Wipe Party|A LookBook Inspired by Toilet Tissue

What’s Up Darlng Diva’s!

Long time no speak right? Life has been quite hectic on my end, but I hope that all of you out there are doing amazing and staying safe during this time. Today I am back (kinda) with another video that I have been sitting on since MAY! Can you believe it? This fabulous and fully finished lookbook has been sitting on my computer since May, but now feels like the perfect time to post it. When this video was originally filmed it was around the time of George Floyd’s death, all the protest, quarantine, and honestly, it was just a lot going on. I took the time to work on a very special project for my brand SlayBJanae called The Melanin Collection, and now I feel that its the perfect time to start posting my fashions again! So enjoy the video, and we will chat more after!

I hope you all enjoyed it! Since we can’t really attend any white parties this year, and since toilet tissue really was a battle to the death during quarantine, I figured this creative lookbook would be fun and cute to make. It was totally inspired by my Lysol Lweks lookbook! In this blogpost I wont be linking any items since most of the pieces I used are years old, but feel free to use them as inspo for all your post-covid looks!

Wipe Party Look 1

Jumpsuit: Fashion to Figure

Belt & Bag: Ashley Stewart

Wipe Party Look 2

Top: Woman Within

Pants: Ashley Stewart

Jacket: Robe from Target

Wipe Party Look 3

Top: Ashley Stewart

Skirt: LoveLianca

Glasses: Eloquii

Wipe Party Look 4

Dress: Dia&Co

Purse: Cashi Boutique

Wipe Party Look 5

Top & Bag: Hot Topic

Overalls: Ashley Stewart

Cat Ears: FiveBelow

Wipe Party Look 6

Top: Fashion to Figure

Bra: Lane Bryant

Jeans: Ashley Stewart

Fanny Pack: Flaws of Couture

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Business On Top Lookbook

Happy Friday Darling Divas!

I hope everyone is continuing to stay Sane, Sanitized, and Safe during this time! Today I am bringing you this fun lookbook that I hope can provide some inspo for your zoom call meetings! So enjoy this short and sweet lookbook, and meet me below for more details!

I hope you all enjoyed! I have been having so much fun creating fashion content suitable for this time, and I hope it can give you some inspo! Let’s get into the breakdown!

Look #1 Boss Babe Realness

This look is great inspo for any of my boss babes that might be hosting a meeting or presenting a big project! Red screams BOSS, and this incredible neck scarf adds the perfect pop of CEO!

Blazer: Lane Bryant

T-shirt: Torrid

Neck Scarf: JCPenney

Look #2: Pretty Participant

Morning meetings can be tough, so adding some color to your look can make it a whole lot better! Grab your brightest cardigan/blazer, a cup of coffee, and you’re ready to kill it!

Jacket, Glasses, & Top: Ashley Stewart

Mug: SlayBJanae

Look #3 The Creative Student

This is the perfect casual look for all my darling divas that are students or need a quick put-together look. This can also be used as inspo for a virtual job interview!

Cardigan: ModCloth

Top/Dress: Loft

Look #4 The Elegant Educator

I know school is almost done, but if you are still teaching via distant learning then this outfit is the perfect inspo! Keeping kids engaged in person is tough, but I know possibly on the computer is even more of a challenge! Hopefully, by adding a little print and color you can keep you and your kiddos happy!

Top: Melissa McCarthy Seven

Tank-Top: Walmart

So ladies that wraps up today’s video! I hope you have truly enjoyed it as much as I loved creating it! What other quarantine themed lookbooks do you want to see? Comment them down below! Are you signed up for the V.I.P. mailing list? It’s a great new way to keep updated with the blog! Click here to sign up for free! I love you lots like tater tots, and I will talk to you all in the next one!

What Ive Been Doing to Stay Sane During Quarantine!

Happy Friday Darling Diva’s

I hope everybody is staying Sane, Sanitized, and Safe at this time! I know that some states are starting to open back up, but I wanted to still come up here and chat with you all about what Ive been doing to keep Sane during quarantine! This time can be very hard on people physically, mentally, and emotionally so I’m hoping that some of what Ive been doing can keep you calm and sane as things start to get back to a better place. Shall we begin?

I hope you all enjoyed today’s video! I know it’s a bit different then the content that I usually provide, but I really loved thinking outside the box and creating it! If you loved my shirt that I rocked in the video hit up SlayBJanae! Just screenshot this photo below, and send it on over to the Request Custom Order section, or DM the photo to the IG/FB pages (@slaybjanae) to place your order!

I started my 2020 fitness journey in early February, but I have really kicked up during quarantine and I have really been enjoying it! Going for my walks and workouts keeps me on my pre-quaratine routine, and honestly gives me a reason to get dressed and go outside! Please know that you DON’T have to work out at all at this time. Be gentle with your mind and body, but for me getting outside and moving has been so therapeutic and I look forward to it each time! Check out some of my workout outfits below! If your interested in where I purchase my workout clothes from its mostly from Walmart, Torrid, and Lane Bryant!

I have always loved to cook, but during quarantine cooking has really been bringing my family together! I cook about 2-3 times for a week and lately have been trying new meals at the request of my family members. It gives us all a break from eating the same ole thing, allows various members of my family to really feel involved, and its fun for me to create new meals for all us to enjoy! Last night I whipped up Chicken and Waffles for the first time and I honestly don’t even know how I went on this long without making them! Darius Cooks on social media has really been inspiring me, and I also love to watch the Food Network 24/7 so I have definitely been channeling my inner Chef Brie at this time! Click below to check out some of my favorite recipes!

UnSloppy Joes

Honey Garlic Chicken

Philly Cheese steak Sliders

Egg Frittata

Although we cant go far, I still like to just sometimes sit outside to just confirm that the sky isn’t falling and the world isn’t ending lol Its something about nature that has always calmed me, so during this time it has been a pleasure to just sit outside, take a deep breath, and remind myself that everything is going to be ok. Going outside also has been a form of self-care, but I have also been doing face masks, reading books, doing my hair, and soon will be doing my own mani and pedis to extend more on my self-care. Its soo important to make sure that your mind, body, and spirit is ok at this time and being outside and different forms of self-care have really helped with that. So if you can go for a walk, sit on a porch, do your favorite cross- word puzzle, or listen to a playlist while you manifest DO IT! I promise it can help you feel better!

During this time I am still pushing out SlayBJanae orders, so crafting is apart of my everyday, but working with my hands has really been a wonderful distraction! I have been whipping up all types of fun quarantine items and really have been allowing my creativity to run wild and I love having an outlet to that! Check out some of my recent crafts and follow the SlayBJanae page ( @SlayBJanae) to see more of my creations!

Spending time with my family and friends are VERY important to me, so I have absoloutly been participating in many virtual events and apps to keep close with my loved ones at this time. My family has a Zoom call happy hour with all of my family close and far and I honestly look forward to it every night! I have also been loving the quarantine parties and artist battles on social media, and have been loving using different apps to create new memories with the ones I love! Check out below some of favorite apps that I am using to have fun with my peoples!

HouseParty App


Netflixs Party

So that’s all from me darling divas! If this video helped you in any way then I know my job has been done! What have been some of the things you have been doing to stay ok during this time? Comment them down below! I would love to hear all about it. Be sure to sign up for the V.I.P. mailing list if you haven’t already by clicking here. Its a brand new way to stay connected with NoMinusPlus! I love you lots like tater tots, and I will see you all in the next one!

Lysol Lewks| A Lookbook Inspired by Lysol Cans

Happy Monday Darling Divas!

This weekend has truly been a crazy one, so this blog post is getting to you a couple of days late, but it’s worth the wait! Since we are currently still in quarantine and can’t go anywhere I decided to have a little fun and create a fashion video inspired by Lysol Cans! I got this idea from a twitter thread I saw that did the same with Beyonce’s outfits, and I had to give it a try myself! I had so much fun creating these 6 monochromatic looks, and I definitely will create more “just for fun” lookbooks in the future. Who knows? Maybe you can use these looks as inspiration for your post quarantine looks! So enjoy this short, sweet, and fun lookbook, and meet me below!

I hope you all have enjoyed!! Since I created these looks using random pieces from my wardrobe I don’t have the links to everything, but I have the links to some, and of course, I can give you links to all the bomb lipsticks that were used! Shall we breakdown?

Blue Lewk

Suit Top & Pants: Eloquii

Bodysuit ( Actually a bathing suit): Mahagani Jenell

Glasses: Ashley Stewart

Lipstick: Presidential by The Crayon Case

Green Lewk

Blazer: Rainbow Shops

Top ( actually a dress): Ashley Stewart

Skirt: Eloquii

Purse: Dia&Co

Lipstick: Lucci by The Crayon Case

Yellow Lewk

Top & Pants: Rebdolls

Jacket: Ashley Stewart

Glasses: eBay

Lipstick: Pablo by The Crayon Case with Honor Roll Highlighter on top

Orange Lewk

Dress: Fashion to Figure

Jacket: Target

Fanny Pack: A + LA

Lipstick: Jambalaya by The Crayon Case

Red Lewk

Dress: GSLoves Me ( Now Asoph)

Cape Blazer: JustFab

Glasses: Eloquii

Lipstick: Crawfish by The Crayon Case

Pink Lewk

Dress: JCPenney ( Coming soon to my Poshmark Closet!)

Jacket: Dia&Co

Purse: Co-Edition

Glasses: Eloquii

Lipstick: Soft Twerk By The Crayon Case

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A Day In The Life Of Brie: Quarantine Birthday Queen

Hello All My Darling Divas!

As always I hope you all are staying Safe, Sanitized, and Sane during this time. I am back here with another quarantine episode of A Day In The Life of Brie! This time around it was my Mom’s bday and we made sure to celebrate her virtually in style! I hope that this episode gives you all some ideas on how to celebrate your birthdays or other special events inside. It sucks that we all can’t be together, but thanks to technology we all can still get really close and make new and safe memories! So grab a snack, enjoy today’s video, and meet me below for more details!

I hope you all enjoyed! This blog post is going to be short and sweet since there isn’t much info to share. If you would like a custom shirt like I made for my mom or any other amazing goodies be sure to check out SlayBJanae on Etsy and request a custom order! I am still taking and shipping orders!

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Brown & Brie Episode #2: Getting Fired Changed My Life

Happy Friday Darling Divas!

I hope everybody is doing well and staying safe during this time. Today I am super excited to bring you the second video in my Brown&Brie series! In this episode we are talking about me getting fired and how it changed my life. So grab a drink and enjoy the video!

I hope you all enjoyed! If you want to see the first episode in this series click here. Have any topics you want me to talk about in this series? Leave them below!

Today’s Brown Drink

This time around I combined my two loves: Vanilla Coke and Hennessy! Just add equal parts over ice and enjoy! I wasn’t able to make my special SlayBJanae glass for this video, so instead, I used this amazing square glass that I love to drink out of.

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A Day In The Life Of Brie: My Rona Routine

Hey Darling Divas!

I hope everyone is being Safe, staying Sane, and keeping Sanitized during this time! In today’s episode of A Day In The Life Of Brie I am showing you a bit of what I have been doing during the Rona Times. I already do a lot at home since I’m Self-Employed, but I have been adding a couple of simple things to my routine and changing my mindset a bit to accommodate to everybody I live with being home right now. I hope today’s episode can give you a bit of entertainment and give you some ideas on how to be ok right now. Even though its totally ok if you aren’t ok. We will get through this! Enjoy today’s episode and meet me below for a breakdown.

I hope you all have enjoyed! Hopefully, by next’s episode, we will be back outside, but if not then I have no problem creating another episode in the house! Here’s a brief breakdown of what I mentioned in the video that has been helping me during this time.

Going For Walks

I already was committed to getting my fitness on this year, but right now going for walks and keeping active has been what’s been keeping me calm the most. It’s a great way to still get outside, get some fresh air, and clear your mind. I’ve been going on most of my walks, but from time to time I will grab one of my family members that I’m quarantined with and having that personal time with them has been really amazing! If your looking for cute workout wear check out Torrid, Target, and Walmart. It’s where most of my workout wardrobe comes from!

Jacket & Top: Walmart

Pants: Target

Fanny Pack: A Plus LA

Sneakers: Nike

Sticking to My Regular Routine

Right now everybody is going through changes. Maybe your working from home for the first time, now have to also teach your kids all day, or maybe now you have a house filled with people. If you can still get up at the same time and still do all your daily activities I think it would help! I have been doing my best to still stick to my schedule and it has been making things feel as normal as they can.

Be Flexible

If you have to share your space now with all your quarantined loved ones I would say to be as flexible as you can. Everybody’s situation is different, but if there is a way that you can be flexible that helps! It cuts back on arguments which is definitely not needed when you cant leave. Of course still have a area that’s yours, but if you can share a space or create a schedule for everyone to use a space that works!

Give yourself some time to rest and have fun!

There are a lot of scary things going on right now. Lots of reasons to be concerned, and so many changes that are happening. Take this time to be productive but also give yourself some rest! I’ve been doing lots of work but I have also been getting rest. It’s been keeping me level headed and calm. Also, be sure to have fun! There have been so many virtual happy hours, fun DJ Live’s, and music artists doing concerts from their IG pages. Take this time to cut loose and have a little fun! I swear it helps!

I hope today’s blog post and video was able to help! I know everyone’s situation is different and maybe each tip won’t apply, but if your able to at least take something positive from today’s blogpost then I feel accomplished! Be sure to sign up for the V.I.P. Mailing List if you haven’t already by clicking here to sign up! I love you lots like tater tot’s, take care, and I will talk to you all in the next one!

Spring Floral Lookbook ft New Items from My Poshmark Closet!

Happy Monday Darling Divas!

I hope everybody is staying safe and quarantined during this COVID-19 AKA Coronavirus epidemic. Despite what’s going on Spring is very much here, so today we are chatting all about florals! What’s special about today’s video is that the floral items today are up to grabs in my Poshmark closet today! So if you like what you see they can be yours to keep! So enough of the chit chat lets get into today’s video!

Click here to purchase the dress I’m wearing in the video!

I hope you Darling Diva’s have enjoyed the video, and today’s was able to add a little sunshine to your gloomy days. I know that right now we can’t quite be outside, but once the quarantine is lifted hopefully this lookbook can give you some ideas to wear outside the house! Shall we breakdown?

All items for sale are Underlined!

Look 1: Mixed Printed Floral Dress

This fabulous look is great for keeping warm and cool in this crazy Spring weather. This look can be great for Easter Sunday, a brunch date, or slip on some sneakers for a simple and casual Spring look!

Dress: Madison Leigh ( For Sale in my Poshmark Closet!)

Top: Walmart

Shoes: Lane Bryant

Look 2: Floral Skirt

This look is my favorite from the lookbook, and honestly yall better snag this skirt before I keep it! This simple, yet stunning look can pretty much be worn anywhere during spring. A family day, a picnic, even a trip to the grocery store if you want! You can also dress it up simply by adding a blouse and a pair of pumps!

Skirt: Ava & Viv ( For Sale in my Poshmark Closet!)

Top: Walmart

Shoes: Reebok

Look 3: Floral Off the Shoulder Top

Got a hot date this Spring? Then this look is perfect for you! The off the shoulder top gives you a little bit of sexy, and can keep your warms still warm on a chilly Spring night! The sandals in this look are also for sale in my Poshmark, so bundle up and save by purchasing both!

Top: East Adeline ( For Sale in my Poshmark Closet!)

Skirt: Co-Edition

Shoes: JustFab ( In the Sale Section of my Poshmark Closet!)

Look 4: Floral Pants

You can never go wrong with a pair of capris during warmer weather, so why not rock a pair of floral printed capris that are jeggings? This super cute and cozy look is great for a day in Spring where you want to throw something on and go but still look put together! This fabulous pair of pants have a matching top that you can find here! And be sure to snag the sandals in this look. They are also in my closet!

Top: Lane Bryant

Bottoms: Walmart ( For Sale in my Poshmark!)

Shoes: Lane Bryant ( In the sale section in my Poshmark Closet!)

Look 5: Floral Kimono

Is your style more casual for Spring? Then this simple jeans and t-shirt look is perfect for you. A look like this is great for Mom’s, college students, Glama’s, pretty much anybody! Remember that the sandals from this look are also for sale, so all you have to do its add a tank top, a pair of jeans, and boom the outfit is re-created!

Kimono: Junarose ( For sale in my Poshmark Closet!)

Top: Walmart

Jeans: Ashley Stewart

Sandals: JustFab ( In the Sale section of my Poshmark Closet!)

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GRWM To Film: IG Filter Questions Game

Happy Friday Darling Divas!

I hope everybody is saying safe,sanitized, and sane during all the news about the COVID-19 Coronavirus. Today’s video is a lengthy one, so hopefully it can give you something fun to distract you for 30 mins! This lovely Friday I am doing a GRWM video with a twist! I decided to break out a fun IG Questions Filter and answered some pretty fun questions while I did my makeup! So grab a snack, enjoy getting to know me a bit more, and enjoy!

I hope everyone enjoyed! I really have been loving all the fun filters on IG lately, so I was super excited to add it into a video! If your interested in checking out this filer type in Questions Game by nathaliardiniz in the search box for the filters! Interested in what products I used? Check them out below


Crayon Case Colored Pencils in Bear and Coffee

Lustrare Concealer in Light


Kiss Professional Pro Touch Gold Primer

B.H. Cosmetics Modern Matte Palette

Absolute HD Flawless Foundation in Fudge

Sacha Cosmetics Kamaflage Foundation in Perfect Caramel

Black Pink Ultra HD Cream Concealer in Cappuccino

E.L.F. Expert Liner in Jet black

Urban Decay Mascara in Perversion

Crayon Case Setting Powder in N

Wet N Wild Photo Focus Pressed Powder in Dark Cafe

Crayon Case Honor Roll Highlighter


Crayon Case Liquid Lipstick in Jambalaya


FreeTress Equal Synthetic Wig in UNDKGN

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4 Looks, 1 Piece| A Blazer

Happy Friday Darling Divas!

It’s a new month which means it’s time for new opportunities, new goals, and a new month of content here on NoMinusPlus! I decided to kick things off this month with one of my personal favorite series here on the blog which is 4 Looks, 1 Piece! For those of you who might be new or need a refresher, this series is when I take one piece and style it 4 ways! Today’s piece is a blazer, and these four looks are perfect for Spring! So enjoy this short and sweet video, and meet me below!

I hope you all enjoyed! If you want to check out the other videos in my 4 Looks, 1 Piece series then click here! Have an item you want me to feature in this segment? Shall we get into the breakdown?

Which look would you rock? Comment it down below!

So the star of this video is this fabulous yellow blazer that I got from Ashley Stewart. The one I have is sold out, but you can click here, here, and here for some other incredible yellow blazers!

Look 1: Wear for a Date Night

A look like this is perfect for WOWing your date on your next night out. The blazer will keep you warm and fabulous on any night.

Lace Top: Torrid

Bra & Shoes: Lane Bryant

Skirt: Fashion to Figure

Look 2: Wear for A Casual Day

Jeans are honestly my favorite type of clothing because you can dress them up or down and still be casual and comfy! This look has the perfect punch of color for Spring!

T-shirt & Shoes: Ashley Stewart

Jeans: Lane Bryant

Look 3: Wear to The Office

This pair of slacks actually came with this blazer, and I love to wear them together because it always turns heads! A look like this is perfect for the 9 to 5 fashionistas!

Top: Melissa McCarthy

( It’s on sale in my Poshmark Closet! Click here to purchase!)

Pants: Ashley Stewart

Shoes: Payless ( Will be up on my Poshmark soon! )

Look 4: Wear for A Girls Night Out

Got a Girls Night Coming up soon? Then this look is for you! A black tank top and leggings can easily be paired together to look like a jumpsuit! Just add a blazer and heels and you’re ready to go!

Top: Walmart

Leggings: JustFab

Shoes: Torrid

So that’s all for today’s blogpost darling divas! I hope you all have enjoyed this short and sweet blog post! Are you signed up for the V.I.P. mailing list? You get special perks such as coupon codes, seeing all the videos first, and so much more! Click here to sign up! I love you lots like tater tots, and I will see you all next Friday!