Gluttony: Turkey Meatloaf Muffins

Hello All My Darling Divas!!!

Welcome back! Today is day TWO of The Seven Deadly Sins Series here on the blog and the theme today is gluttony. If you missed the first video in the series don’t worry! Check it out right here.

I posted this picture earlier today as sneak peek. How many of you guessed right and knew today’s theme was gluttony? Im sure the hunk of cake in my hand gave it away.
So since Gluttony is all about overeating,I decided to share with you one of my favorite healthy meals: Turkey Meatloaf Muffins. Now I am super excited about this video because I never showed you how to cook anything on the blog. I personally love to cook, so it was really fun showing you another side of me. So check out the video, and meet below for more details and pics! 
Did you enjoy the video? Super easy and quick right! Now I usually add a layer of Ketchup right before I put them in the oven, but I forgot to do that step. So you can do that for some more added flavor. You can also put barbecue sauce on top instead of Ketchup for a more smokey flavor.
Here is a picture of the finish product! Below the pic will be the ingredients for this meal.
List of ingredients
2lbs of Ground Turkey( or Ground Beef)
1/4 Cup of Plain Bread Crumbs
1/4 Cup of Ketchup
2 Eggs lightly Beaten
1 Package of Mrs.Dash Meatloaf Seasoning
 Olive Oil Cooking Spray( Or coat the Muffin pan using Regular Olive Oil)
Muffin Pan 
Large Bowl 
Bake at 350 for 20Mins
Now of course I must tell you the deets on my makeup and what I’m wearing. That Honestly is the most fun part about making these videos!  
My Turban Tutorial can be found here if you want to see how to wrap your hair like this
 Comment below and let me know if you want a tutorial on this look. 
Most of the products for this makeup look can be found in my Beauty Supply Store Makeup Haul. Click here to check that out
The Outfit
 Dress- Fashion2Figure
Cheetah Necklace-Rainbow
Other Necklace-Gifted
Ladies that is it! I hope you have enjoyed the first week of videos in The Seven Deadly Sins Series here on the blog! Be sure to follow me on my social media. I give sneak peeks of each video coming up so that you can guess which sin is up next. My social media are all linked above. Check right back here next week for 2 new deadly sins videos. I hope you are enjoying the series so far ladies. Until next week, love ya lots like tator tots!

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