November Fashion Faves


Happy Hump Day Darling Divas!

Welcome back to another week here on NoMinusPlus! I am here today showing you a few of my favorite things for November! Since I am a fashionista, I am always obsessing over something fashion related, so I thought why not start doing fashion faves? I have done a faves video a year or two ago, but I am thinking about doing them monthly now! Let me know what you think in the comments after you watch the video. So enough chit-chat, let’s look at my faves!

I hope you guys loved the video! I had a lot of fun gathering my favorites, so be sure to let me know if you want more! I was able to find all of the pieces online still, so check out the links below if you’re interested in purchasing! 
Currently sold out in Plus sizes, but Hot Topic has a bunch of other Plus Size Sailor Moon Goodies on the site!
 Leopard Print Active Wear Set 

 Want this cute pink purse in your next Dia box? 
Leave a note to your stylist telling her that you want the Chari Bag in Pink!
So ladies and gents that concludes today’s blog post! I hope you loved taking a peek at my current fashion faves! Be sure to follow me on social media to keep up with what’s going on with the blog. All the links are above. This is the last post for November, and we will be kicking off the holidays in style with the next blog post on Friday, so you don’t want to miss it! I love you lots like tater tots, and I will see you all on Friday!

What’s In Your Bag?

Happy Friday Darling Divas!

I hope you all are getting ready for your fabulous weekend! In today’s blog post we ae going to talk all about bags! Purses, handbags, whatever you may call it, you need some in your wardrobe! When building your perfect wardrobe, accessories are just as important as clothing. Bags are great for holding all your items in a stylish way! So enough of the small talk, let’s get into the video!

Did you enjoy the video? I hope so!  Remember that there are collages for each bag category on Pinterest! Click here to check it out! What bag was your favorite? Comment it down below! Let’s get into the breakdown. 
Everyday Bag
This is going to be the bag that you carry with you every day! It’s super casual, comes in a neutral color to match with any outfit, and carries your life! I prefer satchel bags as my everyday bag because they are very fashionable, and is just big enough to carry all my personal belongings!
Image result for everyday bags

List of Everyday Bag Suggestions
Crossbody Bags
Crossbody bags are great for when you are on the go, or if you are traveling! This is a great choice
for keeping all your items close to you so that it doesn’t get stolen! I have so many of these bags because I take a lot of Ubers and public transportation. I want to keep all of my items secure, and this is the best way to do it!
 Image result for crossbody bag 
List of crossbody bag suggestions
Overnight Bag
A bag like this is great for when you are just going someplace for the night or weekend. It’s lightweight, easy to carry, and will hold just enough stuff for a couple of days. It also can double as a carry on back for vacation! 
List of suggested overnight bags
A clutch or evening bag is just the right addition to your formal wear! They can be solid, printed, or blinged out! This is supposed to small so that it doesn’t take attention from your beautiful outfit! It doesn’t hold a lot of items, so you just need the essentials! 
Image result for glitter clutch
List o
f suggested clutches 
Ladies, I hope you have enjoyed this post all about bags! Let me know in the comment section what you think! Are you following me on social media?? You should be! They are all linked above! This blog post wraps up this week’s blogpost, check right back here on Monday for two brand new ones!  I love you lots like tater tots, and I will see you next week! 

My Fashion Must Have’s

Hello, All My Darling Diva’s!

Welcome back to the blog! I am here today giving you my second blogpost for the week! See I told you guys I would be on time with the post this week! Today we are talking about my fashion must have’s! Do you have some pieces in your closet that you just can’t live without? No matter what happens you always have to replace it? Well, today were are going to talk about those must have pieces for me! Your fashion must have’s helps describe your personal style, so hopefully you guys get some insight on what my style is all about through my must have’s. So let’s get to the video!

Did you guys enjoy the video? I hope so! As I said in the video what you wear describes your personality and my personality definitely shows by what I wear. What is your personal style and your fashion must haves? Leave them below in the comments and share! Let’s get into all the info and pics for my must haves.

#1. Comfortable Shoes
Comfort is definitely a big part of my style. If  I am not comfortable, then I am not happy. My shoes not only have to fly, but they have to be comfortable. Lately, I have been rocking a lot of sneakers and right now my fave pair are from JustFab. They are shown in this OOTD pic that is posted below. They are sooo comfortable and it feels like I’m walking on air! If you have a bigger shoe size like me (11) and need some tips on buying shoes, then click here to check out my shoe buying guide. 

#2 A Pair of Good Fitting Denim
I cant stress enough how important jeans are to me! I pretty much cant live without my jeans! They are very comfortable, and I honestly feel like my curves are to die for when I am rocking a pair of jeans. The best pair of jeans that I own are from Torrid, and I highly recommend that everyone else goes there and get a pair! They fit true to size, and are a dream when you slip them on! If you’re having a bit of trouble with finding the perfect pair of jeans, then click here to check out my denim buying guide. 
#3 Crop Top 
I would never have thought in a million years that a crop top would be a must have for me! I honestly fall more in love with myself and my body every day, and now I can’t live without a good crop top! I feel so empowered, and bold when I wear it and I love that feeling! A couple of years ago I did a post on how to rock a crop top. You can check that out here  if you need a little confidence boost with rocking a crop top.
#4 Light Jackets
A light jacket is a must have for a person like me who is always cold! I often need a jacket to keep me warm, but a good jacket also brings together a look sometimes for me. Whenever I feel like my outfit is incomplete I add a jacket and it always works! I define a light jacket as a jean jacket, motorcycle jacket, Letterman jacket, and sometimes cardigans and blazers. You can click here for my Blazer Galore post which discuss my obsession with blazers. 
#5 Thick Belt 
Belts for me are a saving grace when it comes to some of my outfits. They pull my shape in and make my curves look even better than before.  I also like to use belts for layering outfits and bring a touch of something to my look. You can click here for a Layering Lesson.
 #6 Good Foundation
Nothing in life is great without a good foundation, That also applies for fashion. If your bra and shapewear isn’t on point, then your outfit can be an epic fail. A good fitting bra and shapewear are honestly my best friend especially when I am wearing something tight and close to my body. You can click here to check out my post all about shapewear. 
#7 Skater Everything
Skater Skirts/Dresses are BAE for me! They flatter my shape, and they are so versatile! I have so many skater dresses and skirts in my life that it’s crazy! I feel like anybody can pull off a skater dress/skirt and I love that. 
#8 Animal Print Galore
Cheetah Print is honestly my life. I am obsessed with it, and I pretty much have everything in my room decked out in cheetah print. Anybody who knows me knows that my love for cheetah is sickening! But I don’t care, I love animal print! I could wear it all day for the rest of my life if I could! 
#9 Scarf
I can’t stress enough how scarves are a must for me. I use them mostly for my turbans. I love a good turban especially on a day where I am in a rush or if there is terrible weather happening.  You can click here to check out my video on how to do many different turban styles.
#10 Wildcard
And last but certainly not least we have my wildcard item. A wildcard item is something that you bring out when it’s time for you to be the center of attention. I have many wildcard items, but my favorite has to be my look from my birthday. I mixed all my favorite fashion elements in one piece, and I loved my look. You can click here to check out my GRWM bday edition! 
So, ladies, that’s it for today’s blogpost! I hope it was filled with lots of info, and I hope you all enjoyed! That wraps up this week’s blog post. If you missed it you can click here to check it out. It was all about my new big hairdo! Are you following me on social media yet? You should so that you stay up to date with the blog. You can click on the links above to follow me on social media, and my snapchat is BrieLikeMe. Be sure to meet me back here for two brand new blog post! So until then I love you lots like tator tots, and see you next week!