Casual Friday

Hello All My Darling Divas! 
As stated I would try to post my OOTD’s on here more this year, so here is my first OOTD of the year! Its a pretty laid back Friday for me so I decided to dress really comfortably today. 

I got this amazing oversize Cardigan from Umgee Plus( Have exciting news regarding that company coming next week!) Its perfect for this lazy day that I am about to have. The Jeans are from Forever21, and boots from Deb Shops.

I will probably live in this cardigan this semester at school. Its the perfect thing to throw on for those days where I just wanna get up and get the day started. Its draped perfectly and even has a hood! I love hooded things I know im not the only one.

So that’s all ladies! Hope you enjoyed this very laid back OOTD. Feel free to follow me on all my social networking sites! They are all linked on the top of my site. Enjoy this very adorable photo with my very special guest coco. Until next time, Love ya lots like tator tots!

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