
Keeping? Yes
I have always wanted a belt li
ke this, and I swear to you I am so happy that I finally have one! It just adds such a pop to any look! For a formal evening, I would wear it with my dress to give it some bling. I would also pair it with a shift dress to bring my shape back to life!

So that’s it for another double feature! Don’t worry if you’re tired of seeing me. You won’t again until next week! I seriously love everything about Dia&Co, and you should do! Order your very own box today by clicking here! Tell them Brielle sent you if your first box, and if you have already ordered a box feel free to request the pieces that you see here if you like them! Are you following NoMinusPlus on social media? Stay connected with the blog by clicking on those links above! I am gone for now ladies, but you will see me next week with two brand spanking new blog spot! I love you lots like tater tots, and I will see you on Monday! 

October Dia&Co Unboxing

Hello All My Darling Divas,
Welcome to another double feature day on the blog! I came to you with a double post on Monday with the ending of The Element Series, and today I am here giving you a double dosage of Dia!
 ( Wow say that ten times fast) I am here today showing you a rather late Dia &Co unboxing. Since this was for the month of October, I decided just to show you the styling and try on video in the same day! So right now you get the unboxing, and then you can come right back here at 5 PM for the Styling and Try on! So let’s get into it!

Did you enjoy the pieces??? I hope so! What would you keep and send back? Comment down below! It’s time for the breakdown!

Society Plus- Maude Waist Belt ( $25)
Fashion To Figure- Avril Top ( $34.90)  
Celebrity -Pink Bree Mid Rise Skinny Jeans ($65)

                     Michel Studio -Jada V-Neck Peplum ( $58.00)

Rachel Roy- Faye Oversized Denim Jacket ($99)
Image result for rachel roy oversized denim jacket 
So, ladies, that’s it for your blog post at 3PM! Be sure to come right back here today at 5PM to check out the styling and try on video for this unboxing! Are you following me on social media? You should be! All of my links are above including NoMinusPlus latest social media platform Pinterest!  I love you lots like tater tots, and I will see you at 5!

Behind The Scenes: Water

Hello, All My Darling Divas!

No that’s not Deja vu, you have indeed seen me twice today! As promised I am right back here at 5 with the Behind The Scenes footage for Water! If you need to play a bit of catch-up, then click on the links below.

Click here to check out the Water Lookbook
Click here to check out the Fire Lookbook
Click here to check out the Behind the Scenes for Fire
Click here to check out the Earth Lookbook
Click here to check out the Behind the Scenes for Earth
Click here to check out the Air Lookbook
Click here to check out the Behind the Scenes for Air
                       Now that you are all caught up, let’s get into the last behind the scenes video! 
Did you enjoy? I hope so! This series was so fun to create and make, and I glad that I got to share it with you all. I truly love fashion and being able to showcase my creativity, and I feel as those this series proved that! So I am going to get into further styling tips for the looks in the water lookbook. Once again there is only one look since all of them are pretty wearable.

This outfit came together so beautifully! All the different tones of blue compliment each other so well! I was really afraid of how it would look, but it ended up looking so nice.
This outfit is great for your summer weekends. It screams beach afternoon to me. 
How To Transform:
A beautiful maxi dress like this is so easy to transition for Fall. Pair the skirt with a blouse, jean jacket, tights, and tall boots to rock this maxi skirt in cooler weather!
I always wanted to try rocking jeans with a pair of heels. I see so many fabulous ladies doing it on social media. I’m not saying that I would rock them every day, but I did feel like an instant Diva in this look! 
This look is a great option for a casual date night. It’s just the right amount of sexy and casual.

How to Transform:
Jeans are so simple to transform. Style them with the oversized top, ugg boots, and a fedora for a hipster weekend look!
I wore this dress for my 24th birthday this year, and it basically describes me in a dress. It is velvet, sequined, and comfortable. You can’t go wrong with a dress like this in my book! 
A dress like this is perfect if you’re the birthday girl! It just screams celebration! 
How to Transform:
This dress is a party dress, but it can be toned down just a bit of you want to be more comfortable. Add a pair of tights, tall black boots, and a moto jacket to create an edgy look with some sparkle! 
So ladies I hope you have enjoyed the element series. Be sure to come right back here Friday for a brand spanking new blogpost. We are getting right back into our scheduled programing! Are you following NoMinusPlus on social media? You should be! They are all linked above. I love you lots like tater tots, and I will see you all on Friday!