Cheetahlicious OOTD

Hello My Darling Divas 

I woke up yesterday and I was feeling darling, bold and fabulous. So what better way to express that feeling then with Cheetah Print? And as soon as I had that thought…This dress came to mind! I got this lovely, fantastic dress from Fashion To Figure. And since I’m a regular in that store, the stylist picked this dress and said your gonna love it. And let me tell you this woman knows how to do her job because I instantly fell in love as soon as I put it on. I wanted to look casual so I paired it with my sloutch blue hat. (and on top of that I was having a bad hair day)

To make my look have a more rocker edge, I paired it with my brown military style boots that I got from Lane Bryant, and a slightly cropped jacket from Wet Seal.

And there you have it ladies. My fab cheetalious outfit of the day. Sorry for the quality of full body pics this time. I had to use my webcam since my camera died ūüė¶ Better pictures next time I promise!

Feeling Wicked OOTD

                                            Hello All My Darling Divas!

ok so on Saturday, me and my family went to NY to see the fantastic play Wicked! And if you haven’t seen it, Im telling you, YOU MUST GO! As you can see to your left, its a picture of a very excited about to be 18 year old. We went to see the play because it’s her favorite show and let me tell you guys…she was super excited! But I cant blame her because it was simply the best and I’m so happy that we went. Since we were going to the city, its only right that I look my best, but still be casual; So I figured a dress and boots was the best option. This look is a perfect blend of casual and comfy and I even got some compliments as I walked down the street. Yay me!

Ok so letsget into the outfit. My Makeup as usual is very basic. And I¬†don’t¬†have on much¬†jewelry¬†because the detailing on the top of my dress is already giving me some¬†accessory¬†flair. So I just threw on¬†these¬†basketball wives¬†inspired¬†earnings¬†that I got from my local beauty supply store.¬†Its¬†beginning¬†to be fall and im soooo excited! I got to finally pull out my boots! My boots are from Lane Bryant. Dress from target and cardigan from¬†Walmart. Im¬†telling you guys, being cheap and being chic goes hand in hand.¬†

And Of course here are more pics of the outfit 

Pocahontas Realness

                                                 Hello All My Darling Divas!
Ok so I know I have alot of explaining to do! My site has been through soo much thease past 2 days and let me tell you I¬†haven’t¬†been more stressed in my life!!! A video will be up later this week explaining the hell I had to go through to post, but for now were back to square one *sigh* Its where I started and I feel like its a major set back. But as long as I have all of you and post with me,¬†I’m¬†good. But enough of that, lets get to the OOTD

So today’s Outfit was inspired by¬†these¬†brand new fringe moccasin¬†booties. When I saw them I just hadddd to have them! They also come in blue so I gotta make sure I go back and get them. Can you believe I got¬†these¬†babies at Target??? You know you like them! You know you love them! Cause ¬†I sure do

Ok so on to the outfit, I got so excited about my shoes that I had to post them first!.¬†I’ve¬†been wearing alot of cropped tops this summer, so when I was thinking of what top to pair with my shoes, this shirt automatically came to mind. This top is showed you guys in a haul a coupld of months ago, to check out that blog post click here —>(¬†Blog Post!) Its from Mandees and just fit perfectly with my¬†Pocahontas¬†feel of my outfit. My Shorts are from Lane Bryant and I just¬†absolutely¬†love them! They hug my curves and are just so comfortable¬†

Alright ladies well thats it for now,  I will be back soon to explain what the heck is going on with the site, but make sure your follow all of the links for nothing minus about a plus so that you can stay posted!

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