Faux Bun Tutorial

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Im finally back and with a HAIR TUTORIAL! I’m so excited because it’s been a minuite since I made one, and it just fills me with joy that I can share a new look that I’m trying with you all. So today I;m going to show you all my staple hairstyle. I’ve been rocking it for a couple of weeks since my hair has been going through soo much! I will explain my hair troubles in a hair update video later next week. This look is simple, quick, and with the right accessories it can be perfect for any look. So enjoy the tutorial and join me below for some more pics and info about the products used in the video.

List of products and where to buy
Hard Brush- Beauty Supply(but can be purchased at Target or Wallmart)
Denman Brush- Beauty Supply(but can be purchased at Target or Wallmart)
Edge Control- Target
Goody Headband (2 of them cut at the ends, then tied together to make one big headband)- Target
Personal Shea Butter Mixture- Tutorial here
Black Headband- Target
Red Bow- Hot Topic
The Blue Chain Bow I got from http://www.etsy.com/shop/nightlyallure click on the blue contact button on the left the page, and tell her that your interested in purchasing a custom bow. Tell her Nominusplus sent ya and be super nice! She’s a great close friend of mine!
Scarves I’ve collected over the years. For different ways on how to tie a headscarf, check out my Headweaps and Turbans tutorial here
Here’s some pics! 
and here is a side by side pic of the bun in a casual look, and a formal look to show you this hairstyles versatility 
Alright ladies! I hope you have enjoyed this hair tutorial. If you try it out, let me see it! Post it on the Fan page here, or if your on instagram mention me on the comment using @BrieBlondie, or use the hashtag #NoMinusPlus and I will be sure to showcase your fabulous Faux Bun! Love ya lots like tator tots, and see ya next time!!!

Healthy Hair Tip #6 Dont hate, Dont manipulate

Hello all my Darling Divas!
As usual before we being today’s healthy hair tip, its only right to provide you with the links to all the other healthy hair tips and the introduction to the hair growth challenge, that way you can refresh your mind, play catch up, and don’t have to deal with the hassles of searching for all the other tips. So here ya go! all the tips so far in the challenge! Meet me below after for today’s healthy hair tip!

Ok laptop is finally up and running, so let’s get back to business  Today’s healthy hair tip is going to  be about hair manipulation. Alot of the time out hair goes through aloottt of trauma because we’re running out hair through it, other people’s hands are going in it because of curiosity  daily twist and braid outs, and thats just only naming a few! Our hair gets beat up and a weekly and daily basis, so it needs to get it’s rest at times. And that’s when low manipulation styling comes to the rescue! Putting you hair up and out the way and leaving it alone is probably one the best things you can do for your hair. By not manipulating it as much, your hair can have it’s chance to just rock out and do it’s thing. So of course I’m going to provide you with some tips so that you can leave your hair alone!

Excessive Combing and Brushing

Now we all know that when you have natural hair it of course tends too knot up, get kinky, and just become a big frustration  Now before you go coming and brushing your hair to kingdom come, make sure you are doing it properly! Combing and  Brushing your hair too much can add to much stress and manipulation to you hair, so when brushing and/or combing your natural tresses, make sure that it’s not on dry hair. Add water or a detangling product to get the job done. That way your hair doesn’t take that bad of a beating while your trying to tame it. Here’e somethings to keep in mind while detangling, so that your hair wont be over manipulated.

* Make sure your combs are wide toothed. That way you wont tug and tear your hair
*The best brushes to use for detangling are Denman brushes! Get ya hand on one of you haven’t already.
*Make sure you detangle in sections! May seem like alot, but you save more strands that way.
*Make sure your always sleep with a satin bonnet/ hairnet, that way you wont have to detangle and worry about much knots in the morning
When your twisting out, braiding out, bantu knoting out; pretty much any style where your twisting you hair up, its important to make sure that you twist in a way where your twist can actually last for a couple of days. Getting your twist out to last for a couple of days is great because that means your not touching your hair! Your hair gets to last for the week without you having to twist it up every night. I try my hardest to re twist my hair every other day, and on the days that I have no curl at all, I get creative with my hair. I put it in a bun, slap on a hat, or pin it up in an updo. Twisting your hair every night can be great for your curls in the morning, but in the long run cause breakage to your hair. Why? Cause your over manipulating it. Alot of times we look for volume more than definition when we do our twist out. Sure you may have the big poofy fro, but if you have to constantly twist and twist AND twist your hair to get it be big and curly, try going for getting smaller tighter curls. That way your hair can last for more than one day. Here are some tips to keep in mind while styling, so that your hair wont be over manipulated. 
*Experiment with styling products that help you hair have great definition. A more defined twist, braid, or bantu knot out can make your curls last longer. Taking away your need to retwist as much
*try your hand at different hats, turbans, or other styles that cover your hair up
*get creative with your old twist outs! Revamp 2 to 4 day twist outs into a different style
*Try your hand at protctive styling! That keeps your hands out for your hair for weeks at a time! 

Ok ladies that’s enough for today’s healthy hair tip! Keep them hands out your hair! Until next time, love ya lots like tator tots…..xoxoxo

Product Review-Original Moxie

Hello all my Darling Diva’s!

Now I told you that I was going to do be doing some experiment’s with different products, and this my next one that I’m sooo excited to review. One of my favorite hair blogger’s Charjay swears by Original Moxie products  so it’s only right for me too be DYING to try them out. Now I was a lil skeptical about how these products would work for my hair, so I opted for buying the Moxie Mini’s to try it out, and then if I liked it then get the bigger size. I love the fact that you can try before you buy the big one! So let’s get into the review.

Ok so I heard nothing but great things about Just Gel and Lux Locks Original Moxie Products. I was bursting with joy and just couldn’t wait to try them out! Now before I try products, I always wash my hair so that I can see the true results the product on my hair. So I shampooed, conditioned, deep conditioned and pondered on what to do with my hair. I wanted big curls so I decided to let my hair air dry with a little bit of hair oil, and then twisted my hair into Bantu knot’s using the Lux Locks and then a dab of the Just Gel on my ends. These were the results 

I had a head full of curls!!! I was super duper excited and was soo pleased! Now I usually am not a believer of products that say they curl your hair because I have type 4 hair, so you don’t always believe what you see. But these products rock!! Lux Locks and Just Gel are a wonderful duo and I will def be buying these products in the bigger sizes. Consider these to be a summer staple products for me! The twist out lasted for about 3 days, and after the third day I wanted to switch it up. Now I usually hate two-strand twist, but since the Just Gel is made with Flax-seed, I knew it would slick down and keep my two-strand twist looking great. So here are my two-strand twist.

I wore these babies for 5 days and they were looking so fabulous! I kept them looking neat and shiny for 5 days using Original Moxie’s Hair Bling which was sent to me as a lil extra gift in my package.

Final Verdict
I LOVEEEEEEE Original Moxie’s hair products  They give great results and makes my hair look extra fabulous for soo many days!  I was able to put my hair in so many different styles and ways with just these products, and I’m so excited to try out more. The Moxie Mini’s really come in handy, so if you wanna try before you buy the big ones, definitely invest in them. I HIGHLY recommend this product to all you ladies, especially my type 4 hair natural ladies! If you wanna buy original moxie products and test out it’s fabulousness, order them here on the website Original Moxie 
Well ladies, I hope you have enjoyed this product review and hope you go and try these products out for yourselves! Until next time, XOXOXOXO

Healthy Hair Tip #5- When in Doubt, Moisturize ( Moisture Unit)

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Ok so as usual before we begin with today’s tip, if you need a little bit of catch up, below are all the tips that have bee posted soo far in the Healthy Hair Challenge! Once your done playing catch up, meet me under that for today’s tip.

Ok so today were going to discuss the last unit in your product Arsenal which is the Moisture Unit and in my opinion its the most important unit. Retaining moisture in your hair is really essential in growing it healthy and long because without moisture, your hair will be dry, prone to easy breakage, and just wont have a good look to it. After your hair goes through the wash and condition stage, your hair is going through so much, and it needs moisture to be added back into it since it when through so much during the washing and conditioning stages. . For years I’ve been using just Shea Butter as a Moisturizer  and while that was all fine and dandy, I noticed that moisturized my hair, but it just sat on top of my hair. Now I was doing some research on some Natural Hair Blog’s because I’ve been having some issues with just using Shea butter and I learned about using water-based moisturizers and then following up with an oil based one to seal . I found out that Shea Butter was an Oil Based Moisturizer and it was missing a water based product to use before. So I was using a sealant and it had nothing to seal in Sooo my hair has been having something missing and it was a water based moisturizer!

Now your probably wondering, how to tell what is a water based moisturizer  and how to tell what a oil-based moisturizer is. This video below I will be explaining more about that and also showing you how to make my homemade whipped Shea butter mixture which is my oil-based moisturizer.

Water Based Moisturizer Recommendations
Cantu Leave in conditioner cream ( My staple product!) 
Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie 
I have a product review of this. I didnt really like it but it still keeps your hair feeling really soft! Click Here for the review 
Shea Mositure Curl and Style Milk

The only recommendation that I have for Oil-Based products is using Shea Butter because that’s all I’ve used. I plan to test our some more hair butters, so stay tuned for more oil-based moisturizer recommendations. So if you find a Shea butter to your liking, use my recipe  or find a type of hair butter, pomade, or oil, that will work just fine.

Alright ladies! That’s all for today’s healthy hair tip. I hope you have learned something new because I sure did! Hope your hair is on it’s way to growing long and strong! Until next time, love you lots like tator tots!

Product Review: 4 Naturals Afro Stretch Cream

Hello my darling divas!
So I have been dying to try out some new hair products and now that I have sometime, I’m gonna be testing out a few. I have been having some trouble finding a moisturizer to help define my curls. For some reason all my staple products don’t seem to to working, so that’s when you gotta start testing out stuff. I went to Sally’s to look for some potential products and came across this curl cream. Never heard of it so I figured why not?

First Attempt: 
Ok so I wanted to follow the directions so that I could use the product the way it was supposed to, and get the results it said it could do. Now I don’t have the 4 natural conditioner  so I just deep conditioned my hair for  30 mins. After I washed out my hair, I applied the curl cream, as stated on the directions, and started to twist my hair in sections. I had about 14 bantu knots all around my head. After that I went to sleep. When I woke up in the morning, here were my results
My hair results were really curly, but not that much defined. My hair was left feeling really soft and actually I had little shrinkage for the next couple of days. I think I will be using this as my leave in conditioner, since it left my hair feeling soft and moisturized, and didn’t really help me that much to define my curls. 
Second Attempt: 
So the directions say that you could also use it on dry hair, so I decided to try my hand at the product one more time on dry hair. So 4 days after my first attempt, I applied the curl stretch cream to my dry hair, sectioned it, and made 14 bantu knots again. When I woke up in the morning, thease were my results.
Soooo once again I got some type of curl, but really no definition. It really was no change from the first attempt, but I still was able to turn it into something cute. Below is a top view so that you see my curls, and then the hairstyle I created with this fro
Final Verdict
I really liked this product! Although it didn’t give me the defined curls that I thought I would get, it left my hair feeling really soft and stretched out for the next couple of days. I was able to contort my hair in so many ways, and barely had to detangle. I would buy this product again, but the next time I would use it as just a leave-in conditioner instead of a curling moisturizer. I recommend all you ladies out there to pick up this product, and if you do tell me what you think! 
You can buy this product at any Sally’s Beauty Supply store, click here to find a store near you
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Hope you ladies enjoyed this product review! Love you lots like tator tots, and until next time xoxoxoxox

Healthy Hair Tip #4 In Good Condition( Condition Unit)

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Ok so here we are again with another Healthy Hair Tip in the Healthy Hair Tip Challenge. If you need to play catch up, the tips will be below. Once your up to speed, meet me down so we can begin the next healthy hair tip

Healthy Hair Tip #3

Alighty then, let us begin. So In the second Healthy Hair Tip Video we discussed Your Personal Product Arsenal and in this blog post we’re going to discuss the second unit which is The Condition Unit and then below I will put some suggestions of some Conditioner’s to try.

Condition Unit 
So when discussing the Condition unit, I’m not talking about your conditioner that you use after you shampoo, that’s apart of the Wash Unit that was in the last healthy hair tip. The Condition unit contains your deep conditioner, hair mask’s, and leave-in conditioners. The Condition unit is especially important in the winter because all these harsh winds and weather changes do massive damage on your hair. And the only way to ensure that your hair is protected is by giving it the best deep conditioner that you can. Now you can use a hair mask as well. The only difference between a deep conditioner and a hair mask is that a hair mask has a thicker consistency than a deep conditioner. They both get the job done and are equally as great. I deep condition my hair ever week to ensure that my hair stays nice and conditioned. I also add some oils to my deep conditioner for an extra little kick. Another tip that I just learned actually was not to keep your conditioner in your hair for over an hour!!! Only let it sit in your hair for under an !hr or less, but after 30 mins have passed your typically good to go. Also make sure you rinse your hair with cold water so that your hair locks in the moisture from your conditioner.  Some of my suggestions for deep conditioner’s are below and then after that we will get into leave-in conditioners: the conditioner that everyone forgets! 
Queen Helene’s Deep Conditioner

Parnevu Organic Hair Mayonnaise
Pantene Moisture Masque 

Ok now on to the 2nd product in the Condition Unit which is your Leave-in Conditioner. Alot of people skip these step in the regime and I have no clue why! Leave-in conditioners ensure that your hair is conditioned long after your done with your shampooing or co-washing. It creates a condition barrier that leaves your hair feeling great . I apply my leave-in after I wash out my deep conditioner and my hair is set to go until I co-wash it or wash it again. Here are my leave-in conditioner suggestions
Shea Moisture Curl & Style Milk

Original Moxie Everyday Leave-In

Ok ladies well that’s enough for healthy hair tip #4, hope you ladies have learned alot!!!!! 

Healthy Hair Tip #3- Wash me ( Wash Unit)

Hello All My Darling Divas!

First off  I hope everyone had a wonderful  Christmas and you enjoyed  your holiday with your family and/or loved one’s. So let’s get back down to business! I haven’t forgotten about the Healthy Hair Growth Challenge, as a matter of fact my hair has been growing all out of control, and with me getting back on point with these tips, yours will too. If you need to refresh your memory, below are all the Healthy Hair Tip’s that have been posted so far. It hasn’t been many, so if you need to play catch up that’s just fine.

Alright is everybody all caught up?? OK cool lets move forward! So in the last post we talked about building your product arsenal which means some product weapons to defeat the many enemies against our hair. I broke all the products of your Arsenal into 3 units: The Wash Unit, The Condition Unit, and The Moisture Unit. In this particular post, were going to discuss The Wash Unit. So enough of the intro, lets get to the good stuff.
The Wash Unit 
Washing your hair is essential of course because product can build up in your hair, and no growing will happen if the pores of your are all clogged up. Your hair also will have trouble being healthy and growing if it’s too clean, so we have to find a healthy balance of the cleanliness of our hair. Now I know’s alot of you just looked at the sentence and probably thought, “How can my hair be too clean and not grow?”  Well, by over cleansing you hair you are washing out all the natural oils, basically the good stuff that we want to keep on our scalp. You only want your shampoo to clean out all the dirt and product build up, so finding that  healthy balance is really important. I only shampoo my hair once a month, at the end of month, and it’s been working for me fine for about 2 years now. By washing it once a month, your washing out all the bad stuff that built up from the month, preparing a clean scalp for more products for the next month, and keeping all the healthy stuff in your hair. 
What shampoo is the best to use? I’m glad to asked! Now it doesn’t really matter which one you choose to use, it’s totally up to you and what works for you. Now since Shampoo’s come with Conditioners  I recommend that for every 1 bottle of shampoo you use, you buy 2 bottles of the matching Conditioner because you go through conditioner quicker than Shampoo, that way you can always have some handy. Make sure to also get the matching because products work well together, I mean that’s why they were created. But this is also just as suggestion, so keep on mixing your products if that tickles your fancy. 
Shampoo and Conditioner Suggestions
Shea Moisture Raw Shea butter Shampoo&Conditioner 

For color treated hair folk like me
Garnier Fructis Color Shield Shampoo& Conditioner
But of course, what ever you use it totally fine! Sorry that I couldn’t recommend  more, I haven’t really used many different ones, just these two sets. Hope this healthy hair tip has helped! And stay tuned for the next healthy hair tips!!!!

Quick Change for 2013

Hello Darling Diva’s!

I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas!! Just a quick change about the blog  that I wanted to share with everyone real quick. I’m going to be switching over to just text and picture post and making video’s only for tutorials. I figure if I do it that way then I can keep the blog up to date and not go missing for a long time.  Between school and work, it’s hard to sit down and actually make a video, so I figure by doing mostly text post, we can keep things moving up here. So I’m going to continue to do the Healthy Hair Tips for the Healthy Hair  Growth Challenge in post’s just like this one, and whenever I do a tutorial, then that will be a video. I don’t wanna loose anyone, and want to make sure that I stay relevant  so I figure that doing it this way will be better. If you have any comments or anything on this quick little change, hit me up on one of my stalker links below, and I will be sure to get back to ya! Love ya lot’s like tator tots ladies! And stay tuned because tomorrow I will be releasing 3 healthy hair tips to make up for lost time!

Healthy Hair Tip #2 Your Personal Product Arsenal

Hello All My Darling Divas!!!!
Ok so I decided to make the second  healthy hair tip a non-video post because I just couldn’t find the time to make a video and I didnt want to put it off any longer than I already did! So this is gonna be an information packed post because this tip, like all the tips in this challenge, is an important one! So enough of the chit-chat, lets begin!

So Healthy Hair #2 is called  Your Personal Product Arsenal and this will be your weapons in the battle of hair growth, your enemies  dryness, lack of moisture, and harsh weather conditions. Using all of these products will ensure that your hair will stay protected and damage free during harsh winter winds, rainy spring afternoons, dry brittle summers, and frigid fall evenings. I will introduce your Arsenal, and then in the next couple of tips, I will break down the importance of each unit, and recommend some good products to use.

 Wash Unit 
The job of this part of your Arsenal is to cleanse and restore your hair. You want to make sure that you are using the popular rinse, lather, and repeat method because shampoo can over cleanse the scalp and hair, so the conditioner is used to restore natural oils back to your hair. CAUTION: Once a month only!!!!  Now of course your more than welcome to shampoo and condition your hair more times a month, but once is fine because shampoo can over clarify your hair, and you want to rid your scalp and hair of dirt, not the good stuff. 
Condition Unit
The job of this part of your arsenal is to further condition your hair right after and long after you have washed your hair. Your hair should always be properly conditioned if you want to grow healthy hair and retain length. This Unit consist of your Deep Conditioner and Leave- in Conditioner. Both will help your hair stay conditioned long after you have washed it. Co-washing every week will defeat any damage that you get from weather conditions.  (especially in the flip-flop weather were having this winter! ) And applying a leave-in conditioner after you wash your deep conditioner out, will retain moisture and softness during how ever way you decided to dry and style you hair. 
Moisture Unit 
This is honestly is probably the most important unit in your arsenal! Moisture hair is happy hair, and without moisture you hair will be in serious trouble! You want to make sure that you have two major moisturizers in your moisture unit; A water-based moisturizer to penetrate the hair and provide it with moisture and then a oil-based moisturizer to seal the moisture from the water-based moisturizer. We will discuss more about that in the moisture healthy hair tip which I will release later. This unit also handles any daily products that you used to style you hair each day. 

Ok ladies so I have introduced your 3 main units in your product arsenal  The next 3 healthy hair tips will go into further detail of the importance of these hair products in growing your healthy hair. Its now December, so my end of the month pictures for November will be below. Make sure to check out the 1st healthy hair tip and the challenge into video if you wanna refresh your memory! Thanks for watching ladies!!! 
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Healthy Hair Tip #1 Add Water

Hello All My Darling Diva’s
I’m finally back! After two back to back storms on the East Coast, everything is finally restored and we can get back to business. So first order of business is our First healthy hair tip of the Healthy Hair Growth Challenge 2012-2013. If you have no clue what the heck I’m talking about, then  Click Here. You may also wanna refresh your memory on how this challenge is working since I’ve been away. So once you refresh your memory, Watch the First Healthy Hair Tip: Add Water, and once ya do that, meet me below for some more info.

Ok so are our memories refreshed? Did you watch the tip? Did ya learn something? lol Am I asking wayyy to many questions? Lets just get to the good stuff

So lets recap what we learned in the Add Water Healthy Hair Tip: 
Adding water is essential to hair growth because water, just like for our bodies, is good for us
Add water by replacing water with your detangler spray
Add water by misting your hair before and after  you do your twists your hair for a protective style, for a two strand-twist out or bantu knots
Add water by doing Water bagging Click here for the Naptural 85 blog post that I brought up in the video 
That blog post is all about Moisturizing Your hair so its an added bonus
Alright ladies, I hope you have learned alot in the First Healthy Hair Tip Video. Stay tuned for next week for the next Healthy Hair Tip video.