Introducing StyledByNoMinusPlus!!!!

Hello All My Darling Divas!!!

I am sooo excited about today because it is the launch of my new store, StyledByNoMinusPlus!!!!! I am sooo ready to create some great things for you ladies! I showed you a lil sneak peak of my shorts in my latest OOTD video, you can check that out right here. I created a lil video showing you all the short design and some info on the process. Check out that video below, and then meet me under for more details.

Ok so for those who maybe cheated and didnt watch the video (Shame on you!), then here is quick rewiew on what I said….

The name of the site is and It will be availbe right now as your reading this post

Any questions on how the Styled by Nominusplus can be explained on the big cartel site, via the How it works tab.

If you have any questions regarding StyledByNoMinusPlus, feel free to message me either Via the contacts tab on the Store, or through the email for the store which is ONLY SEND MESSAGES RELATED TO STYLEDBYNOMINUSPLUS TO THIS EMAIL!!!

So that that pretty much sums up the video ^___^

So ladies now that it has been introduced, go buy some shorts!!! I promise you that they will be extra cute and you and everyone will love them!!!!!

As always, feel free to follow me on my social networking sites, they are linked above. Until next time my darling divas, love ya lots like tator tots!!!!!!

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