Pop of Color

Hello all my Darling Divas!
Ok so this weather is really starting to grind my gears. Its getting harder and harder to want to have the desire to dress cute, but hey its my job right? I decided that I wanted to add some color to my outfit, but not too much. Please excuse the crappy pics. I have to depend on my camera when im flicking it up between classes.

Outfit Deets 
Scarf-Ashley Stewart
The tutorial to my hairstyle today can be found here

These pink pants from Forever21 are always a bit tricky to style, so I always go for black or white to pair with them. In this case, I decided to pair it with both using this lovely Aztec printed cardigan from Umgee Plus.   The blue scarf adds another pop of color just because I feel that you can never have too much color. 
I cant wait till this weather breaks! I am in desperate need of sandals and crop tops! Ok ladies that is all! I hope you are staying warm in this crazy weather that we have been having. Be sure to check out last week’s post here. It was a great collab I did with my big sis Kenza. Feel free to follow me on all my social network sites. They are listed above. Until next time, love ya lots like tator tots!

Collab OOTD

Hello All My Darling Divas!

It has been such terrible weather over here on the east coast! First snow and now rain. I swear its hard to get cute in this weather. All of my outfits for the past couple of weeks were pretty basic and casual, but today I am posting my causal look for a special reason. This particular OOTD is a collab with my loving sweetheart big sister Kenza.      She reached out to me and asked me to do a collab with her and of course I said yes! So the plan was for her to create a makeup look (she is an aspiring makeup artist check out her site Here ) and I will create a fashion look based on that makeup look( yall already know what I do.) I will leave a link below so that you can take a look at the fabulous look created by Kenza that inspired my OOTD today. Her eye-makeup showcases a beautiful green color, so I thought hey why not go with that.

                                    the makeup look that Kenza created you can check out the tutorial here 

And here is my interpretation of it in as an outfit

 Since I have nothing to do today but run errands and go to work, today’s outfit was casual and comfortable. All this snow also doesn’t help. I want to wear a skirt!

Outfit Deets
Button down shirt- Ny&Co
Shoes-Nine West 
Go check out the makeup look that goes hand in hand with this outfit!  The link is right here just in case you missed it above .Show my big sissy Kenza some love! Shoutout to her for thinking of this great collab idea and hope all of you ladies love it. Its time for me to go traveling in this leftover snow! Feel free to follow me on all my social networking sites, my links are above.  Until next time ladies, love you lots like tator tots, and see you next week!!

Casual Friday

Hello All My Darling Divas! 
As stated I would try to post my OOTD’s on here more this year, so here is my first OOTD of the year! Its a pretty laid back Friday for me so I decided to dress really comfortably today. 

I got this amazing oversize Cardigan from Umgee Plus( Have exciting news regarding that company coming next week!) Its perfect for this lazy day that I am about to have. The Jeans are from Forever21, and boots from Deb Shops.

I will probably live in this cardigan this semester at school. Its the perfect thing to throw on for those days where I just wanna get up and get the day started. Its draped perfectly and even has a hood! I love hooded things I know im not the only one.

So that’s all ladies! Hope you enjoyed this very laid back OOTD. Feel free to follow me on all my social networking sites! They are all linked on the top of my site. Enjoy this very adorable photo with my very special guest coco. Until next time, Love ya lots like tator tots!

The Fabulous Outifts of NoMinusPlus:2013 Version

Hello All of my Darling Divas! Here we are on the last day of 2013! Can you believe it? Cause I know I cant!. Now alot of my fave fashion bloggers put up an outfit recap of their top fave outfits they wore for the year. I decided to choose my top 12 to represent the 12 months of the year. Its always great to look back and see how fabulous you are! Now alot of these outfit post you may or may not recognize due to the fact that for the majority of this year I posted outfits only on my stoical media. It wasn’t until recently when  I decided to put my OOTD post back on my blog. So here are my faves! The deets on where I got everything will be above each pic since there arent blog post for them. So please join me as we go in back in time for the Fabulous Outifts of NoMinusPlus:2013 Version.

Shoes-Nine West
Shoes-Ashley Stewart
Shoes-Nine West
Shorts-I made
Shoes-Nine West
Shoes-Ashely Stewart
Top-I made
Necklace-Fashion to Figure
Skirt-Cotton On
Shoes-Ashley Stewart
Blazer- Thrifted
Bandeau- Fashion to Figure 
Pants-Fashion to Figure
Shoes-Ashley Stewart

Top- Fashion to Figure
Pants-Made myself
Shoes-Nine West
Top( which is actually a dress)- Target
Shoes-Nine West 
Top-Fashion to Figure
Shorts-Made Myself
Clutch- Thrifted
Shoes-Ashley Stewart

Happy New Year and thanks for all your support ladies!!!  Feel free to follow me on all my social networking sites linked above and also check out all my NYE looks below if you need a lil inspiration on for your NYE look tonight! Until we meet again in 2014, love ya lots like tator tots! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

NYE Lookbook

Hello All of Darling Divas! I’m coming to you AGAIN this week with the last of my NYE installment. I first gave you a hair tutorial, then a makeup tutorial, and whats the perfect thing to pair with that? An outfit! So today I have for you a NYE lookbook for you to have some ideas on what to wear for this fab holiday! Let us begin! There is no video for this one so be prepared to do a little reading!

Dress- Fashion to Figure
Shoes-Nine West

This is a more sophisticated approach on a NYE outfit. If your going to be around family, or a fancy shindig, this elegant look is perfect for you! The skater dress will give you a comfortable way to fatter your shape. Add the perfect accessories and your NYE will be perfect! 
Jacket-Wet Seal
Dress-Deb Shops
Shoes-Nine West 
This look is perfect for the diva who is like me! Glitter! This dress just screams NYE! Don’t be afraid to swear sequins, colorful ones at that. Be bold! After all it is the last day of 2013.
Top-Fashion to Figure
Leggings- Forever21
Shoes-Ashley Stewart
Going for something that has a good mix of elegance and boldness? This look is perfect for you! The white peplum top gives you a touch of grace while those studded leggings with faux leather paneling will show that you came to play! Pair with a comfortable pair of booties and your ready to dance till the break of dawn!


Top-Made Myself
Shoes-Nine West 
Now this is the wildcard look. If your going for something sexy but hate wearing heels *raises hand* pull out those handy dandy wedge sneakers and be comfortable and chic as you watch that clock strike to midnight! 
Well thats it ladies!   You have a hairstyle, a makeup look, and some outfit inspiration for New Years Eve! Transform this look however you see possible! The New Years hairstyle and makeup links will be posted below and my social networking sites are above. Remember to show me your NYE looks using the hashtag #NoMinusNYE so that I can see all your fabulous looks! I hope your new years will be fabulous and fun! Until next time, love ya lots like tator tots! 

Black Friday and Cyber Monday goodies!

Happy Holidays my Divas!
I hope that all of you are having fun preparing for the Christmas and excited about new years because I am! Can you believe that Christmas is already next week? I swear time flies. But anywho, I know that Black Friday and Cyber Monday was weeks ago BUTTT since I do all of my shopping online and refuse to pay for shipping, I had to patient and wait for all of my items to come. I finally got all of my things in the mail so now its time to show ya what I got! There was supposed to be a video attached to this blog post. But Im having problems ONCE again with uploading soooo join me below for  more details on what I got.  oh and BTW I did an OOTD post but didn’t post it up here. I’m wearing a shirt from my haul so here is the outfit and the deets on it! And then meet me under the video!

Top-Zelie for she
Boots-Deb shops
Bag- gifted

ThMakeup Info ( Click on the title of each item to take you to the website)

I purchased the Medium and Dark Palette which are pictured in the middle and last. These palettes are awesome sauce!!! Im still experimenting with the correctors but I can tell you that so far they have been working out well for me. Once I get it down pact of course you will all be the first to know about it! The concealer is great for medium coverage for all of your blemishes. Def recommend you to try it 

I purchased all three Brow Trio’s and I must say they are all the bomb diggity. My is always changing colors which is why I decided to say what the heck and got all three. All of the palettes have a cream based brow shadow on the far left followed by two powder based brow shadow after. The tiny applicator brush is perfect for filling in any spots you missed. Also a great buy 
Clothing Info( Some of the items are no longer available, so some will have links, others wont) 
Tall Flat Riding Boot – Deb Shops
I LOVE THEASE BOOTS! I will say however that they are a little snug but I know that once I break them in they will be fine. They are the perfect cowboy inspired boot. I purchased these in a size 11. 
Tall Black Studded Combat Boots( No Longer Available)- Deb Shops
Im so bummed that this wasn’t available for you ladies 😦  This I also purchased in a size 11 and they are the perfect tall combat boot. Its rhinestone detailing gives it a punk rock chic flare that I love so much. 
This skater skirt is the bomb.com! It has a silk texture to it and has great stretch. I purchased mine in a 1x. 
No Fuss Skinny Jeans-Forever21 ( No Longer Available) 
I purchased thease
in a size 16 and they are so comfy and cute! I love forever21 jeans because they are super comfortable. I practically live in all of my forever21 jeans. I’m crossing my fingers for more this christmas
Rock Out Bolt Studded Leggings-Forever21( No Longer Available) 
Now these babies right here are EVERYTHING! I purchased them in a 2x and they are a bit snug on me, but still roomie. The detailing on the sides are what really make this legging stand out! I cant wait to style these for you ladies
 I have been secretly obsessing over this dress for weeks now and im proud to say that I finally got it! I purchased this in a 2x and  it is a little tight around the bust so all my big boobied divas beware of that and go for the next size up. Other than that this piece is super cute and very versatile for each season. I can see myself wearing it this winter into spring and then summer. 
Parental Advisory Tee -ZelieForShe.com
I AM SUPER EXCITED ABOUT THIS PURCHASE! I also have been obsessing over this. And when it was 25% off on cyber monday I just couldnt resist! It is super cute and I love it! It fits up to a 3x so It only comes in one size! I have already styled this shirt as you can see above. It is already my favorite shirt! 
Thats all Ladies! I hope you enjoy and I hope that you liked what I got! Feel free to share with me what you got for Black Friday and Cyber Monday! Follow me if you want on all my social networking sites. Until next time, love ya lots like tator tots! 
Instagram and twitter are both @BrieLikeMe

On Wednesday’s We Wear Black

Hello My Darling Diva’s

Soo I haven’t posted an OOTD picture up on my blog in a while! Back in the beginning of the year I sated that I would be doing my outfit posts on my social media. While that works out just fine, I want to get back into posting on my blog as well! After all this is also a Fashion Blog so lets get back to the basics! If you don’t follow me on any of my social media and have missed out on what I’ve been wearing this whole year don’t worry I will leave my stalker links below and you can search through my pics and see what I’ve been wearing. Enough of the Chat Lets get to the pics!

On Wednesdays We Wear Black

I dont know about you guys but I am OBBSESSED with American Horror Story Coven! It my fave show ever! It comes on Wednesdays nights, so what better day to wear an inspired AHS outfit than on Wednesday!

To match the look I’m going for, I decided to take pics by the most creepiest part of my backyard; my abandoned shed. Ok Ok so maybe I was little bit too dramatic with this look today, but I was in character so the setting had to match.

                                                                Lace Top-Forever21

Grey Shirt- Fashion2Figure
Skirt- Deb Shops
Boots-Deb Shops
My social media links below! Lets hope I can keep this OOTD blog post up! Until next time ladies love ya lots like tator tots!
Instagram and Twitter- @BrieLikeMe