Fashion Tricks

Happy Friday my lovely Darling Divas,

I am back here this Friday with another short and sweet styling lesson! Over the past two weeks I have taught you how to style stripes and polka-dots, and today I am going to show you my little fashion tricks that make my outfits pop! They are all very simple, but work to make an outfit fit a lot better! So let’s hop in and get started!

Not much left to say in today’s video since the lesson was short and sweet! If you try out any of the Fashion Tricks or already have done it before this video, drop a pic on Instagram or Facebook and let me see! Just tag #NoMinusPlus so I can check it out! That’s it for this week’s fashion party, but be sure to come right back here next week to check out two brand spanking new post! If you have any videos that you want to see, just comment them down below so I can check it out and If I can make it happen I will! I love you lots like tater tots, and I will see you next week!

Behind the Scenes: Fire

Happy Friday Darling Divas!
Welcome to the third behind the scenes footage for the Fire lookbook from The element series: the month-long fashion look book series happening on the blog! If you need to play a little catch-up, then click on these links:

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So today I am coming at cha with the behind the scenes footage for the Fire Lookbook! This lookbook I have to say is the one that I am most proud of, and I explain that more in the video. Enough of the rambling let’s hop right in! 
Did you enjoy the video? I hope so! It’s always so great to look back and see how each of the looks was created since I filmed this footage so long ago! Special shout out to my two best friends for keeping me laughing and being the greatest people on the planet!! Below you will find further styling tips on each look. This time around I only gave you one styling option since all the looks in this lookbook are pretty wearable! 
 I love this look because of its bold high slit! Who doesn’t like showing a Lil leg? This look was my go-to outfit all summer, so I am pleased that this dress is finally making its NoMinusPlus Debut! 
A casual outfit like this is perfect for any weekend. Whether you are hanging out with friends, attending a family event, or chilling with your boo.
How To Transform:
I actually wore this dress for a night out a couple of weeks ago. I rocked it with a pair of suspender tights, a pair of black booties, and a fabulous purse! This creates a casual look with a pop of sexy! 
I used to tell myself that I couldn’t rock yellow because it would make me look muted. Well, I have been lying to myself because this yellow peplum is everything!
This outfit is a great option for Date night. It a pop of color, a little bit of sexy, and super comfortable since I’m wearing flats! 
How to Transform:
Ditch the skirt, and rock this beautiful peplum top with a pair of distressed skinny jeans, a fab pair of heels, and an amazing clutch for a bright and vibrant look perfect for a girls night out!
This outfit made me feel like a BAWSE! I’m not sure what is it about jumpsuits, but they always make me feel like I’m on top of the world! 
An outfit like this is another weekend favorite. You can wear it for a day of shopping, or for spending quality time with the people that you love! 
How To Transform:
Add some color to this black jumpsuit by switching the letterman’s jacket out for a blazer, wearing pumps instead of sneakers, and a clutch to make this jumpsuit great for the workplace or after office drinks!
This outfit gives me Bad Sandy from Grease vibes! I felt so cool rocking this look! And I also love that I transformed my red bathing suit into a bodysuit! You gotta be creative with your wardrobe! 
Since Halloween is next Monday, you could def rock this as a Sandy from Grease costume! All you need are pumps, a cigarette, and your best “Tell Me About It Stud” 
How To Transform:
Grab the pants from this and add a striped top, and a bold colored cardigan for a casual look with a pop of color!
Well, ladies, that’s it for today’s blog post! I can’t believe that next week will be the last element video!! October has flown by. For next Monday you are actually going to get Element video and the behind the scenes video coming your way on the same day! Consider it as a Halloween Treat! So next Monday come right here at 3 PM for the last element video, and then right back here at 5 for the behind the scenes! And then we are going to hop right back into to our regular scheduled programming on Nov 4th! Are you following NoMinusPlus on social media? You should be! All of the links are above including the newest addition Pinterest! Follow and Pin your fave looks today. I love you lots like tater tots, and I will see you for our double feature on Monday!

Rue 21 Haul

Hello, All My Darling Divas!

Welcome back to another week here on my blog! I am here today to show you guys a couple of goodies from Rue21! I can honestly say that I have become OBSESSED with this brand! They have some really affordable pieces for plus size women, and I am overall pretty pleased and impressed with what I got! Click here to visit the website, and feel free to blame me for your new obsession! Enough of the chit chat, though, let’s get into the video!

Did you enjoy! I swear I am in love with all the items that I snagged! Rue21 always has some pretty great deals, so be sure to be on the lookout for all of the deals that they offer. Here is the breakdown of what was in this haul that I found online.

Olive Lattice Ribbed Bodysuit
Plus Olive Lattice Ribbed Bodysuit 
Burgundy Ribbed High Neck Bodysuit  
Plus Burgundy Ribbed High Neck Bodysuit 
Cascading Sleeveless Anorak
Plus Cascading Sleeveless Anorak 
Olive Green Caged Front Bralette 
Plus Olive Caged Front Bralette 
In Burgundy
Plus Burgundy Caged Front Bralette 
Killing Bra and Panty Set 
Plus Olive Killin 
Striped High Neck Bra & Set
Plus Killin It Striped High Neck Bra & Undie Set
So ladies that’s it for today’s video! I hope you all have enjoyed. Rue21 has definitly been great to me lately, and I hope it will be for all of you as well! Are you following me on social media yet? You should be! They are all listed above. Be sure to come right back here on Friday for another blog post! It’s sure to be a good one! I love you lots like tater tots, have a great rest of your week, and I will see you on Friday! 

CurvyCon SwagBag Haul!

Hello All My Darling Divas,

Welcome back to another day here on the blog! We have come to the end of my CurvyCon trifecta week, and I am excited to be ending it with my SwagBag haul! As a platinum ticket holder I got a pretty good amount of swag to show! I am entering a contest that CurvyCon is hosting if I show off my swag, so wish me luck! But I was going to show off my swag anyway! Its just too good to not show off! So enough of me talking, lets get to it!

Did you enjoy?? I hope so! There were sooo many vendors that contributed to this swagbag so im going to just list down as many as I can below and you can check them out if you want!

Style Watch
Fashion to Figure
Curvy Couture 
Asos Curve
God’s Favorite Surprises
A + Curves Swimwear
NYX Cosmetics
88 Handbags
Black Radiance
Cream of Nature
 There was so much swag!! I cant wait to play in all of these products! I hope you all have enjoyed this week’s curvy con trifecta! You can click here to check out my CurvyCon vlog, and click here to check out my video on if curvy con is worth it. Tickets are officially on sale for CurvyCon next year! Click here to purchase you ticket! I hope that I can see you all there next year! Next week we go back to our regular scheduled programing! I love you lots like tator tots ladies, and I will see you all next week!