Behind the Scenes: Fire

Happy Friday Darling Divas!
Welcome to the third behind the scenes footage for the Fire lookbook from The element series: the month-long fashion look book series happening on the blog! If you need to play a little catch-up, then click on these links:

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So today I am coming at cha with the behind the scenes footage for the Fire Lookbook! This lookbook I have to say is the one that I am most proud of, and I explain that more in the video. Enough of the rambling let’s hop right in! 
Did you enjoy the video? I hope so! It’s always so great to look back and see how each of the looks was created since I filmed this footage so long ago! Special shout out to my two best friends for keeping me laughing and being the greatest people on the planet!! Below you will find further styling tips on each look. This time around I only gave you one styling option since all the looks in this lookbook are pretty wearable! 
 I love this look because of its bold high slit! Who doesn’t like showing a Lil leg? This look was my go-to outfit all summer, so I am pleased that this dress is finally making its NoMinusPlus Debut! 
A casual outfit like this is perfect for any weekend. Whether you are hanging out with friends, attending a family event, or chilling with your boo.
How To Transform:
I actually wore this dress for a night out a couple of weeks ago. I rocked it with a pair of suspender tights, a pair of black booties, and a fabulous purse! This creates a casual look with a pop of sexy! 
I used to tell myself that I couldn’t rock yellow because it would make me look muted. Well, I have been lying to myself because this yellow peplum is everything!
This outfit is a great option for Date night. It a pop of color, a little bit of sexy, and super comfortable since I’m wearing flats! 
How to Transform:
Ditch the skirt, and rock this beautiful peplum top with a pair of distressed skinny jeans, a fab pair of heels, and an amazing clutch for a bright and vibrant look perfect for a girls night out!
This outfit made me feel like a BAWSE! I’m not sure what is it about jumpsuits, but they always make me feel like I’m on top of the world! 
An outfit like this is another weekend favorite. You can wear it for a day of shopping, or for spending quality time with the people that you love! 
How To Transform:
Add some color to this black jumpsuit by switching the letterman’s jacket out for a blazer, wearing pumps instead of sneakers, and a clutch to make this jumpsuit great for the workplace or after office drinks!
This outfit gives me Bad Sandy from Grease vibes! I felt so cool rocking this look! And I also love that I transformed my red bathing suit into a bodysuit! You gotta be creative with your wardrobe! 
Since Halloween is next Monday, you could def rock this as a Sandy from Grease costume! All you need are pumps, a cigarette, and your best “Tell Me About It Stud” 
How To Transform:
Grab the pants from this and add a striped top, and a bold colored cardigan for a casual look with a pop of color!
Well, ladies, that’s it for today’s blog post! I can’t believe that next week will be the last element video!! October has flown by. For next Monday you are actually going to get Element video and the behind the scenes video coming your way on the same day! Consider it as a Halloween Treat! So next Monday come right here at 3 PM for the last element video, and then right back here at 5 for the behind the scenes! And then we are going to hop right back into to our regular scheduled programming on Nov 4th! Are you following NoMinusPlus on social media? You should be! All of the links are above including the newest addition Pinterest! Follow and Pin your fave looks today. I love you lots like tater tots, and I will see you for our double feature on Monday!

Behind the Scenes: Earth

Hello, Darling Divas!

Welcome to the behind the scenes for the earth lookbook! If you didn’t get a chance to check it out, click here! Earth is the second lookbook in the Element series that is happening for the whole month of October! You can click here to check out the first lookbook which was Air! In each of these lookbooks, I am going to break down each look and give you different scenarios and options on how to wear them! If you’re interested in how the behind the scenes lookbook for Air, then click here! Let’s get into the video!

Did you enjoy? I hope so! I hope you all are enjoying the series so far! There are two lookbook’s left, and I am sooo excited for you to see what’s up next!! Let’s get into the breakdown!

I love this fabulous bold look! All the colors paired so well together, and I just knew that this outfit was made for this lookbook! I got this fabulous stole from a boutique called Cashi in Union, and it is honestly one of my fave pieces in my wardrobe!


                  This outfit is perfect for any winter event like a party or a birthday celebration!

How to Transform:
 You can do a lot with a simple bodycon dress like this one. Remove the shoes and the fur and add a jean jacket and combat boots for a casual look, or rock it with a blazer and dressy flats for a night out or work!

I love everything about this look! Monochromatic is one of my fave fashion trends, so this look just gives me soo much life! I actually rocked this look in Miami this summer, but it rained all day, and I never got a picture so I’m glad it can finally be seen! 
This is a great summer outfit! It’s casual, it’s sexy, and who doesn’t love olive green?
How to Transform:
Remove the shorts and rock the flowy top with jeans, heels, and a clutch for a girls night out! Remove the top and rock the shorts with a striped top nd gladiator sandals for a casual summer look! 

This color is filled with so much fun and colors! I instantly feel adorable whenever I rock a skater dress. The belt and cheetah print shoes add the perfect amount of edge that I love so much! 
A cute casual look like this is perfect for hanging out with family and friends, or for attending classes on campus! 
How to Transform:
Rock this vibrant green dress for Fall with tights, ankle boots, and a cardigan, or with knee high boots and a scarf! Both looks are super comfortable and very fashionable! 
The one thing I want everybody to know about me is that I am OBSESSED with cheetah print! I couldn’t honestly wear it every day if I could! It’s such a bold, fierce print, and describes my style perfectly! 
A bold look like this must be seen, so rock it to an event like a fashion show, or someplace else that requires you to be fabulous! Also a great look for a photoshoot! 
How to transform:
If you want to rock the bold cheetah pants, rock them with a brown sweater, ankle boots, and a fab purse for a look with some attitude! If you want to rock the choker top pair it with a skater skirt and chunky boots for a goth/edgy look!
So, ladies, that’s it for today’s behind the scenes blog post! Be sure to come right back here on Monday for the third look in the element series, and next Friday for the next behind the scenes blog post? Are you following the blog’s social media? Get connected today by checking out the links at the top of this blog post including NoMinus new platform Pinterest! Pin all your fave looks on your boards! I love you lots like tater tots, and I will see you on Monday!

Behind the Scenes: Air

Hello, All My Darling Divas!

Happy Friday! I hope you are all ready for the weekend! The first lookbook in the element series dropped this Monday, and I hope you all enjoyed it! If you have no idea what I am talking about, click here to get the scoop!  I, of course, had to come to you with some fun behind the scenes footage! So every Friday for this month you are going to see the making of the Element series you just saw. So since you just witnessed the lookbook for Air, here is the official makings of it! I explain a lot more in the video, so let’s hop in!

Did you enjoy?? I hope so! This series hits home for me because I  love fashion, and this series definitely shows that! I hope you are all excited to see more! So as promised, I am breaking down each look and giving you ideas on what scenario to rock the look, and how to transform it to make it more wearable for everyone if the outfits are a bit too bold.

This fabulous white hot jumpsuit is one of my fave pieces in my wardrobe! I rocked this baby at my college graduation this past May, and I am so thrilled that I get to wear it again!

An outfit like this can be worn for white party’s in the summer, or a celebration such as a birthday or graduation. White is timeless, and don’t be afraid to break the white after labor day rule. I promise serial mom won’t come after you! 
How to transform:
Since white is a neutral color, you can build more colors on top, or match it with other natural colors to keep it low key. You can make this white jumpsuit more grown and sexy by replacing the chain belt with a skinny black belt, swapping the pointed heels for pumps, and layering a blazer on top to elevate this look into a classy look! The pink clutch adds a pop of color and is perfect for after work drinks! Just proceed with caution because you are rocking white!
This look was honestly my fave from this lookbook! It makes me feel super sexy, and my hips definitely don’t lie in this skirt! I love anything that shows off my curves and makes me look amazing! 

This look is perfect for a club outing. It’s super sexy, comfortable, and will have everybody rushing to buy you a drink! 
How to Transform:
With a bold print like this skirt you want to make it with the star of your look, so I paired it with solid colors. Style it with a beautiful blue peplum, tie up flats, and a clutch for a comfortable dressy look which is perfect for attending a lounge, or an event. If you want to rock it for your weekends, pair it with an oversized black sweater, tights, and some cute booties! 
I am all about comfort, so any chance that  I get to break out my tie up flats I am a happy fashionista! Printed pants can sometimes be a bit scary, but I highly encourage everybody to have a pair in their closet. They are so fun! 
A look like this is perfect for a night out with friends, or a date night! They are super comfortable, and great for the office fashionista if your job is buisness casaul. 
How to Transform:
Printed pants can add some spice to your work wardrobe. Pair them with a blue blouse, flats, and grab your briefcase for a chic office look that will keep you comfortable, but trendy, all day. If you have a girls night out, or a hot date, pair it with a flowy purple top for some color, a pair of black strappy heels, and an amazing black envelope clutch!
I love printed pants because they are so comfortable, and versatile! You can dress them up, or dress them down and still look amazing! I don’t really have dress down looks, but I am learning to be more casual, and this is a step in the right direction. 
This is a cute look that you can wear to class, or to hang out with friends! Its super laid back, and my opinion a very wearable look! 
How to transform:
If you wanted to add some color you can swap ou the black sneakers for some cute pink ones, a casual oversized tee, and an amazing backpack for a trendy and street look. For my fashionistas out there joggers look great with a tee, denim jacket, and some sexy strappy heels!
 So ladies I hope you have enjoyed the behind the scenes footage, and styling lessons for the Air lookbook. Be sure to come back here on Monday for the second element, and next friday for the next behind the scenes footage! Are you following me on social media?? You should be! They are all linked above including NoMinusPlus newest platform Pinterest!! Follow today to pin your fave fashion looks from the blog! I love ya lots like tater tots, and I will see you all on Monday!

Icon Behind the Scenes: Janet Jackson

Hello Darling Divas!

Yesterday on the blog I revealed to you the next icon in the ‘Icon’ series which was Janet Jackson! This video was honestly probably my favorite to record, and I hope you all enjoyed it! If you missed the video don’t worry! Click here to check it out! Now it’s time for some good ‘ol behind the scenes footage! We are winding down to our last icon in there series, and I’m sad to see this series come to an end! I hope you all have enjoyed it so far, and remember that the last icon video drops this Friday, October 30th at 5:00Pm! It’s gonna be a good one! So enough of the chit chat, lets get to the footage!

Did you enjoy the footage? I hope so! Regular videos are coming back next Monday and Tuesday at 5! I have a great lineup of videos for you darling divas! Feel free to follow me on all my social media. They are all linked above. Let’s stay connected!

Icon Behind the Scenes: Tina Turner

Hello All My Darling Divas!

Welcome back! Yesterday the Tina Turner ‘Icon’ video dropped here on the blog and I hope you all enjoyed it! If you didn’t get a chance to check it out then click here. Today on the blog I am going to show you some behind the scenes footage of the creation of becoming Miss Tina. We had so much fun shooting these videos, and I hope that you all will see that through the behind the scenes footage! So enough of the small talk, lets get to the footage!

Did you enjoy the footage? I really hope so! Remember that the next ‘Icon’ video drops Monday October, 26th at 5:00PM, and you don’t want to miss it! I hope that you all have been enjoying this fun series! Regular blogpost will be coming back to you all on November 2nd. Lets connect Darling Divas! All my social media are linked above! I am always dropping blog updates and such on them, and I would love to be connected with all of you as well. So until next Monday ladies I love you lots like tator tots, and I will see you all next week!

Icon Behind the Scenes: Billie Holiday

Good Evening Darling Divas!
This Monday I presented to you all the Icon series that is happening all this month on the blog. Well you are in for a special treat today! While I was filming the Icon series, I made sure to bring my camera with me to show you some behind the scenes footage of the filming process! So now you get to see how the Icon series came to life! You will get a behind the scenes video every week after an Icon video drops! I figured you would enjoy seeing a little bit of the process of how all this came to life! So enjoy the first behind the scenes video and meet me below for more details!

So did you guys enjoy the video? I hope so! If you haven’t checked out the Billie Holiday Icon video, then click here! Remember that a new Icon video drops every Monday this month at 5:00PM! So be sure to come right back here! I really had so much fun making this Icon series, and I really hope you guys enjoy it!

Feel free to follow me on all my social media! They are all linked above. Be sure to meet me right back here next Monday at 5 for another Icon video! You are definitely going to love it! So until then ladies love ya lots like tator tots, and see you soon!