What Ive Been Doing to Stay Sane During Quarantine!

Happy Friday Darling Diva’s

I hope everybody is staying Sane, Sanitized, and Safe at this time! I know that some states are starting to open back up, but I wanted to still come up here and chat with you all about what Ive been doing to keep Sane during quarantine! This time can be very hard on people physically, mentally, and emotionally so I’m hoping that some of what Ive been doing can keep you calm and sane as things start to get back to a better place. Shall we begin?

I hope you all enjoyed today’s video! I know it’s a bit different then the content that I usually provide, but I really loved thinking outside the box and creating it! If you loved my shirt that I rocked in the video hit up SlayBJanae! Just screenshot this photo below, and send it on over to the Request Custom Order section, or DM the photo to the IG/FB pages (@slaybjanae) to place your order!

I started my 2020 fitness journey in early February, but I have really kicked up during quarantine and I have really been enjoying it! Going for my walks and workouts keeps me on my pre-quaratine routine, and honestly gives me a reason to get dressed and go outside! Please know that you DON’T have to work out at all at this time. Be gentle with your mind and body, but for me getting outside and moving has been so therapeutic and I look forward to it each time! Check out some of my workout outfits below! If your interested in where I purchase my workout clothes from its mostly from Walmart, Torrid, and Lane Bryant!

I have always loved to cook, but during quarantine cooking has really been bringing my family together! I cook about 2-3 times for a week and lately have been trying new meals at the request of my family members. It gives us all a break from eating the same ole thing, allows various members of my family to really feel involved, and its fun for me to create new meals for all us to enjoy! Last night I whipped up Chicken and Waffles for the first time and I honestly don’t even know how I went on this long without making them! Darius Cooks on social media has really been inspiring me, and I also love to watch the Food Network 24/7 so I have definitely been channeling my inner Chef Brie at this time! Click below to check out some of my favorite recipes!

UnSloppy Joes

Honey Garlic Chicken

Philly Cheese steak Sliders

Egg Frittata

Although we cant go far, I still like to just sometimes sit outside to just confirm that the sky isn’t falling and the world isn’t ending lol Its something about nature that has always calmed me, so during this time it has been a pleasure to just sit outside, take a deep breath, and remind myself that everything is going to be ok. Going outside also has been a form of self-care, but I have also been doing face masks, reading books, doing my hair, and soon will be doing my own mani and pedis to extend more on my self-care. Its soo important to make sure that your mind, body, and spirit is ok at this time and being outside and different forms of self-care have really helped with that. So if you can go for a walk, sit on a porch, do your favorite cross- word puzzle, or listen to a playlist while you manifest DO IT! I promise it can help you feel better!

During this time I am still pushing out SlayBJanae orders, so crafting is apart of my everyday, but working with my hands has really been a wonderful distraction! I have been whipping up all types of fun quarantine items and really have been allowing my creativity to run wild and I love having an outlet to that! Check out some of my recent crafts and follow the SlayBJanae page ( @SlayBJanae) to see more of my creations!

Spending time with my family and friends are VERY important to me, so I have absoloutly been participating in many virtual events and apps to keep close with my loved ones at this time. My family has a Zoom call happy hour with all of my family close and far and I honestly look forward to it every night! I have also been loving the quarantine parties and artist battles on social media, and have been loving using different apps to create new memories with the ones I love! Check out below some of favorite apps that I am using to have fun with my peoples!

HouseParty App


Netflixs Party

So that’s all from me darling divas! If this video helped you in any way then I know my job has been done! What have been some of the things you have been doing to stay ok during this time? Comment them down below! I would love to hear all about it. Be sure to sign up for the V.I.P. mailing list if you haven’t already by clicking here. Its a brand new way to stay connected with NoMinusPlus! I love you lots like tater tots, and I will see you all in the next one!

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