Quick Change for 2013

Hello Darling Diva’s!

I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas!! Just a quick change about the blog  that I wanted to share with everyone real quick. I’m going to be switching over to just text and picture post and making video’s only for tutorials. I figure if I do it that way then I can keep the blog up to date and not go missing for a long time.  Between school and work, it’s hard to sit down and actually make a video, so I figure by doing mostly text post, we can keep things moving up here. So I’m going to continue to do the Healthy Hair Tips for the Healthy Hair  Growth Challenge in post’s just like this one, and whenever I do a tutorial, then that will be a video. I don’t wanna loose anyone, and want to make sure that I stay relevant  so I figure that doing it this way will be better. If you have any comments or anything on this quick little change, hit me up on one of my stalker links below, and I will be sure to get back to ya! Love ya lot’s like tator tots ladies! And stay tuned because tomorrow I will be releasing 3 healthy hair tips to make up for lost time!

Healthy Hair Tip #2 Your Personal Product Arsenal

Hello All My Darling Divas!!!!
Ok so I decided to make the second  healthy hair tip a non-video post because I just couldn’t find the time to make a video and I didnt want to put it off any longer than I already did! So this is gonna be an information packed post because this tip, like all the tips in this challenge, is an important one! So enough of the chit-chat, lets begin!

So Healthy Hair #2 is called  Your Personal Product Arsenal and this will be your weapons in the battle of hair growth, your enemies  dryness, lack of moisture, and harsh weather conditions. Using all of these products will ensure that your hair will stay protected and damage free during harsh winter winds, rainy spring afternoons, dry brittle summers, and frigid fall evenings. I will introduce your Arsenal, and then in the next couple of tips, I will break down the importance of each unit, and recommend some good products to use.

 Wash Unit 
The job of this part of your Arsenal is to cleanse and restore your hair. You want to make sure that you are using the popular rinse, lather, and repeat method because shampoo can over cleanse the scalp and hair, so the conditioner is used to restore natural oils back to your hair. CAUTION: Once a month only!!!!  Now of course your more than welcome to shampoo and condition your hair more times a month, but once is fine because shampoo can over clarify your hair, and you want to rid your scalp and hair of dirt, not the good stuff. 
Condition Unit
The job of this part of your arsenal is to further condition your hair right after and long after you have washed your hair. Your hair should always be properly conditioned if you want to grow healthy hair and retain length. This Unit consist of your Deep Conditioner and Leave- in Conditioner. Both will help your hair stay conditioned long after you have washed it. Co-washing every week will defeat any damage that you get from weather conditions.  (especially in the flip-flop weather were having this winter! ) And applying a leave-in conditioner after you wash your deep conditioner out, will retain moisture and softness during how ever way you decided to dry and style you hair. 
Moisture Unit 
This is honestly is probably the most important unit in your arsenal! Moisture hair is happy hair, and without moisture you hair will be in serious trouble! You want to make sure that you have two major moisturizers in your moisture unit; A water-based moisturizer to penetrate the hair and provide it with moisture and then a oil-based moisturizer to seal the moisture from the water-based moisturizer. We will discuss more about that in the moisture healthy hair tip which I will release later. This unit also handles any daily products that you used to style you hair each day. 

Ok ladies so I have introduced your 3 main units in your product arsenal  The next 3 healthy hair tips will go into further detail of the importance of these hair products in growing your healthy hair. Its now December, so my end of the month pictures for November will be below. Make sure to check out the 1st healthy hair tip and the challenge into video if you wanna refresh your memory! Thanks for watching ladies!!! 
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Winter Worthy OOTD

Hello Darling Divas!
It’s starting to get a bit cold outside and I’m so excited! That means layering up, hot chocolate, and snuggling with the ones you love. I thought this outfit was very Winter Worthy, hence the title, so let us begin with our outfit of the day

Ok so lets start with the top, I got this oversized blue sweater from Fashion 2 Figure. I’ve had it for 2 years and it’s my first time wearing it! Just goes to show you that you can find some fabulous things in the back of your closet. I decided to layer today since it’s so cold out. So I added my burgundy cardigan from Target for color, and my Black fur vest from Forever 21 for warmth. I brought in my shape by adding a black belt from Fashion 2 Figure. 

The bottom’s are quite simple as usual. Since the oversized sweater is a tunic, I decided to pair it with my black leggings from Rainbow, and my brown boots from Lane Bryant. 
And that’s it! This simple Winter Worthy look is perfect for Fall/Winter and I feel extremely cute in it! More pics below and as usual, Thanks for watching! XOXOXO

Happy 2nd Birthday

Hello All My Darling Divas!!!!

It’s that wonderful time of year again! That’s right, It’s Nothing Minus About A Plus Second Birthday! So please join me in saying Happy Birthday!!!! The official bday of Nothing Minus About a Plus is November 10th, this past Saturday, but I was in NY at a meeting all day, so I couldn’t get home and post. So I’m 2 days late but hey, it cant go unnoticed!  Let me first start off by saying thank you all for the love and support that I receive for this blog. Alot has changed for the better in two years, and its all because of all of you. I never thought in a million years that I would even make it past a day and would you look at that, it’s already two years! I am just filled with soo much joy!!! I also wanna take the time out to thank all the other fabulous beauty bloggers on the internet  It is because of all you fabulous mamas, that I even was inspired to create one of my own in the first place. I hope that Nothing Minus About a Plus continues to inspire and teach all its viewers. I hope that you all learn things that you never knew before, and develop the inner diva that secretly lives inside all of you. All of you ladies and gents are beautiful on the inside and out and you all inspire me as well. Each and every one of you have inspired me to work harder and make this blog better and better each day. I will stop at nothing to see Nothing Minus About A Plus reach the top, and I will be glad to say it was because of all of you. Ok ok now I’m starting to tear up  so I’m going to cut this short before my keyboard gets all wet lol.  Thank you ladies and gents for all your support, and I hope you will continue to take this Journey with me. 2 years down and many many many years to go! Happy Birthday Nothing Minus About A Plus. You have officially changed my life forever!

Click Here for the first blog post, and Happy Birthday! 

Pop of Peacock

Hello All My Darling Divas!

So just because today is rainy, doesn’t mean that you cant be cute and trendy. This weather inspired me to look as fashionable as possible and ignore the grey clouds above me. I decided to pullout my handy-dandy Sonsi convertible cardgian that I wore in my last post. You will definitly see me wearing this cardigan in a whole bunch of creative ways this fall.  If you have no clue what im talking about, click on this link —> Last weeks OOTD. Ok so enough of the intro, lets get to the outfit.

The Top Half 

Ok so I told you guys that this Sonsi Cardigan is the bomb.com! Today I decided to wear it it as an open cardigan so that I can expose the highlight of my outfit which is this peacock printed shirt! I got this from the deep-dark parts of the clearance rack at Burlington coat factory. Its a bit big on me, so i decided to bring in my shape with this thick rhinestone belt that I got from Forever21. Please excuse my belt being all twisted. I had no clue it was all messed up until AFTER I took the pics 😦 .

The Bottom Half
Thease jeans have got to be the greatest pair of skinny jeans that I own! Sad part is that since they were a gift, I cant tell you where to get a pair of your own. Since  I was rocking my brown oxfords from Simply Be, I decided to cuff the ends for a preppy feel to my jeans. And also to keep them from the big rain puddles on campus. 
Whole Pic Pictures
Alright everyone, It time for me to tackle this research paper. ( wish me luck) See you lovely ladies next week. 

Ready 4 Fall OOTD

Hello Darling Divas!

Fall is here and I’m am super excited! Its the time to break out the layers and show your true style. Today’s outfit was so fun! I decided to breakout and revamp my tutu dress again. The first time I did it was the goth balerina OOTD check that post out here. I wanted this look to be a bit more covered up since its now a bit chilly out and Im ALREADY getting sick! Can you believe that? But anyways. On to the outfit.

Hair and Makeup 
My makeup and hair are basic as they always are!( lol) My hair is my updo with a black headband in the back . I was going for an Audrey Hepburn look. If you wanna learn how I did this hairstyle I show you Here. And if you wanna learn how I did my makeup its my Everyday makeup routine which can be found here

Accessories & Shoes 

 ok so the highlight of this outfit to me is my cardigan. Pictured on the far left, this mushroom colored cardigan is from Sonsi and its a convertible wrap cardigan. which means that it can be tied into so many ways and can transform into any look you want. Finally got to break it out since its colder, so I was very excited to make this versitle cardigan into a look of my own. The next middle picture is the belt. This simple black belt I got with an outfit from Fashion to Figure a couple of years ago. Its purpose to cinch in my waist and bring out my curves. My black leggings are from rainbow and my peter pan boots are from Avenue.

The Outfit
I felt like such a fashionista in this oufit. I was warm, flirty and just perfect for fall. Im telling you ladies, get used to seeing me in leggings, dress and boots, becaue that is the trend im going for this fall. 
Hope you ladies enjoyed the look, and until next time….xoxoxox

Cheetahlicious OOTD

Hello My Darling Divas 

I woke up yesterday and I was feeling darling, bold and fabulous. So what better way to express that feeling then with Cheetah Print? And as soon as I had that thought…This dress came to mind! I got this lovely, fantastic dress from Fashion To Figure. And since I’m a regular in that store, the stylist picked this dress and said your gonna love it. And let me tell you this woman knows how to do her job because I instantly fell in love as soon as I put it on. I wanted to look casual so I paired it with my sloutch blue hat. (and on top of that I was having a bad hair day)

To make my look have a more rocker edge, I paired it with my brown military style boots that I got from Lane Bryant, and a slightly cropped jacket from Wet Seal.

And there you have it ladies. My fab cheetalious outfit of the day. Sorry for the quality of full body pics this time. I had to use my webcam since my camera died 😦 Better pictures next time I promise!

Feeling Wicked OOTD

                                            Hello All My Darling Divas!

ok so on Saturday, me and my family went to NY to see the fantastic play Wicked! And if you haven’t seen it, Im telling you, YOU MUST GO! As you can see to your left, its a picture of a very excited about to be 18 year old. We went to see the play because it’s her favorite show and let me tell you guys…she was super excited! But I cant blame her because it was simply the best and I’m so happy that we went. Since we were going to the city, its only right that I look my best, but still be casual; So I figured a dress and boots was the best option. This look is a perfect blend of casual and comfy and I even got some compliments as I walked down the street. Yay me!

Ok so letsget into the outfit. My Makeup as usual is very basic. And I don’t have on much jewelry because the detailing on the top of my dress is already giving me some accessory flair. So I just threw on these basketball wives inspired earnings that I got from my local beauty supply store. Its beginning to be fall and im soooo excited! I got to finally pull out my boots! My boots are from Lane Bryant. Dress from target and cardigan from Walmart. Im telling you guys, being cheap and being chic goes hand in hand. 

And Of course here are more pics of the outfit 

Explanation Please

Hello All my Darling Diva’s out there!

So yea. I guess its only right that I explain myself ONCE AGAIN! But I swear this time its not my fault. Blame it on technology. Where Should I even begin with this story…You know the best place to begin is with the video. So take a look at that first and then meet back with me below the video.

Ok so are we back from watching the video??? are we all in attendance?? Did you take notes??? lol ok ok let me get to it. So first off I looked really orange in the video. Blame that on the lighting. And I know, I know; Im blaming everything on everything else but me, but hey its not my fault!Ok so the problems with the website domain started some time in July but I didn’t notice it until August, August 13th to be exact. It took me all day and all night to fix it, and when I thought I fixed it, I still didn’t. Can you believe that crap? So the site is goin under “Domain Name” Issues and were gonna leave it at that cause the story is realllllyyy boring. But on to the fun stuff.

I hate HATE HATE the new domain name its under right now. NothingMinusAboutAPlus.blogspot.com is just so long and its not doin it for me. So that’s where all of you darling divas come in. I need a lil help on thinking of a new domain name for nominusplus. So put those beautiful  brains together and help a sista out! It has to be a clever shortened way of Nothing Minus About A Plus, and who ever picks the best one wins a prize!!!!!!! easy right? So post your clever ideas to one of my social networking pages which I will post below

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Thanks for your help in advance and see ya next week ( HOPEFULLY!) with a new post

Pocahontas Realness

                                                 Hello All My Darling Divas!
Ok so I know I have alot of explaining to do! My site has been through soo much thease past 2 days and let me tell you I haven’t been more stressed in my life!!! A video will be up later this week explaining the hell I had to go through to post, but for now were back to square one *sigh* Nothingminusaboutaplus.blogspot.com. Its where I started and I feel like its a major set back. But as long as I have all of you and post with me, I’m good. But enough of that, lets get to the OOTD

So today’s Outfit was inspired by these brand new fringe moccasin booties. When I saw them I just hadddd to have them! They also come in blue so I gotta make sure I go back and get them. Can you believe I got these babies at Target??? You know you like them! You know you love them! Cause  I sure do

Ok so on to the outfit, I got so excited about my shoes that I had to post them first!. I’ve been wearing alot of cropped tops this summer, so when I was thinking of what top to pair with my shoes, this shirt automatically came to mind. This top is showed you guys in a haul a coupld of months ago, to check out that blog post click here —>( Blog Post!) Its from Mandees and just fit perfectly with my Pocahontas feel of my outfit. My Shorts are from Lane Bryant and I just absolutely love them! They hug my curves and are just so comfortable 

Alright ladies well thats it for now,  I will be back soon to explain what the heck is going on with the site, but make sure your follow all of the links for nothing minus about a plus so that you can stay posted!

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