My 5 Goals for 2020

Happy New Year Darling Diva’s!

I know I am a bit late, but I hope you all have been having a great 2020 so far! I’m kicking off this year’s content by sitting down and sharing 5 of my goals for 2020. So sit back, relax, and let’s talk goals!

I hope you all have enjoyed! What are some of your goals for this year? Comment them down below!

My Goals for 2020

1.Consistently Post Each week.

Today’s video went up a little later than expected, but starting next week I will be posting every Friday at 5 PM EST. I also will now be giving sneak peeks to the next video at the end of each video! I hope this gets everyone excited to see what’s next!

2. Read at least 5 books.

I am looking forward to reading again! I’m kicking things off with the year of yes by Shonda Rhimes. If you would like any book reviews let me know!

3. Write more

I have always loved to write, so I’m excited to start up again! As promised here is a poem I wrote back in the day. I hope to write happier ones now that I’m older (lol) but I still am sooo proud of this piece.

Bleeding Waters

As I sit on our Bench that swings back and forth, I think of you. A small smile spreads across my face. I start to remember the times you sat there, giving me good company. A slight tilt of my head and I start to imagine you there again. Before the 24 hour relationship that forces me to share you with them. Before you were so cold. Before you locked me in a box of abandonment. Before I lost your company. I fight back tears as I remember the conversations about us becoming a we. It quarrels now with the answer of “wait until college” That answer that is the equivalent of a bee’s sting, scrapes to the knees and a heart attack. But I remain in the dark shadows of your mind while you birth others into the light. Since you have forgotten it is my job to remember. And by this time my eyes are bleeding the waters of you

4. Commit more to movement.

I am ready to get my sweat on again! I’m starting off with doing some really fun dance workouts by Fit by Ashley, then I will work my way up! I am looking forward to getting my groove on and improving my overall health at the same time

5. Do one act of community service each month.

Giving back has always been something that I wanted to do, and since getting back into it recently I have discovered how important it is for me to do it. I plan to do one each month, and I am looking forward to being a blessing to those in need.

So Darling Diva’s that wraps up the first video of 2020! I hope you all have enjoyed! If you are interested in joining the V.I.P. Mailing list click here to sign up! Emails are going to start going out again this Thursday! Interested in being styled by me? Check out NoMinusUs for my current rates and packages. Want some fabulous custom apparel made my yours truly? Check out SlayBJanae! I love you lots like tater tots, and I will see you in the next one!

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