Top 12 2014 Moments of NoMinusPlus

It’s just so crazy to me that tomorrow is going to be the first day of 2015! I feel like we were just bringing in 2014 yesterday, and now today is the last day! Crazy how time flies right? All of my favorite bloggers always do a recap of what happened on their blog for the year, and I also like to do the same. It’s always great to look back and see what happened here on the blog. Now I was going  to limit it to just fashion ( which I have done the past 2 years), but this year had soo many great moments that I couldn’t just file it under fashion. I decided to countdown my favorite moments/blogpost of 2014! If you want to check out the blog-post, just click on the title of the blog above the pic. So enough of my blabbering, lets get started!

This outfit made the list because it was truly one of THE most comfortable outfits I wore this year! Styling colored jeans can be kind of tricky, but I really enjoyed this look!

Now if you know me at all then you know that cheetah is basically my fave color! This moment was when I fell in love with MAC’s Heroine which is honestly THE BEST LIPSTICK ON THE PLANET! And also this jacket is my soul-mate, so for those two reasons this outfit made the cut.
The Maxi Skirt is the holy grail of the summer, and this outfit was so cute and casual. It mixed colors and prints that I didn’t even think would go together.
Can we please have a moment of silence for this dress,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Ok moment over. This dress is hands down the most FAB dress ever! I absolutely love this dress. and when I die I will be buried in it! The color, the sleeves, just everything about this dress is amazing!
Now my obsession for lipstick this year went extremely overboard! The amount of lipsticks in various colors that I have right now is truly insane! I really enjoyed making this video because I felt that it was the perfect guide for those wanting to try lipstick colors a try. Still a very relevant video, so check it out if your looking to take your lipstick obsession to a new level.
This post was VERY popular this year, and I def understand why it was! Plus Size Pageants? Um yes sign me up! It was an honor to interview my friend Jeanel for this blogpost. She is truly such a warm spirited person, and I was so excited that I personally knew a pageant queen! I think its so powerful that plus size women are getting more platforms to showcase their beauty and talent, and it excites me to think what other opportunities will be coming our way in the future.
Dying my hair blue was the best mistake that I have ever done! It felt so awesome to have blue hair, and I def see myself doing it again. This color experiment has sparked my curiosity in coloring my hair all types of funky colors, so don’t be surprised at what color my hair will be in 2015. 
5.Holiday Bombshell Series
Although this series was not completed ( Will explain in a video later this week) I still had alot of fun with what I produced. Makeup has always been a passion of mine, and it was really great to focus on that for awhile. I def learned my lesson though. I am a Jill of all trades for a reason. I can never just focus on one thing.
4. The Seven Deadly Sins Series
 This by far was the most creative thing that I have ever done. It felt so freeing creating 6 different personalities that surrounded each sin. This was also my first ever monthly series that I did, and I’m already brainstorming what series to do next for new year. Hopefully this time I actually finish one (lol) 
One of my biggest accomplishments this year was opening up a store for the blog. I was really excited about it, and I honestly still am. The store will be relaunching early spring 2015 and I hope that with the changes that I make, the store can function a bit better.  Plus who doesn’t love colored shorts?
It amazes me everyday that I have had this blog for 4 years! This blog is the foundation of making my dreams come true, and I am so honored that you all have decided to take this journey with me. I also released my first ever merchandise which is still available at if your interested in purchasing. 
1. Everybody Has a Beachbody
This blogpost broke the internet before Kim Kardashian! Ok so maybe it didn’t, but this blogpsot was a very popular, and dammit I’m really proud of this post! I am all for body positivity, and being comfortable in your own skin. This blogpsot was just to celebrate curves, and inspire curvy women to wear whatever the hell they want on the beach! I’m glad you all enjoyed my half-nakedness, and I will be sure to follow up with another swimsuit post in 2015!

So ladies that is the 12 Top Moments of 2014! I hope you have enjoyed walking down memory lane with me. This blog has truly developed this year, and I am so excited to see what next year will bring! Later this week I will be introducing you to some new things happening in 2015 on the blog, and I hope you will be down for the ride!
I hope you darling divas have a safe and fun New Years Eve/Day and I will see you in 2015!

NoMinusPlus is how old????

Hello All My Darling Divas!!!!
Today is such an exciting day because today is the 4year Anniversary of No Minus Plus!!! Yup you read that right! NoMinusPlus is FOUR years old today! The last four years of having this blog has helped me grow in so many ways! I am grateful everyday for each and everyone of you darling divas! You have all been apart of this wonderful journey with me so far, and I hope that you will continue this journey with me! NoMinusPlus has come a lonnnggg way since 2010, and that’s all because of you! Your support and your love has guided me, inspired me, and just helped me keep going. And I will always love and appreciate all you darling divas for that! So enjoy the video below and meet me below for some very exciting pics!

So yes you also heard that right! NoMinusPlus Now has Merchandise!!! I’m so excited about that! Head over to to check it out and grab yourself some NoMinusPlus Swag! Also I mentioned my A M A Z I N G graphic artist Ashley! Here info is all below! She designed this logo and designed the store website. She is the best! Hit her up for any of your graphic design needs at great prices!

Instagram: MirageMedia

Now I had a lil photoshoot for the merch, and here are some of the pics!

So Ladies that is it! I know I said thank you a million times but I am going to say it again… THANK YOU!!!! Be sure to check out here for the second video out of the four this week. And don’t forget to buy yourself some merch!! The store’s site again is My social networking sites are linked above, so follow me on any or all of them to stay updated with what’s going on here. Until next time, love you lots like tator tots, and see you tomorrow!

Envy: Green With Envy Makeup Look

Hello All My Darling Divas!

Welcome back! So today is yet another video in The Seven Deadly Sins Series! Today is going to be all about Envy! Now this series wouldn’t be complete without a makeup look, and that is what your getting today!

How many of you all guessed that today would be Envy? It was a lil tricky because it could have passed for Wrath, but hopefully the green background gave you a hint.

So ladies enjoy the video and meet me below for more pics and details!
Did you enjoy the video? Remember to follow me on my social media( linked above) so that you can guess which deadly sin video is up next! 
List of Products Used in video
BH Cosmetics Flawless Brow Trio in Medium
BH Cosmetics Corrector and Concealer Palette in Medium and Dark
NYX Eyeshadow Base in Pearl
NYX Loose Pearl Eyeshadow in Jade Pearl
MicaBella Cosmetics Eyeshadow
 (Couldn’t find my exact shade used, but click here to check out the website)
Light Green Eyeshadow from Unknown Cosmetics line
Soft Brown Eyeshadow from Sephora Palette
Two Faced Eyeshadow Insurance
Blue-Green Cream Eyeliner from Sephora Palette
Dramatic Lashes from E.L.F Cosmetics 
Absolute Black Eyeliner 
NK Cosmetics Mascara in Black
L.A. Girl Pro Concealer in Warm Honey 
Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse in Coco
Ruby Kisses HD Banana Setting Powder 
E.L.F. Candid Coral Blush 
All Brushes Used are from E.L.F. Cosmetics 
So ladies I hope you have enjoyed this video! Be sure to check back here next Monday and Wednesday for another two deadly sin videos! Hmmm I wonder what they will be about??? Be sure to follow me on all my social media for a sneak peek so that you can guess which sin is up next! So until next time ladies, love ya lots like tator tots, and see you soon!

Sloth: Get Ready With Me Lazy Day Edition

Hello All My Darling Divas!

Welcome back to another week on the blog! We are keeping up with our Seven Deadly Sins Series, and up today is Sloth.

I put this sneak peek up on my social media yesterday. How many of you knew it was Sloth? Remember I always drop sneak peek’s of the next deadly sin video. Be sure to follow me on all my social media( linked above) so that you can guess which one is up.

So since Sloth is all about being lazy, I decided to film a Get Ready With me video for the days where your just feeling so lazy and sluggish. I have these days VERY often, but I still need to look somewhat presentable. This lazy day guide is perfect for casual days at school or work, and running errands on the weekend. So enjoy the video and meet me below for more info.

Did you enjoy the video? I hope so. Now usually I would tell you what I’m wearing, but since the video already told you all the details, I can give you some info on what I’m wearing in the Sneak Peek Picture above.

(I got all the items listed a long time ago, so they are no longer available. Sorry!)
The Newspaper Print Dress- Fashion2Figure 
The Fur Shawl- Gifted
The Purse- Aldo
So ladies that wraps up today’s Seven Deadly Sins video! I hope you enjoyed Sloth, and check right back here Wednesday for another video. I will be dropping that sneak picture on Tuesday, so be sure to follow me on all my social media so that you can guess what it is! Until next time ladies, love ya lots like tator tots, and see you soon!

Pride: 22 Facts about Me

Hello All My Darling Divas!

 If you follow me on any of my social networks( all linked above) then you saw that the other day I announced that for the whole month of October I would be doing videos themed around The Seven Deadly sins. Well I am soooo excited because today is the first video up for this series!  So each week your 2 videos will be deadly sins themed, and on my social media you get to guess which one is coming up next.

I put this sneak peek picture up on Saturday. How many guessed right and knew that today was going to be Pride? I got alot of Vanity as well and that is also correct. I just went with Pride.
So since this is all about Pride and loving your self soo much that its a sin, today for you I have 22 facts about me! Now feel free to comment below and tell me some facts about you! I made this video in hopes for you all to get to know me a bit better. So enjoy the video, and meet me below for more info! 

Did you enjoy the video? I really had fun making the intro! Each video will have a cool lil intro to it. I hope that you all enjoyed.

If you were interested in anything that I was wearing in this video, here are all the deets below!

The Dress: This Dress was actually my prom dress! Its a vintage dress from the PLUS SIZE  thrift store ReDress. That’s right a plus size thrift store exists.  I absolutely love this dress and it was only $40! Not bad for prom right? Here is a pic of me at prom in this dress circa 2010. See? This blogpost is all about us getting to know each other better.
If you want to check out the thrift store Redress, Click here
The accessories in the video were all borrowed for my mother. But if your looking for great jewelry that caters to the plus size woman, give Ashley Stewart, Fashion to Figure, and Lane Bryant a try. I always grab my jewelry from there. 
And ladies that is all! I hope that you enjoyed the first video in The Seven Deadly Sins Project that is happening on the blog this week. Be sure to check back here again later this week to see the second video. I will be putting a sneak peek picture up on my social media so that you can guess what the next one is. Until next time, love ya lots like tator tots, and see you soon!

Fall Lipstick Collection

Hello All My Darling Divas!

Welcome Back! It is officially the first week of Fall so I can finally say….. HAPPY FALL! To kick off this new season,  today I’m going to share with you my fall lipstick collection! Now these five colors represent the many beautiful colors that are worn during the fall, and I hope you gain inspiration from them! So enjoy the video and meet me below for more details and pics!

Did you enjoy the video? Comment below and tell me which color was your fave and/or which one you could see yourself rocking.

All the lipsticks below can be purchased at your local beauty supply store or here

Burgundy By NK Cosmetics 
Amethyst By NK Cosmetics
Mystics by NK Cosmetics
Black by NK Cosmetics 
Ambition by Lush ( You can purchase it here Its $18 on the site, but I got mine in store for $12 a year ago. Sorry guys!) 
So ladies that is all for my Fall Lipstick collection. What lipsticks will you be wearing this fall? I’m so excited for this new season. I hope you ladies have enjoyed the video and have become inspired by the colors of fall! Feel free to follow me on any of my social networks. They are all linked above. Until next time, love ya lots like tator tots! And see you later in the week

Skincare Routine

Hello all my darling divas! 
I know it has been a couple of weeks since I came to you with a blog post! I was sick for a week and then decided to take a week off just to relax. But now I’m back and I have alot in store for you all! 
So today we are discussing skin. Now I know this is not a topic that I usually don’t discuss, but a proper skincare routine is the foundation for anything makeup related. So enjoy the video and meet me below for more details and info. 

So here is a list of the products used in this video. All the products can be found at your local drugstore, target, or walmart. The only product you will not find is the Herban clay bar, but I will show you where you can purchase it.

Loreal Paris Eye Makeup Remover 
I love using this product because it removes all my makeup without any hassle. I also have a D.I.Y. tutorial on how to make your own makeup wipes. Click here to check that out.
St Ives Apricot Scrub
 This is honestly one of my fave products! It exfoliates and cleanses my skin very well. I also love that this product is very affordable. I have been using it since high school, and it hasn’t failed me yet!

Herban Clay Bar (Can be purchased here )
This product was a gift and I really have fallen in love with it. Its a great product to follow up with after I’m done with my apricot scrub. Its very cleansing and dries my skin out if I use it every night, so I only opt to use this product once a week. 
Dollar General Astringent (But astringent can be brought at any of the stores mentioned above)
Astringent is honestly my BEST FRIEND! I use this faithfully every single day. Its great as a makeup remover as well. My astringent product changes according to whats available at the time. In the video I used this astringent from dollar general, but very often I normally use sea breeze or Neutrogena deep cleansing astringent. Either way I always make sure that astringent is in my possession.
 Shea Moisture Problem Skin Toner 
I just started using this product earlier this summer and I have to say it has been doing wonders for my skin. It has been helping me control my blemishes and has been evening my skin tone. Its made with African black soap and tea tree oil which are two products that are really great for your skin.
Dual Treatment Moisturizer( Can only be purchased at Target)
This product has been a staple in my skincare routine for the past 5 years and I’m never letting it go!!! It keeps my skin feeling very moisturized and a little goes a long way! Each bottle takes me forever to complete and I love that because that means I save even more money!
Ladies all the products above are under $20! Awesome products at a super affordable price. You can never go wrong with that combo! I hope that this video was really informative and has helped you! Be prepared for more great blog-posts coming your way! Feel free to follow me on any of my social networking sites. They are all linked above. Until next time love you lots like tator tots, and see you soon!

Styled By NoMinus Plus Announcemt/ Mini Haul

Hello All My Darling Divas!

So today is a two for one video. I had an announcement regarding StyledByNoMinusPlus. I am now offering to buy your shorts for you! Pretty sweet right? I explain more in the video, but if you have any questions regarding the new option to Styled By NoMinusPlus, feel free to email me over at So Enjoy the video and meet me below for more deets and pics.

Did this video give you life? I hope so cause it gave me a lil. So below I have lised all the stores webistes so you can go check out some of their items. The only store not listed is my local beauty supply store, but I have managed to find a website that sells the Ruby Kisses 3D Creator, and the NK Lipsticks.

I also Swatched and tried on each of the lipsticks for you. The only one that I didnt was the orange lipstick because it was to clear. 
NK Lipstick in Smalt
NK Lipstick in Beach Fuchsia 
E.L.F. Cosmetics Matte Liptick in Natural 

NK Lipstick in Aqua Verde

So ladies I hope you have enjoyed this mini haul! I got some great things, and maybe you can go pick yourself up a pair as well. Feel free to follow me any of my social networking sites, they are linked above. Also get yourself a pair of shorts!!! Head over to my store StyledByNoMinusPlus to get your hands on some pretty amazing shorts! Until Next time, love ya lots like tator tots!