Brand Spotlight: Terra&Sky

Hello all my Darling Diva’s!

Welcome to another week here on NoMinusPlus. As you can see the blog got a brand new look! Feel free to take a look around, get familiar with the site, and sign up for the new mailing list to keep updated on the blog! Today we are going to be doing another brand spotlight, and this time around its on the Walmart Brand Terra&Sky. The video will fill you in on the rest, so enjoy and lets meet below once your done watching!

I hope you all enjoyed! I overall was really impressed by the Terra&Sky brand, and can see myself purchasing again. If your going to try this brand out for yourself be sure to try it on, if you can, and follow the sizing chart. This line has a GENEROUS FIT, and your usual size might be different.

Look 1

Top: Lorenza James by Designer Elle Dove

Use Code: NOMINUS at checkout to save some coin!

Jacket: Just Fab (Click here for a similar jacket)

Shoes: Just Fab ( Click here for a similar pair)

Terra&Sky Piece :

Full Length Super Soft Jegging

Look 2

Blazer: Lane Bryant ( Click here for Similar)

Top: Ashley Stewart ( Click here for Similar)

Flats: Torrid ( Click here for Similar)

Terra&Sky Piece:

Woven Skinny Pant

Look 3

Shoes: Ashley Stewart ( Click here for Similar)

Terra &Sky Pieces :

Mixed Media Cut Out Tunic

Jegging Capri

Look 4

Mesh Dress: Hot Topic ( Click here for Similar:

Sneakers: Nike ( Click Here for Similar)

Terra & Sky Pieces:

Women’s Crenewneck ( On the site its listed under a different brand, but I still think it’s the same exact piece

The jeggings in this look are the same as the camo printed ones, they are just in a different color.

Well darling divas that wraps up another blogpost here on NoMinusPlus! I hope you all have enjoyed, and love the new website. Want to stay connected to the blog? Be sure to follow on social media by clicking the links below, sign up for the mailing list here, and follow the blog to get notified every-time their is a new post! ( The follow button is on the right if you’re reading this on a desktop, and the follow button is all the way at the bottom of this post if your reading this on your mobile device.)I love you lots like tater tots, and I will see you all in the next one!

4 Looks, 1 Piece| Joggers

Happy Friday Darling Divas,
Last week I did a poll on Instagram asking if the next 4 Looks, 1 Piece video should be about boyfriend jeans or Joggers, and guess which one won? Today I am coming at you with a short and sweet styling video showing you how I style joggers with four different types of shoes. Let’s hop right in!

I hope you all have enjoyed! Do you have a look you want me to style for the next 4 Looks, 1 Piece video? Comment it down below, and I will try my hand at it. The joggers featured in today’s video are from Lane Bryant. If they look familiar, it’s because they are from my recent haul!

Look 1 With Boots  
Top: Ashley Stewart
Boots: JustFab
This fabulous look was inspired by the colors of Spring! What really brings in the look are the cheetah print boots. They have to be one of my favorite pairs of shoes in my collection! 
 Look 2
Cape: Fashion to Figure
Top: Burlington Coat Factory
Shoes: Aldo
This fabulous look is excellent for a night out with friends or a brunch date with your loved ones! I always love any excuse to pull out my cape, and I think it really elevates this look! 

Look 3 
Jacket: Jackie Car Coat from Dia&Co
Top: Target
Shoes: Torrid
Move over Newies, Brie-ies is in town! This fabulous men’s inspired look is perfect for work. It has the perfect blend of neutrals and will keep you comfy while you’re on the clock.  
Look 4 
Jacket: Torrid
Top: N/A
Shoes: Nike
Comfort is always key, and this look is definitely a new weekend favorite for me! It’s a great athleisure look, and is perfect for running errands or lounging in style! 
Well, darling divas, I hope you all have enjoyed today’s short and sweet video! Which look was your fave? Comment it down below! Be sure to follow me on social media to stay connected with me and the blog. The links are all above. I love you lots like tater tots, and I will see you all next week!

Dress Like A Style Icon: Episode 1 Denim

Happy Wednesday Darling Divas!
Are you ready for another fabulous series on NoMinusPlus? Today I am introducing the Dress Like a Style Icon series that is inspired by the True Self Style tag I did last week. Pretty much what I will be doing is recreating some of my favorite looks from the people who inspire my style! This was such a fun video to make, and I hope you all enjoy it! So sit back, relax, and get ready to dress like a style icon!

Did you enjoy? I hope so! This video was so fun to make, and I challenge you all to dress like your favorite style icon. It was really a lot of fun, and I am glad that I got to pay my respects to some of my favorite ladies. Let’s check out the breakdown!

 Look 1: A recreated look from Gabi Gregg
Check out Gabi on Instagram and her Blog
My outfit Details
Top: Forever21
Jeans: Fashion to Figure
Shoes: Nike
Did I Nail or Fail this look?

 Look 2: A recreated look from Chante
 Check out Chante on Instagram and her blog
My Outfit Details
Top: Walmart
Pants: Lane Bryant
Shoes: Torrid 
Did I nail or fail this look?

Look 3: A recreated look from Chastity
 Check out Chastity on Instagram and her blog
My Outfit Details
Hat: Torrid
Jacket: Lane Bryant
Top: Target
Jeans: LaneBryant
Flats: Torrid
Did I nail or fail this look?

Look 4: A recreated look from Denise Bidot
Check out Denise on Instagram
 My Outfit Details
Jacket: Just Fab
Bralette: Torrid
Jeans: Ashley Stewart
Shoes: Just Fab 
Did I Nail or Fail this look?
So ladies and gents that wraps up the first video in the Dress Like a Style Icon Series!  I hope you all have enjoyed, and I am looking forward to making more if you would like them! Are you following me on social media? Do so today by clicking the links all above. I love you lots like tater tots, and I will see you all on Friday! 

The Power of Color: Complementary

Hello, All My Darling Divas!

We have finally reached the last lookbook of The Power of Color series, and I am actually very sad to see it go. I had such a fantastic time showing you all my color combos, and I hope that you all were as inspired as I was. The last Color combo we are going to talk about is complementary colors which are honestly the first color combo I learned about back in college. It’s a great way to end off the series, and I hope you will love it just as much as the first three lookbook which you can click here, here, and here to check out! Let’s jump in!


                                       Colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel

In my world no look is complete unless you have a little cheetah in it! This beautiful pair of animal print booties from Just Fab pairs perfectly with this orange and blue combo! This look is so simple, but packs a colorful punch that I think any Diva will enjoy! 
Look 1
Color Combo ( Orange and Blue)
Sweater: Target
Orange Dress: Fashion to Figure
Booties: JustFab

I was definitly chanelling my inner Belle from Beaty and the Beast with this look! ( lol)  I just wanted something really extra and of course something that showcased the color combo! This skirt should look familiar because it’s my favorite one from Eloquii! They really have some of the best A-line skirts, and come in so many different colors! Brielle and the Beast came out to play today hunny! 

 Look 2 
Color Combo( Red and Green) 
Top: A Dress from Dia&Co
Skirt: Eloquii via Dia&Co

I got this vibrant yellow blazer this past weekend at a thrift store, and I was SO EXCITED that I was able to use it in the last lookbook. It goes so well with these super hot heels from Ashley Stewart, and im not gonna lie I felt so fierce! It’s something about jeans and heels that make me feel
 like a vixen. Is that just me? 

Look 3
Color Combo ( Yellow and Purple)
Top: Rainbow Shops
Blazer: Thrifted
Jeans: Celebrity Pink Via Dia&Co
Shoes: Ashley Stewart  

So that wraps up the last lookbook in The Power of Color series! I had such a blast having this color party with you all, and I hope you all loved it as much as I enjoyed creating it. We have one more color commentary coming up on Friday, and then we are all wrapped up and done with the series! Be sure to follow me on social media because I have also been having a color party on my IG! You can check it out by clicking the links above! I love you lots like tater tots, and I will see you on Friday! 

Styling My Recent Haul

Happy Friday Darling Divas!
Do you remember last Friday’s Video?( If not feel free to Click Here to Refresh) I showed you a fabulous haul, and I mentioned in that video that I would be styling those pieces at another time. Well ladies and gents, the time has arrived! Today on the blog I am styling the pieces from my recent haul! I had a lot of fun creating random looks, so I think I may start styling the pieces that I haul! So enough of the chit-chat let’s get into the video!

Did you enjoy? I hope so! I love how random and fun this video was! I am already looking forward to my next haul so that I get to do this again! I really do love Fashion, so anytime that I get to create outfits is a good time in my book! Let’s get into the breakdown of the outfits!

Preppy With A Pop
Jacket and Skirt-Target
Top- A scarf tied around my Bra
I don’t consider my style to be preppy at all, but there is something about this skirt that I just love so much! I am a sucker for stripes, so I know that sold me. But the bird print? I am in love with it! I can’t wait to rock this with a crisp white button up, and tie-up flats! 
Oversize my Florals
Jacket- Fashion to Figure ( Via Dia&Co)
Pants- Target
 As soon as I laid eyes on this pair of pants, was in love! They are definitly too big for me, but I could care less! That’s what I love about Fashion. That you can pretty much rock any piece no matter what! If it’s too big, or too small I always love getting creative and finding a Fashion Hack to still rock it! 
90’s Vibes
Bra and Short Set- Rue21
Jacket- DebShops
Jeans- Burlington Coat Factory 
I am a proud 90’s baby, so I was inspired by that tomboy look of that time! Think of Aaliyah’s wardrobe! Usually the pants are alot baggier, but I like the fact that my pants are fitted. I shows a pop of sexy without revealing too much. 
Peplum Princess
Top- Walmart
Skirt and Belt- Fashion to Figure
If it’s a Peplum, it has to go in my closet. I swear I am addicted to anything that has a Peplum detail! Its just such a fun style! When I locked eyes on this skirt I just knew it had to come home with me! I love that I can make this skirt casaul with the chambray blouse. All I have to do is add sneakers and a crossbody bag and I have a look that is great for a date night or brunch! 
So ladies that’s it for today’s video. I hope you enjoyed it just as much as I enjoyed creating it! This concludes this week’s blogpost, but dont worry! I will be right back here next week with 2 brand spanking new videos! I am currently still on Vacay, and will be attending Miami Curves Week tomorrow, so be sure to follow me on social media to check out the event! I have dropped so many OOTD’s of the pieces in this video, so if you want to see how I actually styled them for Vacay, check out my links above! I love you lots like tater tots, thank you for all your support, and I will see you all next week! 

How 2 Rock Stripes

Happy Friday Darling Divas!!
This week we are back to back on the blog! Yesterday we talked all about Summer looks, and today we are going to talk about stripes! I feel like stripes are a much-needed piece in any wardrobe. I know sometimes Plus Size women are told to avoid stripes, but that is just a bunch of Bull*Sh*t! If you love it, then wear it and make sure you slay while doing it! So today I am going to give you 4 quick tips on how to rock stripes for the season! Let’s begin!

I hope you loved this short and sweet video! I always love when I get to do little video’s like this because it gets straight to the point! If you want any more styling tip videos like this, just let me know in the comments! 
Stripes that you need in your Closet!
Plus Size Cara Striped Jumpsuit 
Plus Size Open-Shoulder Shirt 

Striped Short Sleeve Crop Top from Eloquii

A Quick recap of the tips shown in the video
 Since we are working with some pretty basic colors accessories, or a funky shoe to also add a pop of color! 
 Mixing prints are god’s gift to fashion! It’s a great way to express yourself, and you would be surprised what prints you can rock with stripes. From polka dots, to Sunflowers get a little crazy and make a statement this season!
 Adding texture to any look is going to give the outfit structure and dimension. And if you are glam girl like me you have plenty of sequins and fur laying around, so rock it with some stripes! 
 Yup you read that right. You should pair your stripes with…MORE STRIPES! I love any type of 2 piece, monochromatic look, so this is a match made in heaven for me! Haven’t tried stripes on stripes? Give it shot! I promise you wont look like an inmate.
So ladies go through that closet and pick up those stripes this season! Feel free to use this guide to pair it with so
mething new! That concludes the blog post for this week, but you know we will be right back here next Wed and Fri, so be sure to come right back next week! Are you following me on social media? Keep up with the blog by clicking on the links above! I love you lots like tater tots, and I will see you next week!

Summer Soiree Lookbook

Happy Thursday Darling Divas!!
I know I am up here on the wrong day, but yesterday I was having so many problems with my internet that it was impossible for me to post, so I am up here today instead! Summer is right around the corner, and I know you many have a lot of events to go to. From Barbeques to Concerts this lookbook shows you different looks for various summer events! So enjoy this fun video and meet me below for more details!

I hope that you all have enjoyed this lookbook! This season is filled with a lot of exciting invites, so hopefully, this blog post has given you some ideas on what to wear to all of them!
Look 1 BBQ Babe
Vest & Dress: Forever21
Sandals: Payless 
Backpack: JustFab
This look is perfect for any Backyard BBQ/Cookout! It’s super comfortable and keeps your hands free so you can grab a burger in one hand, and hold a drink in another! 
Look 2 White Hot
Top and Jumpsuit- Fashion to Figure
Belt: Lane Bryant
Clutch: Custom Made 
Shoes:  Payless
Summertime is filled with All White Parties, so I created this look that will be edgy and perfect for your event! The color comes all from the accessories and the lip, and complements the look perfectly!  I am going to my first one this summer, and I am so stoked! 
Look 3 Guest of the Bride 
Dress and Clutch: Dia&Co
Shoes: Torrid
This fun and flirty look is perfect for a Summertime wedding! If you have an invite to a bunch of nuptials this summer, I think this look will be perfect! Especially if you’re a single gal looking to catch the bouquet at the reception!
Look 4 Concert Chic
Kimono- Melissa Mccarthy ( Via Dia&Co)
Crop Top- Forever21
Shorts- Junarose ( Via Dia&Co)
Shoes- Ross 
Do you have a favorite artist that’s touring this Summer? Or maybe a super cute festival? Rock this boho chic look! It’s flowy, perfect to dance in, and the shoes will keep you comfortable all day long! 

I hope this look will inspire your outfits for all your Summer events this season! If you recreate any of the looks be sure to post them on social media and tag me in them! You can find all my social media links at the top of the page! The NominusPlus Party doesn’t stop right here. Be sure to come back here tomorrow for your second blog post of the week! I love you lots like tater tots, and I will see you all next week!

Dia& Co September Unboxing

Hello All My Darling Divas,
Welcome back to another week here on the blog! I am posting a little late this week, but better late than never right?? This week is all about Dia&Co, and I am starting off with my Dia & Co September unboxing! I am excited that Fall is coming, so I was thrilled that a box was coming to prepare me for the new upcoming season. BTW click here to check out the 4 Looks, 1 Piece video, and vote in the poll which piece you want me to style next!  Enough of the chit-chat, let’s get into the video!

Did you enjoy??  I hope so! If this was your box what would keep or send back?? Find out what I decided to keep or send back, and also what the pieces look like tried on by checking out tomorrow’s Try on and styling video!! Listed below is a quick rundown of the items in this box!

Taylor – Alicia Dress – $98.00

Junarose – Greta Straight Leg Jeans – $79.00

 JRQUEEN JEANS, Decadent Chocolate, large 

Modamix – Kenna Tunic – $79.00


Under One Sky – Lucille Crossbody Bag – $36.00

Swak – Navaeh Tank – $29.99

Image result for SWAK Nevaeh tank


 Ladies that’s all for today’s video! Be sure to come right back here tomorrow for the styling and try on video for this month’s Dia box! Are you following me on social media yet?? Because you should be! Click on the links above to stay connected with me and the blog! So until we meet again, I love you lots like tater tots and I will see you ladies tomorrow!

Dia&Co (June) Styling and Try-On Video

Hello All My Darling Divas!

Welcome back to another day here on the blog! Today as promised I am bringing you my Dia&Co Styling and Try-On Video for June! If you didn’t get a chance to check out my unboxing then click here. In today’s video I am going to style the pieces that I received in June’s box. I also will tell what I’m keeping, and sending back. So lets get into the video!

Did you enjoy the video! I hope so. You can check out the unboxing for this box by clicking here. It has the links to where you can buy the clothes online. Lets get into the styling!

                                   Chetta B. – Tinsley Dress – $98.00


Keeping? No

You can never really go wrong with a skater dress! I love the fit and color of this dress. I automatically thought to pair this with a pattern or another pop of color. If you not as bold you can simply pair it with some black accessories and pumps. For this styling I decided to pair it with some yellow. The belt is going to bring my waist in, and yellow and pink are honestly a pretty pairing. 


Lysse- Nela Tunic Top $54.00

Size: XL

Keeping?: No


This top I couldn’t fit, but I decided to style it anyway. This a very casual top that I would just pair with a simple pair of jeans and sandals. A perfect summer casual outfit.

                                      Tua – Jessie Top – $42.00


Keeping- No

 This simple top can easily be a summer staple. The stripes scream summertime. For this styling I decided to pair it with white shorts and stripped espadrilles for a monochromatic look. I also paired it with some polka dot shorts and red espadrilles for some color and flare. 

Fashion to Figure – Marina Jersey Maxi Skirt – $32.90

Size- 2x


 This skirt is a basic summer staple. I can be paired with a simple croptop and sandals for a casual summertime look. I paired it here with a couple different croptops and some comfortable sandals. It’s all about keeping cool and being comfortable. 


Madison Leigh – Claire Dress – $65.00

Size- 16


 This dress I just had to keep! Its the perfect fit and I love the mixed pattern. I actually going to wear this dress for an event, so I decided to pair it with some colors that I actually want to wear with it. I decided to match it with some accessories from colors that are found in the dress. 

Well ladies that’s it for today’s video. I hope it was informative, and I hope it helped. Get yourself a Dia&Co box. You can signup by clicking here. I swear you wont regret it! Be sure to come back here next week for two brand new blogpost! I’m switching up somethings for the month of July, so get ready! Be sure to follow me on all my social media. They are all linked above. Thank you ladies again for watching! I love you lots like tator tots and I will see you next week!



Dia&Co (January) Styling and Try On!

Hello All My Darling Divas,

Welcome back to another day on the blog! This week is all about Dia & Co! Yesterday we talked all about my first Dia & Co unboxing! You can check that blogpost here. Today’s blogpost will be all about trying on those fabulous items, and how I would style them! You also find out if I decided to keep anything this month, or if I’m sending it all back! So lets get into the video!

Did you enjoy? I really hope so. I am so excited for these unboxings, and I already can’t wait until next month! So lets get into the rundown of each item and see what’s staying and going.

Taylor V-Neck Long Sleeve Dress in Blue
Size:18 Wide
Keeping?: No 
Here is a simple collage of how I would style this dress. Strappy heels and bold jewelry is the best for this dress! I think gold and black will make this dress look perfect, but feel free to experiment with different colors and prints! This dress you can definitely have fun with! 
Modamix Feather Vest in Gray
Size: 2X
Keeping?: No

 You can do so much with a vest like this! You can dress it up, or dress it down! I would def dress this down with a simple basic tee and jeans, and some over the knee boots for a pop of sexy! I would let this bold piece stand out on its own and keep everything I style with it simple!
Modamix Faux Leather Yoke Dress in Black
Size: 2X
Keeping?: No
For this simple LBD( Little black Dress) I would see myself wearing this to work. I would pair it with a blazer and some really cute pumps. You can either pair it up with a single colored blazer, or show some personality with a printed one. This would def work in the workplace! 
Sapphire Necklace in Gold & Blue and Gold Accent Clutch
 Keeping?: No

Thease pieces and add a pop to any outfit. The clutch can be used as a perfect accesory for a night out on the town, and the saphire necklace can add some fab to a simple t-shirt!

I unfortunately wasn’t able to find any of the items online! I would say if anything copy and paste it into google, or use it to find a similar pieces at a different stores!

So ladies that’s it for the Dia & Co styling and try on! I hope you have enjoyed it because I know I did! Be sure to check out Dia & Co! You can click here to visit the website! If your interested in buying your very own box then click here for my referral code! When you sign up you can get your very own referral code to share with your friends!

Be sure to follow me on all my social media! They are all linked above! You can also follow me on Snapchat (BrieLikeMe) for my daily shenanigans. I would love to be connected with you all! That’s it for this week on the blog! Be sure to come back next week for your next 2 blogpost! It’s my bday week and I am sooo excited! So until then I love you lots like tator tots, and I will see you next week!