America The Beautiful

Ok now before we begin, let us give me two slaps in the back of head for being away to long. Did you get your smacks? Good! Im telling you laziness and lack-of time management are the DEVIL! I was susposed to be comming to you with part 2 of my Straight and Style series featuring Jane Carter Solutions, but have yet to re-record the tutorial due to the fact that I hated the first one. I swear to get my life, but in the meantime will you forgive me with a OOTD post????

So I recently went shopping( Will do haul video soon) and I automatically got obsessed with this sweater from Forever21. I have always wanted to have a sweater like this because it makes me feel straight out of an Urban Outfitters commercial. I felt very hipster today. It’s a very comfy sweater, and its perfect for our Bi-Polar spring weather that we are experiencing here in Jersey.

I just may ask to be buried in this sweater because it is that comfortable. Another thing that I brought and are currently obsessed with are these red sneakers that I picked up from Target. I also have a pair in denim and I swear to you have worn both pairs everyday since I brought them. Red is usual not a go to color for me, but when I saw tease I just had to have them.

Now I had to play my own photographer today due to the fact that I left my camera at home, and nobody was around to snap some pics of me, so I just took some Instagram worthy full body pics im my dorm-room’s full length mirror. Classy right?

Sweater- Forever21
Jeans- Forever21
Shoes- Target
So I hope you ladies have enjoyed! I hope the spring weather starts to pick up a bit more so that I can finally wear SHORTS! I promise to stop being lazy and get my videos up! Feel free to follow me on any of my networking sites. The links are above. Until next time, love ya lots like tator tots! XOXO

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