Pop of Color

Hello all my Darling Divas!
Ok so this weather is really starting to grind my gears. Its getting harder and harder to want to have the desire to dress cute, but hey its my job right? I decided that I wanted to add some color to my outfit, but not too much. Please excuse the crappy pics. I have to depend on my camera when im flicking it up between classes.

Outfit Deets 
Scarf-Ashley Stewart
The tutorial to my hairstyle today can be found here

These pink pants from Forever21 are always a bit tricky to style, so I always go for black or white to pair with them. In this case, I decided to pair it with both using this lovely Aztec printed cardigan from Umgee Plus.   The blue scarf adds another pop of color just because I feel that you can never have too much color. 
I cant wait till this weather breaks! I am in desperate need of sandals and crop tops! Ok ladies that is all! I hope you are staying warm in this crazy weather that we have been having. Be sure to check out last week’s post here. It was a great collab I did with my big sis Kenza. Feel free to follow me on all my social network sites. They are listed above. Until next time, love ya lots like tator tots!

Collab OOTD

Hello All My Darling Divas!

It has been such terrible weather over here on the east coast! First snow and now rain. I swear its hard to get cute in this weather. All of my outfits for the past couple of weeks were pretty basic and casual, but today I am posting my causal look for a special reason. This particular OOTD is a collab with my loving sweetheart big sister Kenza.      She reached out to me and asked me to do a collab with her and of course I said yes! So the plan was for her to create a makeup look (she is an aspiring makeup artist check out her site Here ) and I will create a fashion look based on that makeup look( yall already know what I do.) I will leave a link below so that you can take a look at the fabulous look created by Kenza that inspired my OOTD today. Her eye-makeup showcases a beautiful green color, so I thought hey why not go with that.

                                    the makeup look that Kenza created you can check out the tutorial here 

And here is my interpretation of it in as an outfit

 Since I have nothing to do today but run errands and go to work, today’s outfit was casual and comfortable. All this snow also doesn’t help. I want to wear a skirt!

Outfit Deets
Button down shirt- Ny&Co
Shoes-Nine West 
Go check out the makeup look that goes hand in hand with this outfit!  The link is right here just in case you missed it above .Show my big sissy Kenza some love! Shoutout to her for thinking of this great collab idea and hope all of you ladies love it. Its time for me to go traveling in this leftover snow! Feel free to follow me on all my social networking sites, my links are above.  Until next time ladies, love you lots like tator tots, and see you next week!!

Vday Makeup Tutoial

IF you are celebrating it alone, with your significant other, with family or close friends, or not at all, I hope you have a wonderful Vday! I wanted to be sure that I atleast got one Vday video out with you. This crazy weather could not hold me back any longer. So for those of you who are doing something tonight, here is a simple makeup look that you can put together. It’s quick and simple, so for those looking for a quick look to maybe do for a last min date or outing, this is perfect for you! So enjoy the vid! More info about all products used and pics will be below!

List of Makeup Products Used(Brows, Blush, Concealer, and Foundation Applied off camera)
Avon Concealer 
Brown, Black, Pink Eyeshadow, and blush from Sephora Palette
And of course pics! 

Enjoy your vday! Feel free to follow me! All the links are posted above on my site! Until next week ladies, love ya lots like tator tots!

Birthday Behavior

Hello All my Darling Divas!

It has been TWO LONNNGGGGGGG weeks since I have last posted! Crazy right? The weather here has been terrible so all my scheduled recording days got delayed. I also celebrated my bday not to long ago( Jan29), so I was enjoying that and my Superbowl weekend. If weather permits, I hope that I will be able to at least get you one VDAY video out this week. Lets cross our fingers. I have already posted a Vday lingerie post. Click Here to check that out! So todays post is just gonna be some pics and my outfits that I wore durring my bday weekend. 22 is fabulous age and I am enjoying it this far. Lets hope that this snow doesn’t get in the way of me recording AGAIN this week! Any more of my fellow aquarians celebrating there birthday soon or has celebrated their bday? Let me know below! Enjoy the pics and until next time, love ya lots like tator tots! All my social networking sites are linked above. Feel free to follow me!

 Bday Outfit
Top-Umgee Plus ( video here for more info)
Shoes-Ashley store

Bday face featuring my new obbession; this matte red lipstick from E.L.F. Cosmetics in Rich Red . Click here to purchase it.
Bday weekend Outfit
Jacket-Ashley Stewart
Top- Actually a dress from Umgee Plus 

And whats a bday without cake, drinks, and more drinks!