Shea Moisture Superfruit Complex Collection Product Review

Hello All My Darling Divas!
Welcome back to the blog! Today I am going to be sharing with you my opinion on the Shea Moisture Superfruit Complex Line that I received in my September Curlbox! If you want to check out that unboxing video the click here. I was super excited to try out his line, and trust me it did NOT disappoint! This superfruit complex promotes that its a 10-in- 1 Renewal system that is perfect for those with dry, brittle hair. So basically if you hair needs a lil TLC then this product line is great for you!  It’s always a good thing to use products from the same line together to get amazing results. I always get excited when I am able to try out a whole product line, so I definitely appreciate Curlbox for coming through with the whole Superfruit Collecton!  This will be a blogpost with no video, so I hope you don’t mind doing a little reading! So enough of the chit chat, lets get into what I think!

Superfruit Complex Hair & Scalp Oil
This product was surprisingly amazing. I really actually loved it! This oil was really light-weight and didn’t leave a super oily residue on my skin. I applied this to my hair before I shampooed as directed on the bottle. This oil was so light and moisturizing that I was able to detangle with this product! The dropper design made it really easy to apply this to my scalp! I basically just parted my hair in sections and dropped the oil. It was barely any mess, and I really felt the product on my hair and scalp. I would purchase this product again.
Superfruit Complex Shampoo

This shampoo is amazing! It is very clarifying so you definitely don’t need alot of this product. It cleansed my hair very well, and made it feel very clean! Since I don’t use a shampoo often its important that whatever shampoo I use really cleans my hair well. Since I also protective style very often, it’s important to make sure that my hair is clean before I put it back up in my next protective style. I would definitely purchase this product again.
Superfruit Complex Conditioner 
Now this conditioner is life! As soon as I put this bad boy on my hair after I shampooed it was instantly soft! I absolutely loved it! This made my hair very soft to the touch, and gave my hair amazing slip when I went on to detangle. I would absolutely purchase this again! Yall know how I feel about a good conditioner! 
Superfruit Complex Hair Masque 
 Ok so this stuff right here is MAGIC! This made my hair feel even more soft then it already was! I loved that I followed up with this Hair Masque after I used the conditioner. It was like an added layer of moisture for my hair, and it made my hair feel even better. After the shampoo really cleansed my hair it was important that moisture was added back to my hair. The conditioner and the masque DEFINITELY added that moisture back and then some! I would more than likely buy this product again. It was my favorite product in the Superfruit collection. 
My final verdict on the Shea Moisture Superfruit Complex Collection is a super thumbs up! I loved every single product, and would see myself buying each and every one of them again. They worked so well together and made my hair feel so soft and manageable. I would highly recommend that you natural ladies go out and try this line! You will not be disappointed! 
So ladies that’s all for today’s blogpost! I hope you enjoyed this product review! Feel free to follow me on any of my social media! I will be announcing very soon about something special that I have been working on, and you don’t want to miss when I announce it! I hope you all have a  great rest of your week, and I will meet you guys back here on Monday for another blogpost! So until then ladies I love you lots like tator tots, and I will see you soon! 

September Curlbox Unboxing

Happy Monday Darling Divas!

Welcome back to another week on the blog! I hope you had a great weekend, but its back to get back to Nominus Plus business! Today on the blog I am going to be doing this month’s Curlbox unboxing! As you know every time this arrives at my door I get EXCITED! This month definitely didn’t disappoint, and I cant wait to play in these products! So lets get into the video!

Did you enjoy the video?? I hope so! This month’s box was filled with Shea Moisture goodies and I was definitely happy about that! I am very familiar with Shea Moisture products, but I’m not familiar with the Superfruit Complex collection. I am excited to try it on out. If you would like to grab a curlbox of your very own click here and add yourself to the mailing list. You will get an email whenever they are accepting new subscriptions. Let’s get into the breakdown of this month’s box.

All of the products are from the Superfruit Complex Line. In the Curlbox was:

Superfruit Complex Shampoo
Superfruit Complex Conditioner
Superfruit Complex Hair Masque
Superfruit Complex Hair & Scalp Oil

All of the products are pictured above!

If your interested in purchasing the Superfruit Complex line then click here to visit and shop on the Shea Moisture website. If anything you can actually purchase Shea Moisture products at your local Target, Walmart, or drugstore! 
So ladies that’s all for today’s blogpost! Be sure to check back in tomorrow for my review on these hair products! Feel free to follow me on all my social media! They are all linked above! Be sure you are following and checking up with me on my social media because I will be dropping some amazing news pretty soon! So until tomorrow love ya lots like tator tots, and see you soon!

Burgundy Hair Reveal

Happy Monday Darling Divas!!

If you follow me on my social media then you have already seen my gorgeous new hairstyle! Yes ladies I switched up my hair yet again, and this time I decided to play with my length. This is still yet another crochet style, and I am so pleased with how it came out! This video just gives you the details on this hairstyle, and I swear I am having sooo much fun experimenting with this crochet hairstyle! So enjoy this short video and meet me below for more details and pics!

Did you enjoy the video?? I really hope so! I have really been enjoying switching up my look so often! If you have checked out my Hair growth plan video that I made a couple of weeks ago I said that I would be switching up my look often so that I wouldn’t suffer from product buildup and breakage. When I protective style I have a habit of not taking care of my hair. So by taking my hair down each month, I don’t suffer from the bad habits of protective styling that I usually have to face! If you want some tips on protective styling then check out my blogpost/video about it here. And if you want to check out my hair growth plan blogpost/video then click here.

In the video I said that this hair is the same hair that I used in my very first crochet hairstyle which is pictured below. It is just in different color.

I used 3 packs of the Jamaican Twist Braid Marley Hair from the brand Equal. The Color I used was a 530. It was 4.99 from my local beauty supply store. I cut the 3 packs in half at the rubber band, and rolled  the hair on orange and purple cold rods to achieve the curls. I wanted to go for a short hairstyle this time around since I always do long crochet braids and guys I think I am in love! I think I may be rocking it short for awhile!

So ladies what do you think of my new style? I am IN LOVE!! It is soo perfect for the fall! The curls have already dropped and I cant wait to see this style transform over the next couple of weeks.

So ladies thank you soo much for watching! Be sure to follow me on my social media! They are all linked above. Be sure to come back tomorrow for another blog post! I am trying to post for you guys Mondays & Tuesdays at 5PM! Let’s cross our fingers and hope I can stick to that! So until tomorrow love you lots like tator tots!

August Curlbox Unboxing

Hello Darling Divas!
Welcome back to the blog!
Its that time of the month again where I  unbox another Curlbox! I swear I love these things! It’s like Christmas morning every month. This month’s Curlbox was honestly one of my FAVE’s, and I was really pleased with the products this month! If you would like to grab your very own curlbox please do! Click here to go to the curlbox website and sign up for there subscription list. They will email you every month when they are accepting new subscribers. So enough of the small talk! Lets get to the video.

Did you enjoy the video? I am so pleased with all of the products in the August Curlbox! I love it when the Curlbox features a whole product line! This gives you a chance to test out all of the products and see how they work together for your hair. I honestly was excited to see this product line because anything with Argan Oil in it is plus! So lets get into the break down of whats in the box.

 One ‘n Only Argan Oil Restorative Mask

One ‘n Only Argan Oil Curl Cream
One ‘n Only Argan Oil Spray Treatment
One n’ Only Argan Oil Moisture Repair Shampoo
One ‘n Only Argan Oil Moisture Repair Conditioner 

 One ‘n Only Argan Oil Oil Treatment 

So ladies that’s the rundown on what’s in this month’s box! I am super excited to try it out, and I cant wait to report to ladies on how I feel about this product! Be sure to stay tuned on my opinion on the One n’ only Argan Oil Products. I have a feeling that I am really going to love this product line! If you want more info on my blue crochet braids then click here. I did a blog post on that yesterday. If you want to get your hands on your very own curlbox then click here. So darling divas I hope you enjoyed both of the blogpost this week! Be sure to come back here next week for another week on the blog. Love ya lots like tator tots, and see you next week!

The Blue Is Back

Hello All My Darling Divas!
Welcome back to another day on the blog. I am here today to briefly talk to you all about my blue hair! I was going to make a full out video, but I felt that a blogpost would do it better justice! As you ladies know I have been rocking crochet braids all summer, and I have been absolutely loving it!I have had this blue hair installed for almost 4 weeks now, and I’m soo glad that I chose to go for it. This blue hair was a bold choice, and I’m glad I went for it. I love switching up and playing with my look, and this blue hair is definitely doing that for me! So lets go into the details for this hair.

This was a Crochet hair experiment that me and my best friend Danielle decided to do. I saw the hair in my local beauty supply store, we were bored one random Tuesday, and this fabulous creation was born! I used 8 packs of   Janet Collection Kanekalon Braid Jumbo Braid in the Color Blue. You can find this brand in your typical beauty supply store, but it might be hard to find it in this color.

This hair is synthetic, and has given me no problems so far! I curled the hair in orange cold rods and dipped them in boiling hot water to achieve the curls.  I wear this particular crochet hairstyle in a ponytail or bun since its really hot outside, and I wear a headband around the edges to conceal the crochet knots. I really have been digging this style because of its color! This blue has been making me feel so fabulous!

So here are just some more pics of how I have been styling this hair! I plan to keep this hair in for maybe another two weeks, and then its on to my next crochet style! I already have my next hair color in mind and I am soo excited!  I cant wait to share it with you darling divas! 
I have been rocking it in a Bun
And Rocking It Out ‘
And Of course in a fabulous ponytail!
Thank you ladies for catching up with me with this quick blogpost on my hair! I hope you all enjoy your weekends! Feel f
ree to follow me on any of my social media! They are all linked above! Summer is ending soon, and I am honestly sad about it! Summer 2015 has been soooo good to me, but I am honestly ready for the Fall! So until later this week ladies love ya lots like tator tots, and see you soon!

July Curlbox Unboxing

Happy Friday Darling Divas!!
I hope you all are getting ready for another fabulous weekend! I know I am! Today is going to be yet another curlbox unboxing. I swear to you I loveeeeee getting a curlbox each month. It’s like Christmas morning once every month. Hopefully I will be able to test out these products for you ladies, but probably not since I have already put my hair in yet ANOTHER protective style. BUT let me know if you want any of these products tried out, and I will definitely put something together.
If you want to get your hands on a curlbox of your very own click here and sign up for there subscription list. They will send you an email every month when they are accepting new subscribers! It’s 25 bucks a month for 5-6 full size products! You can beat that! So enjoy the video, and meet me below for more details.

Ladies did you enjoy the video? I hope you did. I am swimming up to my EARS in hair products since getting a Curlbox every month, and I’m honestly loving it! It’s great to be able to try out products that I would have never tried out on my own! So here is a breakdown on what was in this month’s box.

 Head & Shoulders Moisture Care Co-Wash
Moisture Care Co-Wash Hair Conditioner from Head & Shoulders
Head & Shoulders Moisture Care Scalp Soother
 Moisture Care Scalp Soother Treatment Product from Head & Shoulders 
Aussie 3  Minute Miracle Smooth Conditioning Treatment 
Aussie Instant Freeze Hairspray Extreme Hold
Covergirl The Super Sizer Mascara 
Pantene Pro-V Expert Collection Advanced Keratin Repair Split End Fuser 
Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant 
So ladies thank you soo much for watching! Be sure to come right back here next week for two more videos! I finally have my crazy schedule somewhat down pact, so hopefully I can be alot more consistent with my postings! So until next week ladies, love ya lots like tater tots and see you next week! 

My Hair Growth Plan

Happy Monday Darling Divas!
Hopefully you all are having an amazing summer so far! Sorry if I have been kind of M.I.A. this summer. I have been busting my butt tying to get my usual two videos up here, but my work schedule and weekend plans have been sooo crazy this summer! But I am determined to get my schedule down pact! So today on the blog we are going to be talking about my hair growth plan! A couple of months ago I watched Whitney ( or Naptural85’s) video on her hair growth plan video. It got me inspired to create a hair plan because I really want to see my hair grow long. I have never really been too obsessed with long hair, but I figured why not give it a shot and see if I can actually grow my hair out. If you want to check out Whitney’s video click here. So enjoy the video, and meet me below for more details!

Did you enjoy the video? Hopefully this plan works for me! It’s pretty simple and to the point, so I think it should work out pretty fine. So here is a recap of what I plan to do to grow my hair out.

1. Continue to protective style as long as I can
I am always twisting and rolling up my hair in some type of way. I feel that by keeping my hair up in a protective style I am not touching it! By not touching my hair it is not being damaged by my daily styling. 
2. Growing out my Blonde Hair  
My hair is very damaged from alot of years of me coloring my hair at home. I have beached, fried, dipped, and dyed my hair every single color at home, and I think it’s time for me to go to a professional to now color my hair. I want the colorist to color my hair on a fresh batch of hair, so I decided to grow out the old color to get ready for the new! 
Yes! I am going back to the hair salon! It has been 5 years since I have been in a salon chair, but I think that it may be time to get some professional help with my hair. It’s pretty clear that I need some help with growing out my hair to be healthy, so I think that a stylist can help me with that. With the proper knowledge of a professional, I believe that my hair can really grow. Yall wish me luck! 
4. I plan to experiment with different hairstyles and products
While my hair is in its growing out stage, I plan on experimenting with hairstyles and products that I never have before. I want to see what my hair likes, and what it doesn’t like. I have really been loving crochet braids so far, so I’m excited to see what other hairstyles I will end up liking. And with a curlbox coming to my doorstep every month, I will definitely have no problem trying out alot of new products.
5. I will only keep my protective style in for a month
By keeping my protective styles in for a month, my hair is not experiencing alot of buildup. It’s being cleansed more often which also promotes hair growth, and my hair isn’t just sitting up in a hairstyle for months not properly being taken care of. I’ve been changing my hairstyles monthly all summer, and my hair has really been loving it! 

So ladies hopefully you have enjoyed this video! Whitney has inspired me to create a hair growth plan, so hopefully I have inspired you to create one for yourself! I plan on documenting it a little bit, so I will come back to you guys later on to see if my hair growth plan is working! 

Now my next blogpost should be ready for tomorrow, so until then ladies I love you lots like tator tots, and I will see you then!

All About My Red Hair

 Hello All My Darling Diva’s!!
I know I know! I’m posting pretty late. But I just wanted to make sure that this blogpost got up to you all today. This post is gonna be all about my new hair! I went red yall! Well more like Red and Black! I decided to switch things up again and try out a color out my comfort zone which is red! Now these are Crochet Braids again! I told you all I was addicted! Click here for the blogpost for my last crochet hairstyle. It has alot of info that I didn’t feel the need to repeat in this video. Feel free to of course as me any questions if anything. So enjoy the video and meet me below for more details! 

Did you guys enjoy the video? I hope you did! Like I said this is hair from Click here to check the website out and see all the amazing colors they offer! You wont be disappointed. I will come back to later in a couple of weeks to give you my official opinion of BestBraidingHair ,but my initial opinion is pretty good. The package came rather quickly, was the correct color I wanted, and overall is very beautiful. There are a little bit of things that I need to tweak, but nothing that cant be fixed.

This is the hair that I ordered from them. 6 packs of their Black/Red hair. It was only $9.99 per pack! Not bad right?

So ladies that’s all. Sorry for the late post! I will be sure to re post it tomorrow  so you can check it out if you missed it! Be sure to come back here tomorrow for another blogpost! Yup that’s right there are 3 blogpsot this week! So come back to see what it is! Feel free to follow me on any of my social media. They will all be linked above. So you ladies have a good night, love ya lots like tator tots, and I will see you all tomorrow! 

June Curlbox Unboxing

Hello All My Darling Divas! 
Welcome back to the blog! Today I am doing yet another Curlbox Unboxing and I swear I get soooo excited every time they come to my door! I was VERY pleased with this months box, and I cant wait to try out these products. Click here to check out the curlbox website to get yourself a Curlbox. They accept new subscriptions every month. So check out the video below, and meet me below for more details. 

Did you enjoy the video. I WAS SO EXCITED THAT THIS BOX WAS FILLED WITH CAROL’S DAUGHTERS PRODUCTS!!!!!!!! EEEKK! I swear I love curlbox! I promise you guys I am going to play with these products till the end of time! So here is the run down of all the products.

 Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk

Carols Daughter Sacred Tiare Styling Cream 

Carol’s Daughter Mirabelle Plum Hair Oil Treatment
Carols Daughter Black Vanilla Leave-in Conditioner
 Carols Daughter Mimosa Hair Honey

So ladies thats all! I hope you all have enjoyed this curlbox unboxing! Remember to head over to the Curlbox website to get your hands on a curlbox! Click here for the website. Feel free to hit me up on any of my social media! They are all linked above! Hopefully I can come to you guys again this week with another video, so cross your fingers! So until later this week (or next week) love ya lots like tator tots, and see you next time!

How I Maintain/Refresh My Crochet Braids

Happy Friday Darling Divas,
I hope that your weekend will be filled with fun! The best way to kick off the weekend is by a blogpost! So today on the blog we are going to be talking about how I maintain/ refresh my crochet braids. I have had these crochet braids in for 3 weeks now, and I have been loving it! If you want to check out more info on my crochet braids, click here for that blogpost. It has more details on my hair.  Also if you want some tips on how to prep your hair and care for your hair while protective styling, click here for that blogpost. I pretty much tried to be as informative about protective styling as possible. I hope it all is helping you ladies! So check out the video below and meet me under for details.

Did you enjoy the video? I hope it helped! I will be switching the color of my hair really soon and I’m really excited! I will be giving you an update on that as soon as it happens! Below im going to list all the products used in this video in case you wanted to pick anything up.

Products used
Large Headband/Hairtie
 ( Used to put my hair up)
Silk Hair Scarf 
African Royale Hot Six Oil
Design Essentials Sleek Edge Control
Beautiful Textures Tangle Taming Leave In Conditioner
Spray Bottle Filled with Water
Detangling Comb/Brush
Lottabody Setting Spray( Optional)
Cold Rods/ Perm Rods 
                              So here is a side by side pic of my curls before and after
Notice how before the curls were dull and the hair really didn’t have any life. Once I re-curled some of the curls the hair is back to being bouncy and curly. Its amazing what curling a couple of curls will do!
So ladies I hope you have enjoyed this blogpost! If you have anything you add, or have any other tips on how to maintain crochet braids leave them in the comments below! Or you can send them to me on any of my social media! They are all linked above. I hope you all have an amazing weekend, and be sure to come back next week with two new videos! So until next time, love you lots like tator tots and see you next week!