Dia and Co (February) Styling and Try-On!

Hello All My Darling Divas!

Welcome back to the blog. If you logged in yesterday then you already know that this week is all about Dia & Co. I finally received my February box, and I was really pleased with what I got. If you want to check out yesterdays blogpost then click here. That post gives you a full rundown of what’s in this box, and I even provided links to some of the items that I received . Today I am taking those pieces and I am trying them on and styling them! I will also share with you what I am keeping, and what I am sending back, So enough of the intro, lets get into the video!

Did you enjoy the video? I really hope so. I REALLY was pleased and impressed with my box this month! I can tell that the slight adjustments that I made to my style profile was noticed and taken into consideration. This box was more of my style, and I was really happy about that! Lets get into the styling!

Modamix – Mermaid Sequin Tank – $89.00

Size: 1X
Keeping?: Yes  
 Since I want this top to be the center of attention I would pair all black with this top. I would do a black skinny pant, black blazer, and black shoes. I would go for the flats when I want to dress it down, and wear the heels for when I am going for a night out. 

Fashion to Figure – Ruched Sweater Dress – $46.90

Size: 1
Keeping?: Yes  
This dress just SCREAMS Kim Kardashian to me! It fits me in all the right places, and I feel so sexy in the dress even though I am covered up. The only thing I would pair with this would be some black thigh high boots, and a pair of tights. I cant wait to rock this piece


Zenobia – Button Down Blouse with Pocket – $40.00

This shirt is so simple and basic that you could pretty much pair it with anything and have a great outfit! I paired it with a skater skirt and a chain belt for some flair. I would wear an outfit like that to work since I’m required to wear all black. On a casual day I would just rock this shirt with a pair of skinny’s. And of course I have to have my pop of cheetah in the flats which I would wear with both outfits. 

Fashion to Figure – Plaid Sweater – $36.90

Size: 1 
Keeping?: No

 If I was keeping this top I would pair it with either black leggings or blue jeans. If I am feeling really fancy then I would even do a red pair of pants because I think a pop of red would bring some color to this black and white sweater. I would pair it with just combat boots since this top is so laid back,


I totally forgot to get footage of the Olivia necklace that I received, but I’m sending it back anyway so its no need to style it. 
So ladies I am keeping my hands on 3 items from this month’s box! I just couldn’t choose one, so I kept all three! I am so pleased with this months box, and I already cant wait to see what I get next month. Grab your own Dia and co box today! Click here to visit the website, and here to order with my referral code. I am not being sponsored or asked to do these videos from Dia&Co. I truly just believe that every curvy girl needs to know about this company! 
I hope you enjoyed this styling and try on video for my February Dia & Co box! Which one of the pieces was your fave? I would have to say my favorite is the sequin top. I can see myself rocking that piece all spring and summer! What would you keep and send back? Leave me your thoughts in the comment section below! Are you following me on social media? They are all linked above and my snapchat is Brielikeme. I would love to be connected with you all! That’s it for the blogpsot for this week ladies. Be sure to meet me back here next week with two brand spanking new blogpost. I hope you all have enjoyed this week, and I missed you all so much! I’m so glad to be back on track! So until next time ladies, I love you lots like tator tots and have fabulous rest of the week and weekend.


Dia & Co February Unboxing

Hello my Darling Divas!

Welcome back to another week on the blog! I’m sorry that I have been so M.I.A. These past couple weeks have been so hectic and crazy, but I have finally got myself together and we are getting back to business. Today I am doing another Dia & Co unboxing, and you guys I am so excited! Dia & Co is a plus size styling monthly subscription box. You fill out a survey on your online profile, and then a stylist will put together a box for you and ship it to your house. If you you want more info about Dia & Co, then click here to visit the website. If you want to see how it works and more of an explanation for it from me then click here for my January Dia & Co Unboxing, and click here for my styling video for that box. Both videos are filled with alot of information! So enough of the info, lets get back to the video.

Did you enjoy the video? I hope so! I was so impressed with the improvement of the pieces in this box. I’m really glad that I went back and improved my style survey and sizes because this box this month was right on the money! Here is a full rundown on what’s in the box. If  I can find any of the links to the items, I will be sure to link them down below.

Modamix – Mermaid Sequin Tank – $89.00

Image result for Modamix - Mermaid Sequin Tank

This top is sold out online! But you can find the Modamix brand at Lord and Taylor! Click here to check it out.

Fashion to Figure – Ruched Sweater Dress – $46.90

 Image result for Fashion to Figure Rayna  Ruched Sweater Dress in grey

The link for this dress is right here! It comes in different colors and it’s on sale 

Zenobia – Button Down Blouse with Pocket – $40.00

Image result for Tallulah Tie Neck Top

I couldn’t find the exact shirt that I got online, but I found this top on Fashion to Figure that was similar! Click here to check it out

Fashion to Figure – Plaid Sweater – $36.90

 Image result for Fashion to Figure Plaid Sweater

 Click here to check out this sweater! It is also on sale and comes in red. 

Olivia Necklace – $35.00

I wasn’t able to find this necklace online or something similar.  


That was the full rundown of all the items. I am so glad that I was able to find the links for you ladies this time around, and most of them were on sale. I really loved all the items from my Dia & Co box this month. I am already excited for what I’m going to get next month! Feel free to check out tomorrows blogpost to see what items I am keeping, how everything looks, and how I would style each piece! What do you think about my pieces this month? Which ones would you keep or send back? Leave them down in the comments below. 
I am really loving Dia & Co you guys! I am not being sponsored to any of these videos, so I am doing all this because I really believe in this company! If you want to get your hands on your own Dia & Co box then click here to check it out! I have my own referral code which is here! I really think that Dia& Co is a wonderful company, and every plus size girl should try it out! I am being introduced to so many new brands and styles of clothing, and I love it! So that’s enough for my rambling for today. Are you following me on social media? I would love to be connected with you all! My social media links are linked above, and my snapchat is BrieLikeMe. Be sure to check back here tomorrow for my styling and try on video! So until tomorrow  I love you lots like tator tots, and I will see you soon!