Dress Like A Style Icon: Episode 1 Denim

Happy Wednesday Darling Divas!
Are you ready for another fabulous series on NoMinusPlus? Today I am introducing the Dress Like a Style Icon series that is inspired by the True Self Style tag I did last week. Pretty much what I will be doing is recreating some of my favorite looks from the people who inspire my style! This was such a fun video to make, and I hope you all enjoy it! So sit back, relax, and get ready to dress like a style icon!

Did you enjoy? I hope so! This video was so fun to make, and I challenge you all to dress like your favorite style icon. It was really a lot of fun, and I am glad that I got to pay my respects to some of my favorite ladies. Let’s check out the breakdown!

 Look 1: A recreated look from Gabi Gregg
Check out Gabi on Instagram and her Blog
My outfit Details
Top: Forever21
Jeans: Fashion to Figure
Shoes: Nike
Did I Nail or Fail this look?

 Look 2: A recreated look from Chante
 Check out Chante on Instagram and her blog
My Outfit Details
Top: Walmart
Pants: Lane Bryant
Shoes: Torrid 
Did I nail or fail this look?

Look 3: A recreated look from Chastity
 Check out Chastity on Instagram and her blog
My Outfit Details
Hat: Torrid
Jacket: Lane Bryant
Top: Target
Jeans: LaneBryant
Flats: Torrid
Did I nail or fail this look?

Look 4: A recreated look from Denise Bidot
Check out Denise on Instagram
 My Outfit Details
Jacket: Just Fab
Bralette: Torrid
Jeans: Ashley Stewart
Shoes: Just Fab 
Did I Nail or Fail this look?
So ladies and gents that wraps up the first video in the Dress Like a Style Icon Series!  I hope you all have enjoyed, and I am looking forward to making more if you would like them! Are you following me on social media? Do so today by clicking the links all above. I love you lots like tater tots, and I will see you all on Friday! 

CurvyCon SwagBag Haul!

Hello All My Darling Divas,

Welcome back to another day here on the blog! We have come to the end of my CurvyCon trifecta week, and I am excited to be ending it with my SwagBag haul! As a platinum ticket holder I got a pretty good amount of swag to show! I am entering a contest that CurvyCon is hosting if I show off my swag, so wish me luck! But I was going to show off my swag anyway! Its just too good to not show off! So enough of me talking, lets get to it!

Did you enjoy?? I hope so! There were sooo many vendors that contributed to this swagbag so im going to just list down as many as I can below and you can check them out if you want!

Style Watch
Fashion to Figure
Curvy Couture 
Asos Curve
God’s Favorite Surprises
A + Curves Swimwear
NYX Cosmetics
88 Handbags
Black Radiance
Cream of Nature
 There was so much swag!! I cant wait to play in all of these products! I hope you all have enjoyed this week’s curvy con trifecta! You can click here to check out my CurvyCon vlog, and click here to check out my video on if curvy con is worth it. Tickets are officially on sale for CurvyCon next year! Click here to purchase you ticket! I hope that I can see you all there next year! Next week we go back to our regular scheduled programing! I love you lots like tator tots ladies, and I will see you all next week!

Is CurvyCon worth it?

Hello My Darling Divas!,
Welcome back to another day here on the blog! This week as promised all the videos are going to be CurvyCon related! Yesterday I came up here to share with you all my Curvy Con vlog for this year. You can click here to check out that blogpost. I decided to come back here today to simply answer the question: Is CurvyCon Worth It? If you are thinking of attending next year and your just not too sure hopefully this video/ blogpsot will help you with your decision. Ok enough of the chit chat. Let’s get into the video! 
Did you all enjoy? I hope so! I have nothing but great reviews for CurvyCon! I hope that if you are thinking about attending next year you will! The love and support that is in that room should be experienced by everyone! I wont say much more since I touched on it in the video, but I know that CurvyCon truly is a one of a kind experience. I was honored to be able to attend this year, and hopefully I will be able to again for years to come! 
Click here to check out the #HereIAm video. It truly is a wonderful short video, and highly suggest all my curvy girls watch it. It is truly amazing. 
Well that’s it for today’s blogpost ladies! Be sure to meet me right back here tomorrow for another CurvyCon related video! I promise it will be my last! (lol) If you want to you can follow me on my social media. They are all linked above. Did you know the blog has it’s own IG and Twitter page? You can follow over at @NoMinusPlus! I am happy to be back ,and still on a high from CurvyCon! I love you lots like tator tots, and I will see all you ladies at 5 tomorrow!

The CurvyCon Vlog 2016

 Hello All My Darling Diva’s!

I know it’s been along time since we have seen each other! I have been struggling with some technical difficulties lately, but I finally have everything back on track! Today I am excited to bring you my Curvy Con vlog for 2016! I went to the first ever CurvyCon last year, and it was absolutely amazing! You can click here to check out last year’s vlog. Well of course I had to attend this year’s and it was bigger and better than last year! CurvyCon 2016 was 2 days, 2 floors, and lots of amazing surprises and people! This vlog didn’t even capture half of what was going on because it was that much amazing things happening! But I def did my best with recording what I could! But enough of the chit chat! lets get into the vlog!  

Did you enjoy? I hope so! This year was jammed packed with plenty of surprise, and it was really a great time! I was awesome last year, but honestly even better this year! I feel like Cece and Chasity really listened to any issues from last year, and made adjustments according to what they heard. It was truly an experience, and I insist that curvy girls everywhere attend this event! It is truly worth it!

If you want to follow the followers of curvy con then here are all the info! They are amazing bloggers, and such beautiful women! 
CeCe Olisa
Chasity Garner 
They are two amazing women, and I am so grateful that they created this event! I truly appreciate them for it! I didn’t meet as much people as I did last year since I was too busy shopping and dancing (lol) so instead I’m going to break down each day and give you more information of everything per day! Lets hop right in! 
Day 1 Friday June17th
 Day 1 was filled with working out and cocktails! We got a chance to workout with three amazing curvy fitness guru’s! We first worked out with Cece Olisa! She gave us an amazing workout, and it was filled with alot of fun! We then got a powerful workout by the 200+ fitness phenomenon Anowa Adjah. You can click here to go to her website, and her IG is Anowaadjah
  I have 2 of her workout DVD’s and they are amazing! Then the workout portion of the day ended with some yoga by the beautiful Jessamyn. I sat out for this one, but all the ladies looks really relaxed and comfortable! She was very inspirational, and talked all about loving yourself! You can click here to check out her website, and her IG is mynameisjessamyn.
Here is my OOTD for the workout session
Jacket- Target
Top-Lane Bryant
Pants- Target
Shoes- Nike
I felt really awesome in this comfortable, yet fashionable workout outfit! 
Later that night there was a V.I.P. party hosted by Gwyniee Bee! It was such a great event! It was hosted at the Gwyniee Bee headquarters, and it was filled with fashion, drinks, and lots of fun! 
My Makeup for that night. 

 My OOTD for the night
Jumpsuit- Gifted 
Pants- Fashion to Figure
Shoes- Payless
There were a couple of different photo booths and photogrhers at this party! Here are some of the pics and videos from this event! 

Day 2 Saturday June 18th
  Day 2 was the big day! A day full of panels, shopping, and connecting with my fellow plus size girls! I got to meet some pretty amazing people and shopped my little heart out! 
Here is my OOTD for Saturday! If you watched last year’s vlog then you know how upset I was that I didnt have my t-shirts ready. Well this year I had them made and ready to go!
Top- My NoMinusPlus Tee
Cape- Fashion 2 Figure
Pants- Target
Purse- Custom Clutch gifted to me by my Aunt
Shoes- Payless
There was so many amazing vendors at Curvy Con! Listed are the vendors and booths that was there! The whole event was being sponsored by JCpenny and I thought that was really great! 
A Curves Swimwear
Ask Fashion
Eleven 60
Fashion 2 Figure
God’s Favorite Surprises
Love Lianca
Rachel Roy
Yandy. com
Innovation Curvy Couture
You can feel free to google any of the vendors listed to see all the lovely clothing! 
I got to meet the BEAUTIFUL Anita Marshall! You have seen her pretty much on every plus size clothing website! You can click here to follow her on IG at AnitaMarshall_

I then got the chance to meet the inspirational Jess Baker! Her book things no one will tell fat girls is truly one of my fave books, and I just had to stop her to tell her how much that book ment to me! You can visit her blog here, and her Ig is the militantbaker. Buy her book here! It’s amazing!
When Ashley Nell Tipton won project runway I cried so hard! Her journey on that show was amazing, and I swear I felt like we all one when she did. She was so sweet and amazing! While at curvy con the short movie #HereIAM debuted for us to see by Ashley Nell Tipton, Jes Baker & Valerie Sagun. It was truly beautiful, and you all need to see it! Click here to check it out! 
And last but not least Tokyo Vanity!!!! I love her so much, and it was such a pleasure to meet her! If you have ever heard anybody sing “My best friend finna, she finnna, oh go best friend, that’s my best friend, that’s my best friend” Then that’s thanks to her! She was great! and so beautiful! 
So ladies that pretty much sums up my Curvy Con experience for 2016! Your in for a treat this week because this week all the videos are all about Curvy Con! Tomorrow I’m going to sit down and talk about my experience and thoughts, and Friday I and doing a Swag Bag Haul! It is one that you def don’t want to miss! Be sure to keep updated with the blog by following me on all my social media! They are linked above! My snapchat is BrieLikeMe, and the blog’s IG and twitter is @NoMinuPlus
. I am back! And everything on NoMinusPlus is about get get alot better! So until we meet tomorrow, I love you lots like tator tots, and I will see you then!