Hauling With….

Hello, All My Darling Divas!

Happy Wednesday my loves! I am back up here with another fabulous blog post, and it’s one that I am really excited about! You all know how much I love my series, so I am starting up a new one today called Hauling With. Basically, it’s a haul video with a special guest, and I hope that you guys will really love this and want more with different people each time! So sit back, grab a snack, and enjoy the haul!

I hope you enjoyed my first Hauling With episode! Joachris and I had a blast shopping together, and I hope that you all enjoyed knowing more about our personal style, and what we brought! Want to know more about my special guest? Check out the info below! 
All About Joachris! 
IG: JoachrisMarie
Check out Joachris Podcast Plus It Matches!  
Here is a list of the stores we shopped at! Feel free to check out the websites if you are looking for places to shop for plus size clothing!

Old Navy

I hope you ladies enjoyed today’s video! Leave a comment below telling me who you think I should involve in my next Hauling With video! Also be sure to send me any fashion topic request for September’s Fb Live segments! Send all ideas and suggestions to NoMinusPlus@Gmail.com. Are you following me on social media yet? Do so today by clicking on the links above! It’s a great way to keep updated with NoMinusPlus and me! I love you lots like tater tots, and I will see all you beauties on Friday!

October Dia&Co Unboxing

Hello All My Darling Divas,
Welcome to another double feature day on the blog! I came to you with a double post on Monday with the ending of The Element Series, and today I am here giving you a double dosage of Dia!
 ( Wow say that ten times fast) I am here today showing you a rather late Dia &Co unboxing. Since this was for the month of October, I decided just to show you the styling and try on video in the same day! So right now you get the unboxing, and then you can come right back here at 5 PM for the Styling and Try on! So let’s get into it!

Did you enjoy the pieces??? I hope so! What would you keep and send back? Comment down below! It’s time for the breakdown!

Society Plus- Maude Waist Belt ( $25)
Fashion To Figure- Avril Top ( $34.90)  
Celebrity -Pink Bree Mid Rise Skinny Jeans ($65)

                     Michel Studio -Jada V-Neck Peplum ( $58.00)

Rachel Roy- Faye Oversized Denim Jacket ($99)
Image result for rachel roy oversized denim jacket 
So, ladies, that’s it for your blog post at 3PM! Be sure to come right back here today at 5PM to check out the styling and try on video for this unboxing! Are you following me on social media? You should be! All of my links are above including NoMinusPlus latest social media platform Pinterest!  I love you lots like tater tots, and I will see you at 5!