A Day In The Life Of Brie: A Regula Degula Film Day

Hello All my Darling Divas!

Happy Friday! I am here to get a jumpstart to your weekend with another episode of A Day In The Life Of Brie! In this episode, I am spending the day inside doing some filming for NoMinusUs! If you missed the first episode of this series, click here to check it out! So sit back, enjoy, and meet me below for more details!

I hope you enjoyed it! As mentioned, I will be doing A Day In The Life Of Brie once a month, and I already can’t wait until next month! Below is the link to to all things mentioned in today’s episode!


I have been trying to get back on my fitness kick and decided that fun dance workouts would be a great way to get back into movement. I came across a Youtuber by the name of Ashley, who makes super fun dance workout videos! My favorite is her Beyonce Coachella Workout, but on this day, I did the Island & Caribbean Workout, and the Leg and Thighs workout.


I really am so happy that I pushed myself to recreate my Throwback Emerald and Gold Fall Makeup. It felt so good to create with makeup again! You will be definitely seeing more makeup looks and slayed selfies from me!

Click here to purchase the lipstick!

The video that I filmed in today’s video is a new segment that is debuting on my NoMinusUs platform this Saturday! If you are interested in checking out, follow the NoMinusUs IG page, FB page, and the Youtube page to see when it goes live! Feel free also to check out the NoMinusUs website if you are interested in booking me as your stylist!

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Happy 9th Birthday NoMinusPlus!

Happy Sunday Darling Divas!

I know that I typically don’t post on weekends, but today is a very special exception. Today is the 9th birthday of NoMinusPlus! 9 years ago today I posted my first blogpost here on NoMinusPlus, and rest is history! I want to first start off this blogpost by saying Thank You. Thank you for 9 years of love, 9 years of support, and 9 years of fashionable bliss! Every year I do a video to celebrate, and this year is no different. To celebrate NoMinusPlus I am taking a look at the first fashion post of the blog and using the tips in that post to create a lookbook! So sit back, relax, and celebrate the blog with me!

I hope that you all have enjoyed! It was so nice to look back at my earlier posts, have a good laugh, and finally be able to create again in my studio! If your interested in joining the mailing list so that you can get the link to the blooper reel for this video then click here! Don’t forget to use the code ” THANKS9″ at checkout to get free shipping all month long over at The NoMinusPlus Merch Store.

Below are the looks that were featured in the lookbook, and some links for you to shop the items featured in this video. I am a little rusty since I haven’t filmed in my studio in a long time, so please excuse the quality! It will definitely be alot better the next time around! (lol)

Brie Tip #1 A Drapped Cardi

Look 1:
Cardigan: Calvin Klein
Top &Boots: Ashley Stewart
Jeans: LaneBryant

My Current Brie Picks for a draped cardi:

Mustard Cardigan: Forever21

Burgundy Cardigan: Torrid

Blush Cardigan: Torrid

Brie Tip #2 A Chunky Scarf

Look 2:
Scarf &Jacket: Dia&Co
Top: Target
Jeans: Ashley Stewart
Boots: Eloquii

Current Brie Picks for a Chunky Scarf

Oversized Flannel Scarf- Old Navy ( They come in so many different colors)

Brie Tip #3 A Pair of Tall Boots

Look 3:
Boots: Lane Bryant
Jacket: Rachel Roy
Top: Ashley Stewart
Skirt: Co-Edition

Current Brie Picks for a Tall Pair of Boots

Black Faux Suede boots: Forever21

Brown Over the Knee Boots: Forever21

Over the knee boots for Extended Sizes: Smash Shoes

Brie Tip #4 A Sweater Dress

Look 4:
Tunic Top: Ashley Stewart
Belt: Lane Bryant
Jeans: 12TwentyTwo
Boots: Just Fab

Current Brie Picks for a Sweater Dress

A Never Worn Sweater Dress that I am selling on my Poshmark!

Light Brown Dress: Shein

All of Fashion to Figure’s Sweater Dress Collection ( They were all too good to just pick one!)

So that wraps up the special birthday blogpost for NoMinusPlus! Thank you as always for watching, and thank you once again for all your support! Cheers to 9 years of NoMinusPlus and here’s to 9 more years! I love you lots like tater tots and I will talk to you all in the next one.