Curve Maintenance Episode #8- Curve Update

Hello, All My Darling Divas!
Welcome back to another week here on the blog! This week’s videos are are going to be Curve Maintenance related blog post. For all my new darling divas who have just joined the NoMinus family, or for my OG darling divas that need a refresher, Curve Maintenance is the health  and fitness portion of this blog. You can click here to watch the first 7 episodes of this series. It where I talk about my own personal journey of maintaining healthy curves while promoting self-love and appreciation. If you want to loose weight do it! If you don’t that’s cool too. All I hope is that my personal lifestyle journey will inspire others to love themselves at any number. So today’s video is just going to be a little update on my journey. Enjoy the video, and meet me below for more details.

I hope you ladies enjoyed the video! If you want to share your story leave it below! If you want to privately message me, then hit me up on any of my social media. They are all linked above, and my personal IG and snap chat are BrieLikeMe. On Wednesday’s I talk all about healthy and fitness, so if you enjoyed today’s video be sure to check my social media posts on Wednesdays for more! Be sure to come back here Friday for another Curve Maintenance video. Until then I love ya lots like tater tots, and I hope you all have a great week!

Curve Maintenance Episode #5- Weight Loss Journey & Current Health Plan

Hello All My Darling Divas!

Welcome back to another ther day on the blog! Yesterday we talked about the reboot of The Curve Maintenance series. It was the health and fitness series that I started last year for the blog, but it unfortunately didn’t go the way I planned. This year I am back with a better mindset and plan for Curve Maintenance, and I am so excited for you all to see what I have in store! If you want to check out yesterday’s blogpsost which pretty much explains the story behind why it fell off then click here! In that video I mentioned that I would come back and talk about my journey so far, and what I have been doing in regards to my diet since we left off in episode 3. That is what we will be doing in today’s blogpost! Today you will learn all about my weight loss journey from the very beginning, and what I have been doing in the last couple of months to maintain my curves! I was nervous making this video because I talk about my journey since I was little girl, but I’m happy I could share my story with you ladies! So check out the video, and meet me for more details below!

Did you enjoy the video! I hope that it was inspiring and motivation! What’s you weight loss story or journey? Comment below and share if your comfortable. You never know how your story will motivate others! I discussed in this video that I am currently using the Center For Medical Weight Loss or CMWL so far in my weight loss. You can click here to find a center near you, and find out more information about the program on the site. I was going to list the center that I currently go to, but I went to my CMWL meeting yesterday, and my doctor told me he is retiring! I am sooo upset about that! So now I have to figure out if I want to continue on CMWL, or go about doing things on my own again.  I will give you an update on that later on that!

So darling divas revamp your lifestyle changes! Try a new food, a new workout, or call in some outside help if need be! Whatever you do be comfortable in what you do, and do it for you! Make goals and make a plan and get it done!

That’s all for The Curve Maintenance videos for this month! I will be back next month with two new videos in this series, and I’m excited for them already! If you have any ideas on what you want to see on The Curve Maintenance series then send an email over to with Curve Maintenance in the subject line! Follow me on social media! I am always post my healthy meals and healthy tips on my IG, and I just started doing little mini cooking videos on Snapchat! (BrieLikeMe) So feel free to stay connected with me and the blog! I will see you ladies next week with two brand new blogpost so stay tuned! So until next week love you lots like tator tots, and have a fabulous weekend!

Curve Maintenance Episode #4: The Reboot

Hello All My Darling Divas!

Welcome back to another week on the blog! Today’s post is going to be about The Curve Maintenance series! I started up this series last year with hopes that it would be really inspiring and motivating. Well unfortunately it didn’t go the way I planned, BUT that doesn’t mean that were going to give up! So this year around I am going to do the curve maintenance series the way that I wanted! So in the video I am explaining to you what went wrong with the Curve Maintenance series last year, and what changes will be made to make it stick this year! So enjoy this video, and meet me below for more details!

Did you enjoy the video? I hope that this introduction to the reboot of this series was inspiring, and made you excited for the series! I have alot of great things in store for this series, and I cant wait to share them with you all! Be sure to check back here tomorrow because I’m going to be giving you pretty much an update my journey, my weight loss story, and what consist of my diet at the moment! If you have any ideas on what you want to see in the Curve Maintenance series, then send me an email to and put Curve Maintenance in the subject line. I would love to hear any suggestions from you all! Also be sure to follow me on social media! All of my links are provided above. I would love to be connected with you all! Be sure to come back here tomorrow for another blog post! So I love you lots like tator tots, and I will see you ladies tomorrow!

Curve Maintenance Episode 3: Mini Cooking Videos


Hello All My Darling Divas!
On my Facebook Fan Page a couple of weeks ago I posted a mini cooking video on how I made this amazing agave glazed salmon. Well I decided to make 3 other mini cooking videos, and I honestly have been having so much fun creating them! I have been very familliar in my kitchen since switching over to being healthy. I love trying out new recipies, and making my favorite not so healthy meals healthy. Today I’m going to show you how I make 4 of my fave recipices. You have an Egg White Frittta that you can try for Breakfast,turkey meatball cups that would be perfect for lunch, agave glazed dinner that is perfect for an evening meal, and of course you can wash any of thease meals down with some fruit fusion water! All of these recipes are really easy and really yummy!
 Im not able to make full out cooking videos yet since my schedule is a bit crazy right now. So until I can really full out do cooking tutorials, I figured mini ones would do the trick! I love to cook, so I am happy that I can finally show you what I can do! So enjoy the mini video and meet me below for more details!

Did you enjoy the video? Which recipe could you see yourself trying? Now If you want to check out the agave glazed salmon video click here. I will still leave step by step instructions for this recipe below. So lets get to the deets and pictures!

 Ingredients list
1 pound of lean ground turkey meat
1/2 cup of Salsa of Choice
1/2 of Bread Crumbs of Choice
2 Eggs
1. Pre-Heat Oven to 400
 2. Place Turkey Meat, Salsa, bread crumbs, and two eggs in bowl.
 3. Mix well with spoon or hands
 4. Grease a cupcake/muffin pan with olive oil coking spray or any oil of choice
5. Spoon meat mixture into cupcake/muffin tin, and press down so that it fills the whole cup.
6. Bake for 25 mins
Any fruit of your choice. Just make sure its NOT bananas! 
1. Find a glass for jar with a top
2. Fill bottom of glass/jar with fruit of choice
3.Mash fruit at the bottom of glass/jar with the back of a wooden spoon
4. Fill glass/jar with ice
5.Fill glass/jar with water
6. Secure on top and refrigerate for 2-3 hours
Anything you want to put in it is fine
If using veggies satuee first and if using meat cook first
Leftovers work best with this recipie so im using turkey meat and brown rice
5-8 Egg Whites

1. Pre-Heat oven to 350
2. Add ingredients to pan and stir together to heat up and mix together
3. Add Egg whites to pan
4. Tilt pan so that egg white completly covers all the ingredients
5. Sprinkle cheese on top
6. Place in oven and bake for 5-8 mins or until egg isnt runny
7. Slice like a pizza and serve

Again Click here for the video for this recipe 
Salmon Filet
Spicy Brown Mustard
Low Sodium Soy Sauce
1. Pre-Heat oven to 400
2. In a small bowl mix agave, spicy brown mustard, and low sodium soy sauce
(I used about 1tbs of each)
3. Place thawed out Salmon filet on a foil lined pan
4. Spoon glaze over salmon
5. Bake for 8-10 mins
So ladi
es I hope you have enjoyed these four mini cooking videos! I will be sure to to be back up here with lots more! Let me know if you try any, or which ones you want to try. Feel free to follow me on my social media. They are all linked above. Until later this week love ya lots like tator tots, and see you later!