Dia & Co Styling and Try On Video

Hello All My Darling Divas

Welcome back! I’m here today, as promised, with my Dia & Co Styling and Try On video for July! My box for this month was definitely a hit, and I couldn’t wait to try everything on! If you missed the unboxing for this video them you can click here.I was super excited to style this box for this month so enjoy the video and meet me below for more details!

Did you enjoy the video? I hope so! This box was a hit, and I just had to keep these three pieces. Let’s get into styling!

Modamix – Lindsay Top – $49.00


Price- $49.00

Keeping? Yes 

 I instantly fell in love when I saw this top! It’s such a fun color, and the fit is amazing. I would style this with a sexy pencil skirt and a matching yellow clutch on a night out on the town. A pair of black pants or even jeans would also work.

Lysse – Jennifer Seamed Pant – $98.00

Size- 3x 

Keeping? Yes 

I feel like EVERYBODY NEEDS THESE PANTS! They are so comfortable and cute that I can’t take it! They had to be mine. You can never go wrong with a basic black pant like this one! You could dress this one up or down it just depends on your mood. For dress down days throw on a tee, jean jacket, and sneakers for a comfortable fit. On your preppy days, you can match it with a collared shirt with a pair of oxfords! Stay tuned for a styling lookbook where I style this pair of pants four ways!

Fashion to Figure – Journey Blouse – $32.90

Size: 1X

Keeping? No 

A black tee is a basic in any wardrobe. I have a billion of these, so I’m sending it back. With a top like this, I would pair it with either colored pants or a black pant like the one I’m keeping. I would add some fun with a cheetah print bag because cheetah is pretty much the answer to all your fashion problems! 

Modamix – Shana Fit-n-flare Dress – $69.00

Size: 16W

Keeping? Yes


If you’re tall and curvy like me then a skater anything is the best. The perfect thing about this dress is that it covers my butt! I usually have the problem of my skater dresses/ skirts being a bit short and not covering my butt all the way, but this dress covers me well. When you get a skater like that you must keep it, so I am. I would throw some color into it when styling it. An orange or pink clutch goes with the fun flower print in this dress. Slide on some sandals and you’re good to go. 

Fashion to Figure – Jade Chambray Tunic – $34.90

Size: 1x

Keeping? No

 This chambray top is not really my style, but the high low design I really love. I also like that you can wear it open or closed, but if I kept it I knew it would just sit in my closet. If I was keeping it I would wear it as a vest with a simple top and jeans. Perfect simple out for a summer day. 



 So, ladies, that’s all for today’s video! If this was your Dia box how would you style the pieces and what would you keep? Comment them below! This ends our week here on NoMinusPlus early, but be sure to come back here next week with two brand new blog post. You can keep up with all the NMP fun by following me on my social media! I do themed days and you should check it out and participate! All my links are above. I love you lots like tater tots, and I will see you all on Monday!



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