Get Ready With Me!

Happy Wednesday Darling Divas! I hope you are ready for a fun filled week here on NoMinusPlus! Today we are going to be switching it up a little bit. I am doing a Get Ready With Me video! I haven’t done one in such a long time, but I had a lot of fun with it! I  was getting ready for a family BBQ, so grab your makeup and outfit and get ready for me! 

I hope you enjoyed this cute little get ready with me! Interested in the products in this video? Check out the list below. If I was able to find a link to the exact product you can click the title to go to the website!

(Products listed in the order that they were used) 
NYX Pinup Mascara
My Outfit of the Day! 
 Shades, Shoes, and Shorts- Rainbow
Crop Top- Forever21
Chambray Top-Walmart

So, ladies, I hope you have enjoyed today’s Get Ready With Me! If you like them let me know! Tomorrow is NoMinusPlus first ever Facebook Live at 8 PM? Click here to RSVP, so I know that u are coming! I hope that I will see you there! While you’re on the Facebook Page be sure to give it a like and also feel free to follow my other social media platforms. They have linked above! I love you lots like tater tots, and I will see you lovely ladies on Friday!

1 Set 10 Ways

Hello All My Darling Divas!
Welcome back! Hopefully you enjoyed Wednesday’s blogpost. We did a little bit of cooking, and it was a nice lil switch up here on the blog. You can click here to check that blogpsot out. Today I’m going to be showing you how to take one set and wear it 10 ways. I always love when you and get alot of wear out of your clothing. Every piece in my closet has been worn to DEATH! And that’s how clothes should be! You should be able to switch your clothing up and match it with other pieces in your closet to create a brand new masterpieces! I got really creative and transformed my polka dot set from Fashion to Figure into 10 different outfits! Talk about getting bang for your buck! So check out the video and meet me below for pics and details.

Did you enjoy the video? I had so much fun figuring out different ways to wear this set! I was amazed at what I came up with! Now lets get into the details and pics!

The Set
I got this black and white polka dot set at Fashion to Figure. It was on sale!  I couldn’t find it online, so be sure to check your local FTF to see if they have it in store! Click here to find a FTF in your area! Here is a picture of how I styled this set when I first got it.

Way #1 As a Set 
The first way to wear is of course as a set. The set was designed to worn together, and I actually loveeee wearing it as a set! I feel like a pin-up girl! The top is from DebShops (R.I.P.) and the shoes are from Ashley Stewart.

Way #2 As a High Waisted Skirt
You can ditch the jacket and just wear the skirt high waisted. You can pair it with pretty much any color top since the bottom is black and white. The top is from DebShops (R.I.P.) and the shoes are from Ashley Stewart
 Way #3 As a Mini- Skirt
I folded the skirt over twice at the top and made it into a mini skater skirt! The large belt covers where I folded it at the top, so that it could make the look all come together. The top is from Torrid, the belt was gifted, and the shoes are from Ashley Stewart
Way #4 Wear it as a cropped jacket
You can ditch the skirt and just wear it as a jacket! This jacket pairs perfectly with any color because like the skirt its black white. This blue dress is also from Fashion to Figure, and the shoes are from Ashley Stewart.
Way #5 Wear it as a tied top
You can tie the ends of the jacket together and tuck the ends inside the jacket to created a tied top. The dress is from Fashion to Figure as well, and the shoes are from Ashley Stewart.

Way #6 Wear it as a crop top
If you didn’t know by now I am a SUCKER for a crop top! To achieve this look I just have on a strapless bra under the jacket. I then tied the ends of the top together and tucked the ends under my bra. The skirt is also from Fashion to Figure, and the shoes are from Lane Bryant. 

Way #7 Wear as a peplum top
You can use the skirt as a top and add a thick belt to the waist to create a peplum top! Since the skirt is a skater skirt once you pair it with a belt it becomes flared at the bottom like a peplum top! Super Creative! The belt and pants are from Forever21, and the shoes are from Lane Bryant.

Way #8 Wear as a peplum top with jacket.
You can throw the jacket on and wear this peplum combo for a super retro look! I definitely felt like a pin up girl in this outfit! The belt and pants are from Forever21, and the shoes are from Lane Bryant.
Way #9 Wear as a bandau top
You can wear the skirt as a top again and place another skater skirt under your boobs to create a bandau top! Super cute look since the weather is getting warmer. The skirt is from Forever21 and the shoes are from Torrid. 
Way #10 Wear as a bandau with jacket
 You can simply pair the bandau top with the jacket to create yet another retro pin up look. I posted this as preview to this blogpost the other day on my social media. Who knew that this look would be followed by 9 other looks! The Skirt is from Forever21 and the shoes are from Torrid.
Well ladies I hope you have enjoyed this blogpost! If the descriptions on how to achieve each look confuse you let me know! My social media is posted above, so feel free to ask me any questions or leave a comment below and I will be sure to answer it! That’s it for next week divas! Meet me right here next week for two new videos! So until then love ya lots like tator tots, and see you then!

Christmas Haul 2014

Hello All My Darling Divas!!
I know I know! Christmas was sooo last year! (Literally!) But I finally had the chance to sit my butt down and record my Christmas Haul. I got alot of fabulous things, so I had to make sure I shared my goodies with you all. If I can find the exact links to any of the items spoken in this video I will be sure to link those below for you all just in case you’re interested in buying what you see. I will also provide a list of the stores that I got the items from so that you can maybe find some fabulous things of your own! So enjoy the video (bear with me its 15 mins long!) and meet me below for more details!

Did you enjoy the video? Hopefully it wasn’t too long! Now if you would like that velvet lookbook let me know! I will probably end up recording it anyway since my love for velvet is so real! (lol) So now let’s get to the details

Items from Target

                                                   Black and White Envelop Clutch

                                                        Floral Printed Skater Dress

                                                         Floral Printed Body Suit

                                                                   Grey Blazer

                                                   Tribal Printed Grey Cardigan

                                                            Sonia Kashuk Brush Set

Items from Forever21

                                                        Velveteen Skater Skirt in Navy

                                                   Items from Fashion2Figure

                                                              Aztec Printed Cardigan

                                           Items From Ulta

                                                                 Ulta Lip Glossary

Items From Kiko Cosmetics

    I couldn’t find what I got exactly online, but click here to visit the Kiko Cosmetics website!        They have alot of great stuff!

Everything else mentioned in the video I couldn’t find exactly online! Sorry you guys! But I gave as much info about everything as I could, so I hope it helped!

Ladies that is all! Sorry for the longggg video! If you didn’t watch it all the way through I understand! (lol) If you did thanks for watching till the end! Feel free to follow me on any of my social media, they are linked above! So until next time, love you lots like tator tots!

NoMinusPlus Guide To Black Friday

Happy Black Friday Darling Divas!!!!

I hope that you all are having a safe and wonderful Black Friday! I decided to put together this little guide of the different Black Friday Sales that are going on In-Store and Online today. I personally do my Black Friday shopping online, but the in store deals may also work for some of you ladies. Now I know I am posting this in the afternoon, and the deals have been going since midnight, but it’s still very early in the day to get your hands on some great stuff!  This Blog Post is going to be JAMMED PACKED! So lets get started!

Click here to go to the FTF Website 
In-Store Deals: 25% off Everything 50% Off Clearance
Online Deals: 25% Off EverythingFree Shipping Till Midnight Using the Code FREESHIP
Click here to go to the Torrid Website
In-Store Deals: 40% Off Everything
Online Deals:40% Off Everything Using Code B$2014 All Clearance 50% Using BF2014
Free Shipping with $25 Purchase
Click here to go to the Forever21 Website
In-Store Deals: 30% Off Sale Items
Online Deals: 30% Off Sale Items Free Shipping NO MINIMUM
Click here to go to the Ashely Stewart Website
In-Store Deals: 40% off Everything
Online Deals: 40% off  Everything Free Shipping on $50 and up
Click here to go to the Lane Bryant Website
In-Store Deals: 50% Off Everything
Online Deals:50% Off Everything Using Code 3HOLIDAYLB
Click here to go to the Asos Website
Online Deals:30% Off Everything Using Code TGIBF
 Click here to go to the NYX Website
Online Deals:Free Shipping on all orders 25% and up
Click here to go to the BH Cosmetics Website
Online Deals:Up to 75% off all items
Click here to go to the E.L.F. Website
Online Deals:Buy one get one 50% Off
Free Shipping on all orders $35 and up including a after discount

So happy shopping ladies!!! I will be back with another guide tomorrow for Small Business Saturday! Don’t miss out on some great deals! Until next time, love ya lots like tator tots, and see you soon!

Lust: Sexy Date Night Lookbook

Hello all my Darling Divas!
Welcome today 5 of the Seven Deadly Sin Series happening for the whole month of October! I hope you all have been enjoying it so far!

Today is all about lust. I think this time the sneak peak was pretty obvious. How many guessed right and knew it was Lust today. Remember to follow me on all my social networking sites( liked above) so that you can guess which deadly sin video is coming next. There are only TWO MORE!!!
For lust I will be doing a Sexy Date Night Lookbook. You dont have to wait till valentines day to go out on a sexy date with your boo thang. Feel free to use this lookbook as inspriation for your next hot date. So enjoy the video and meet me below for more details and pics. 
Did you ladies enjoy? Here are more pics and details for each outfit. 
Outfit 1
Shoes-Nine West
Outfit 2
Shoes-Nine West 

Outfit 3 
Dress- Target 
Shoes- Ashely Stewart
Top- Fashion to Figure
Skirt- Wet Seal
Shoes- Payless
Ladies that is all! I hope that you all have enjoyed the lookbook! We are narrowing down to our last two deadly sin videos. Can you believe October is already gone??? Check back here Wednesday at 5 for the 6th deadly sin video! The sneak peek for that will drop tomorrow on all my social media. So until next time ladies, love ya lots like tator tots and see you Wednesday!


Hello All my Darling Divas!
This outfit post is actually from the other day, but I got lazy so I decided to post it today. I swear I gotta do better lol. Anywho, I’m here today with another OOTD post and I am soo excited that the weather is finally getting warm. It means more outfit post, and less clothes!

I kind of just randomly threw this look together and I’m so glad at the way it turned out! I need to just throw things together more often. My hair is still defined from my hair tutorial that I posted earlier this week. Click here to check it out

This pic right here is just to show you the shoes in wearing since the dress covers them in the rest of the pics. I decided to go casual. 

  I pretty much wear Mac’s Heroine with anything weather it matches or not. I also thought this would be the perfect day to debut my cheetah necklace that I love so much. I was susposed to post a haul video today along with this post, but I hated the footage, so this will just have to to.

Top(Which is a dress)- Forever21
Necklace and earrings-Rainbow
Lipstick- Mac’s Heroine

Well ladies I hope you enjoyed! What did you all wear today? Share it with my on any of my social networking sites. They are all listed above. Until next time ladies, love ya lots like tator tots, and see you next week!

The Fabulous Outifts of NoMinusPlus:2013 Version

Hello All of my Darling Divas! Here we are on the last day of 2013! Can you believe it? Cause I know I cant!. Now alot of my fave fashion bloggers put up an outfit recap of their top fave outfits they wore for the year. I decided to choose my top 12 to represent the 12 months of the year. Its always great to look back and see how fabulous you are! Now alot of these outfit post you may or may not recognize due to the fact that for the majority of this year I posted outfits only on my stoical media. It wasn’t until recently when  I decided to put my OOTD post back on my blog. So here are my faves! The deets on where I got everything will be above each pic since there arent blog post for them. So please join me as we go in back in time for the Fabulous Outifts of NoMinusPlus:2013 Version.

Shoes-Nine West
Shoes-Ashley Stewart
Shoes-Nine West
Shorts-I made
Shoes-Nine West
Shoes-Ashely Stewart
Top-I made
Necklace-Fashion to Figure
Skirt-Cotton On
Shoes-Ashley Stewart
Blazer- Thrifted
Bandeau- Fashion to Figure 
Pants-Fashion to Figure
Shoes-Ashley Stewart

Top- Fashion to Figure
Pants-Made myself
Shoes-Nine West
Top( which is actually a dress)- Target
Shoes-Nine West 
Top-Fashion to Figure
Shorts-Made Myself
Clutch- Thrifted
Shoes-Ashley Stewart

Happy New Year and thanks for all your support ladies!!!  Feel free to follow me on all my social networking sites linked above and also check out all my NYE looks below if you need a lil inspiration on for your NYE look tonight! Until we meet again in 2014, love ya lots like tator tots! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

On Wednesday’s We Wear Black

Hello My Darling Diva’s

Soo I haven’t posted an OOTD picture up on my blog in a while! Back in the beginning of the year I sated that I would be doing my outfit posts on my social media. While that works out just fine, I want to get back into posting on my blog as well! After all this is also a Fashion Blog so lets get back to the basics! If you don’t follow me on any of my social media and have missed out on what I’ve been wearing this whole year don’t worry I will leave my stalker links below and you can search through my pics and see what I’ve been wearing. Enough of the Chat Lets get to the pics!

On Wednesdays We Wear Black

I dont know about you guys but I am OBBSESSED with American Horror Story Coven! It my fave show ever! It comes on Wednesdays nights, so what better day to wear an inspired AHS outfit than on Wednesday!

To match the look I’m going for, I decided to take pics by the most creepiest part of my backyard; my abandoned shed. Ok Ok so maybe I was little bit too dramatic with this look today, but I was in character so the setting had to match.

                                                                Lace Top-Forever21

Grey Shirt- Fashion2Figure
Skirt- Deb Shops
Boots-Deb Shops
My social media links below! Lets hope I can keep this OOTD blog post up! Until next time ladies love ya lots like tator tots!
Instagram and Twitter- @BrieLikeMe