CurvyCon 18 Vlog

Hey Darling Divas!

It’s another week on the blog, and this time around we are talking all about CurvyCon 2018!!! CurvyCon is an event that I look forward to every year, and this year was no different. There was a different venue, more shopping, workshops, and so many new things to do and see. So grab your popcorn and let’s see what CurvyCon2018 was like!

Did you enjoy? I hope so! Dia&Co was the sponsor again for the event, so as an employee of the company I was soo proud for another year! If you want to check out my swag bag haul and my Insta-story of Curvycon, then click here to go to my IG page and check out my highlights!  If you want to check out all my other CurvyCon videos, click here to watch the playlist.  Interested in seeing all the panels and the fashion shows? Click here and scroll down to see the Yahoo Style Livestream!

I didn’t do a lot of shopping at CurvyCon this year, but there were so many amazing vendors! I think I was just a bit overwhelmed by all the shopping options in once place, but next year I will be ready (lol) Here’s a list of all the vendors.

My CurvyCon Looks! 
This year I wanted to definitely make a statement, so when I saw this green wig in It’s My Raye Raye’s video I just knew it would be perfect for CurvyCon. It was bold, it was a conversation starter, and I just really felt like one of a kind!

The theme for the weekend was “Cosmo and Wanda you ain’t slick” I wanted all my looks to have some type of pink and green in it, and it was so fun being creative and coming up with some bold, yet comfortable, looks.

Day 1
The first day was the platinum party, so I wanted to be super cute but not overly dressy. This look was so New York Chic to me, and the heels kept me comfy and fabulous all night long

Dress: Ashley Stewart
Blazer: JCPenney
Shoes: Lane Bryant
Purse: Dia&Co

Day 2 

Workout Look

I wanted something that still was within my color scheme for the weekend, so when I saw this set from Ashley Stewart I just knew t was the one! 
  Bottoms, Jacket, Bra: Ashley Stewart
Bandana: Walmart
Sneaker: Nike

Glam Look
I just want to shout out my Aunt Tracy for letting me borrow this two-piece set from her closet.  It actually was the inspo for the whole color scheme, and I felt like such a fashionista in this look. I am a sucker for two-piece sets, and as soon as I got my hands on it, I just knew it would be perfect for CurvyCon. 

Jacket&Shorts: LaneBryant
Shoes: Ashley Stewart
Purse: Custom made by my best friend, Asha! Follow her on IG( Ashaetch) to get updates on when she will start selling them  

Day 3 
This day was more relaxed, so I wanted to be cute and comfortable.  This look was my kind of casual, and I was seriously so comfortable all day long!

Top: Ashley Stewart
Jacket: Ashley Stewart
Skirt: Eloquii ( Via Dia&Co)
Sneakers: Target 
Purse: Custom made my Ashby Vose! Check out her Etsy store for more of her fabulous bags! 

 Overall my curvycon experience this year was terrific! I had a great time meeting new friends, reconnecting with old friends, and I just enjoyed being at a fashion event just for gals like me during fashion week. The verdict is still out if I will attend next year since I am a CurvyCon OG, but I’m pretty sure I will still make it there in the end since I can’t ever stay away! After all, next year will be the 5th year of the event, so I can’t even imagine how big it will be! Did you go to CurvyCon this year? Leave a comment below and tell me your experience! 
So that wraps up another blog post here on NoMinusPlus! Be sure to follow me on all my social media especially my Instagram page. Its an extension of the blog and I am always doing fresh and fun content via my insta-stories! I love you lots like tater tots, and I will see you all next week with a new post!

Get Ready with me for CurvyCon!

Welcome Back!
This week is all over the place, but I hope you love the frequent uploading! Earlier today at 3PM I came to you with my CurvyCon Vlog for 2017. If you haven’t checked it out feel free to see it by clicking here. Right now at 5, I am coming right back at ya with the next CurvyCon17 video which is a Get Ready With Me CurvyCon Edition! So sit back, relax, and enjoy your second video of the day!

Did you enjoy getting ready with me? I hope you did! So sorry that I didn’t get footage of my outfit! I got so wrapped up in all TheCurvyCon fun that I forget to film it! But here are some pics I took of my look, and of course outfit details! 
Top: NoMinusPlus
Skirt: Fashion to Figure
 Shoes: JustFab
 Cat Headband: FiveBelow

Heis a list of the products used in the video! 
Wet n Wild Photo Focus Foundation, Concealer, and Powder
Wet n Wild Blush in Heather Silk
I hope you guys enjoyed getting ready with me for CurvyCon! It has been so fun going Get Ready With Me videos again, and I hope you all are loving them! Be sure to come right back here for the last video in the CurvyCon 17 series. It’s going to be a great one! Be sure to also keep updated with me on social media by clicking the links above. I am always updating you darling divas on what’s going on via Instagram, so be sure to follow me today! I love you lots like tater tots, and I will see you tomorrow!

CurvyCon Vlog 17!

That fabulous day of the year has finally arrived.. THE CURVY CON!! I really wait all year long for CurvyCon to come, and I am glad that the weekend finally came. The vlog is a pretty long one, so grab a snack, and come along with me on my Curvy Con 2017 journey!

I keep thinking that CurvyCon cant get any better, and ever year it honestly GET SO MUCH BETTER! Let’s first start off with the fact that CurvyCon is now durring New York Fashion Week. How amazing is that?? This plus size fashion event happened durring the biggest moment in fashion. I felt very excited to be apart of this momumental event. 
CurvyCon Day 1
September 8th,2017
CurvyCon started off with a workout sesson sponsered by Target, and led by fitness guru Massy. Arias. I unfortunatly didnt attend, but I heard it was a great time! I did a little workout on my own, and then questioned my milk status. ( lol) After that it was a Sip and Shop which I actually did attend, and it was amazing! So many beauitufl women, and what I liked was that it wasnt all the same vendors from last year. It was some that are always there like Fashion to Figure, and some new booth’s like Romans! 
( I took this cute pic at the Romans booth! I had such a blast with them!)

My Look for Day 1! 
 ( more info on my look will be featured in my Get Ready With Me video that is dropping at 5PM today!)
I did a little shopping and sipping, and after that it was time for THE FIRST EVER CURVY CON FASHION SHOW! What was even better about was the fact that it was a DIA & CO fashion show! I was defnitly a proud Dia&Co employee this whole weekend. The following pictures ARE NOT MINE. I grabbed them from this wonderful article written about this fashion show on Mic. Com. Click here to read it and check out more pics!

Both outfits you see are from the upcoming collection from Girl With Curves that is exclusivly being sold at Dia&Co starting on 9/18! If you want to get your hands on them join the waiting list by clicking here!

CurvyCon Day 2

 Day 2 was the main event. All the panels, shopping, and bloggers that you can imagine! I was really excited because I got to work the event this year! The Dia&Co booth was my home that day, and I was so proud to be apart of the Dia&Co family, and of the CurvyCon team! 
My home for the day! 

My look for Day 2! 
Top: Dia&Co staff tee
Skirt- Target

I had such a great time meeting new people and spreading the gospel of Dia&Co! As I mentioned before I am a stylist at Dia, and I was definitly proud to be apart of the Dia team at CurvyCon. Since Dia&co sponsered the event this years curvycon was much more special to me. I am glad I was able to help out at the booth!

A List of the vendors that were at CurvyCon this year!

Simply Be
Fashion to Figure
Rachel Roy
Molly and Isadora
Ashley Stewart
Gwynnie Bee
Curvy Kate
City Chic

And that about wraps up the CurvyCon17 vlog! I had alot of fun, and I am glad that I ran into some of you ladies! I hope that you all will continue watching the Curvycon vlogs, and consider attending if you havent already! This week is all about CurvyCon, so come back later today at 5PM, and Friday for two more Curvy Con 17 related videos! Are you following me on social media yet? You should be! Follow today by clicking on the links above! I love you lots like tater tots, and I will see you at 5!

CurvyCon SwagBag Haul!

Hello All My Darling Divas,

Welcome back to another day here on the blog! We have come to the end of my CurvyCon trifecta week, and I am excited to be ending it with my SwagBag haul! As a platinum ticket holder I got a pretty good amount of swag to show! I am entering a contest that CurvyCon is hosting if I show off my swag, so wish me luck! But I was going to show off my swag anyway! Its just too good to not show off! So enough of me talking, lets get to it!

Did you enjoy?? I hope so! There were sooo many vendors that contributed to this swagbag so im going to just list down as many as I can below and you can check them out if you want!

Style Watch
Fashion to Figure
Curvy Couture 
Asos Curve
God’s Favorite Surprises
A + Curves Swimwear
NYX Cosmetics
88 Handbags
Black Radiance
Cream of Nature
 There was so much swag!! I cant wait to play in all of these products! I hope you all have enjoyed this week’s curvy con trifecta! You can click here to check out my CurvyCon vlog, and click here to check out my video on if curvy con is worth it. Tickets are officially on sale for CurvyCon next year! Click here to purchase you ticket! I hope that I can see you all there next year! Next week we go back to our regular scheduled programing! I love you lots like tator tots ladies, and I will see you all next week!

Eloquii Haul& Styling Video

Hello All My Darling Divas!

Welcome back to the blog! Today I am excited because I am finally doing a haul! Retail therapy always makes a girl feel good, and I am so happy to share the goodies that I got with you ladies! Back in June I attended Cuvycon, and while I was there I won a $250 shopping spree from Eloquii! Pretty amazing right? Well I finally cashed in my shopping spree, and got some amazing pieces. This is my first time buying anything from Eloquii and I definitely was nervous. I had no clue what size I was, and I didn’t want to order anything too big or too small. But after paying attention to the customer comments and just going with my gut I actually ordered everything in the right size and that’s great! I’m not going to lie Eloquii at first didn’t have a good impression on me. I’ve known about the brand for a long time and just never wanted to try it out. The pricing was not in my budget, and the clothing I didn’t feel fit my personal style. But now that I have had the chance to own some clothing from Eloquii I am IMPRESSED and OBSESSED! I already have my basket full for another shopping trip! That definitely proves that you shouldn’t knock something until you try it! So enough of my chatter lets get into the video!

Did you enjoy the video? I hope you enjoyed this style of video! I’m hoping to record all my hauls like this from now on, so let me know if you like them this way! So here is the rundown on the items I brought from Eloquii. I brought them all from the sale section, and hopefully all of them are still available! Eloquii is always updating there sale section, so always keep a lookout on there website.

Overlap Pencil Skirt
Click Here to shop

Essential Leggings in Black 
Click here to shop
 Studio Weave Texture Skirt
Click here to shop
 The Open Knit Top that I ordered is sold out online! 
Sorry ladies! Apparently there is a matching skirt and I must have it! Here it is pictured with the top I purchased! That is def going in my shopping cart for next time!
Here is the rundown on how I styled all these pieces. I give you the info on where I brough the other items of clothing that I styled with the Eloquii pieces. 
How I styled the Overlap Pencil Skirt
 Top- Ashley Stewart
How I styled the Essential Leggings

Top- Kay Dupree

Click here to shop
Cardigan- Forever21
How I styled the Studio Weave Texture Skirt
Top- Deb Shops
How I styled the Open Knit Top
Skirt- Fashion 2 Figure

So ladies that’s it for the video! I hope you enjoyed it as I much as I enjoyed making it! Eloquii has definitely won my heart over and I’m glad! Sometimes its boring to shop at same stores over and over, so its nice to have a new place to shop! I cant wait to shop here again! Feel free to follow me on my social media. They are all linked above. Be sure to come back here tomorrow for another blogpost! So until then love ya lots like tator tots, and see you tomorrow!

My Curvy Con Experience

Hello All my Darling Divas! 
Happy Tuesday!! Welcome back to another week on the blog! I hope your weekends were relaxing and amazing! My weekend was def one to remember! This Saturday (June20th) I attended The Curvy Con in New York! It was an amazing day filled with my fave plus size bloggers ,models, and other curvy fabulous divas. The room was filled with soo much love, support, and fashion! So I decided to vlog my time there and share it with you all. If the Curvycon comes around next year PLEASE GO! I know I will go again, and you def don’t want to miss out! So check out the vlog and meet me below for more details! 
Did you guys enjoy the vlog? I really had an amazing time at Cuvycon! It was hands down the BEST day of my life, and I feel so amazing that I attended. All the people that I met were so sweet and down to earth, and I really love that they were all so approachable. So I’m gonna give you the details on everybody that I met. Feel free to follow their blogs and IG pages to see how fabulous they really are! 
My outfit Deets
Now I was pretty bummed that I couldnt get my T-shirts in time for CurvyCon! I STILL dont have them, but hopefully I will have them soon! I loved my look for Curvycon! I felt really comfortable and stylish which is what I was going for.

Lipstick- What’s Up Doc Wet n Wild

Jacket- Target

Pants-Old Navy
Shoes- Payless
Accessories- Cashi
The lovely bloggers and models that I met
I met the BEAUTIFUL Grisel Paula! She is a plus size model and the creator the fabulous plus size clothing like Rebdolls. Click here to check out her clothing line, and click here to check out her IG page! It turns out that she is from Jersey and graduated from my college Fairleigh Dickinson University! Jersey Girls!

This woman right here is the whole reason why you are even looking at this blogpost! I met the amazing GabiFresh. My aunt introduced me to her blog years ago, and she inspired me to start up NoMinus Plus! She hugged me twice and I honestly almost cried! Click here to check out Gabi’s Blog, and click here to check out her IG! 

I literally became obsessed with Dana from Whosthatgirl524 earlier this week when I saw what she wore to Essie Golden’s Epic Pool Party! I instantly became in love with her, and I’m so glad I got a chance to meet her! Click here to check out Dana’s blog, and here to check out her IG.

This right here is Cece Olisa or Plus Size Princess! She is one of the creators of Cuvycon. and she is all about us curvy girls being healthy and fit! Follow her blog here, and her IG here.

So of course I had to snag a selfie with the other creator of Curvy Con Chasity Garner! Her style is def unique, and I am always inspired when I look at her blog. Click here to check out her blog and here to check out her IG.

Next up is the amazing Chante from ECC. She was sooo funny and sweet! I like her style because it is very laid back, and I def appreciate that! Click here to check out her Blog, and here to check out her IG!

Nadia is the baddest curvy girl I have ever seen in my life! Not only is she beautiful, but she is really sweet in person! Please go check out her blog. I swear you wont be disappointed! Click here to check out the blog, and here to check out her IG!

If you dont know who Essie Golden is then you are truly living under a rock! She just threw the most EPIC pool party, and I will def make sure I am there next year! She just screams confidence! Click here to check out her blog, and here to check out her IG!

Kierra Sheard is an amazing and talented gospel artist, and she launched her new clothing line Eleven60 at Curvy con! My aunt and I snagged a selfie with her and she was so kind! Click here to check out her IG!

So of course you know I had to try on one of her pieces from Eleven60! I rocked the J Trench jacket, and I honestly MUST have this! Her clothes are all great quality and I love that! Click here to check out the Eleven60 website!
We striked a post with the First ever curvy super model Emme at the FullBeauty booth! Click here to check out her IG! 
And last but certainly not least I met the BEAUTIFUL Ashley Grraham! She has pretty much modeled for all your favorite plus size lines and then some! She just everything! Click here to check out her IG.
Well ladies I think that just about covers up my CurvyCon Experience! It was such a great time, and I cant wait till next year! Feel free to hit me up on any of my other social networking sites. They are all listed above. Be sure to come back here later for a another blogpost! So until we meet again, love ya lots like tator tots, and see you soon!