Wipe Party|A LookBook Inspired by Toilet Tissue

What’s Up Darlng Diva’s!

Long time no speak right? Life has been quite hectic on my end, but I hope that all of you out there are doing amazing and staying safe during this time. Today I am back (kinda) with another video that I have been sitting on since MAY! Can you believe it? This fabulous and fully finished lookbook has been sitting on my computer since May, but now feels like the perfect time to post it. When this video was originally filmed it was around the time of George Floyd’s death, all the protest, quarantine, and honestly, it was just a lot going on. I took the time to work on a very special project for my brand SlayBJanae called The Melanin Collection, and now I feel that its the perfect time to start posting my fashions again! So enjoy the video, and we will chat more after!

I hope you all enjoyed it! Since we can’t really attend any white parties this year, and since toilet tissue really was a battle to the death during quarantine, I figured this creative lookbook would be fun and cute to make. It was totally inspired by my Lysol Lweks lookbook! In this blogpost I wont be linking any items since most of the pieces I used are years old, but feel free to use them as inspo for all your post-covid looks!

Wipe Party Look 1

Jumpsuit: Fashion to Figure

Belt & Bag: Ashley Stewart

Wipe Party Look 2

Top: Woman Within

Pants: Ashley Stewart

Jacket: Robe from Target

Wipe Party Look 3

Top: Ashley Stewart

Skirt: LoveLianca

Glasses: Eloquii

Wipe Party Look 4

Dress: Dia&Co

Purse: Cashi Boutique

Wipe Party Look 5

Top & Bag: Hot Topic

Overalls: Ashley Stewart

Cat Ears: FiveBelow

Wipe Party Look 6

Top: Fashion to Figure

Bra: Lane Bryant

Jeans: Ashley Stewart

Fanny Pack: Flaws of Couture

So that’s all folks! I really hope you have enjoyed today’s video as much as I enjoyed making it! The NoMinusPlus video schedule will be coming back in September, so stay tuned! If you want to get updates first, and get other special perks be sure to sign up for The NoMinusPlus V.I.P. list by clicking here! I love you lots like tater tots, keep sane, sanitized, and safe, and we will chat soon!

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