Umgee Plus Haul

Hey there Darling Divas!

I’m back again with exciting news!!! I recently became a brand ambassador for the fabulous wholesale clothing company called UmgeeUSA! They sell straight sizes as well a plus, so I obviously will be an ambassador for Umgee Plus! I’m excited about this opportunity! I get to style some amazing pieces for you all, thus creating inspiration for all of your OOTD’s and more! I was able to pick 10 pieces to be sent to me to style and let me tell you it was hard. They have a variety of different amazing things, and it was hard to pick just 10. I finally narrowed my search down and here we are with the 10 pieces picked. Now since Umgee is a wholesale company, it is a bit tricky to get your hands on these items. I am currently trying to figure out how all of you and get a hold of their amazing clothing. So sit tight ladies! That answer will be to you soon! In the meantime, enjoy the video and close up pics of the clothing below! Join me below for more info.

Hope you enjoyed the video! I wanted to make it as enjoyable as possible for those who are like me and stuck in the house due to snow.( I hate you winter.) Now if you while I wait for info on how to get the clothes, you can Google Umgee Plus and click on the shopping tab which is located at the top of the page under the search box. That tab will take you to anybody who may be selling the clothes online. You can also search Umgee Plus in ebay and amazon and some things come up. Just be careful who you are buying from. Also try searching Umgee and UmgeeUSA. More options come up. I promise to report back with more info. If I forget harass me on one of my social networking sites and I will be sure to put it up.

Pics( These are not the actual name of each item. Just my description of them.)
Light-Pink Sheer Button Down Shirt 
 Simple white tee with rhinestones
Long Aztec Printed Cardigan
 Kimono styled Cardigan
Cropped short Aztec Printed Cardigan
 Oversized Poncho Inspired Cardigan (WITH HOOD!!!!)
 Lace Dress
 Black Mini Dress
Hi-Low Inspired Dress

So that’s it ladies! I hope you enjoyed! Feel free to use these pics and the video as inspiration for your OOTD’s or things to lookout for on your next shopping trip! Feel free to follow me on all on the interweb! The links are provided above. Stay connected! Until next time, love ya lots like tator tots, and see you next week!( MY BDAY WEEK YAY!!)

Casual Friday

Hello All My Darling Divas! 
As stated I would try to post my OOTD’s on here more this year, so here is my first OOTD of the year! Its a pretty laid back Friday for me so I decided to dress really comfortably today. 

I got this amazing oversize Cardigan from Umgee Plus( Have exciting news regarding that company coming next week!) Its perfect for this lazy day that I am about to have. The Jeans are from Forever21, and boots from Deb Shops.

I will probably live in this cardigan this semester at school. Its the perfect thing to throw on for those days where I just wanna get up and get the day started. Its draped perfectly and even has a hood! I love hooded things I know im not the only one.

So that’s all ladies! Hope you enjoyed this very laid back OOTD. Feel free to follow me on all my social networking sites! They are all linked on the top of my site. Enjoy this very adorable photo with my very special guest coco. Until next time, Love ya lots like tator tots!

Sexy for your Sweetheart

Hello all my Darling Divas!

So Vday is right around the corner, and what better what to surprise your sweetie that night by slipping into something a bit more comfortable? Today I will be giving you a simple guide on some sexy lingerie for you to turn up the heat on Valentines night! Remember that feeling sexy is all about confidence. So let that confidence shine weather you wanna show a lil skin or let it all hang out! I am putting this post out so early because just in cause you wanted to ordered from one of the websites featured, you will have plenty of time for lingerie to arrive for that special night.

Nightly Allure
Nightly Allure is a homemade lingerie etsy shop that is owned by my very good friend Asha. She offer’s a lovely array of lingerie perfect for a very romantic night. Her sizes run up to a XL, but if you need custom sizing, she has no problem accommodating to that. The best thing about her lingerie is that is all homemade, so its made directly from here and your guaranteed to get the best! She also makes different sorts of accessories to spice up your night even further. If your interested in purchasing anything from her site, or just want to check it out Click Here 
Here is the sizing chart for Nightly Allure and some info regarding shipping in time for VDay
Hips and Curves
 Hips and Curves is another great lingerie site offering very sexy lingerie and even corsets! They have lingerie for every kind of woman out there. The conservative, the in between, and the all out racy! There sexy styles will be sure to put a lil umph in your Vday plans! If you are interested in anything from hips and curves, Click Here 
Torrid is another great place to pick up some fab lingerie. Its really affordable and super sexy. They have a range of different things for whatever mood you may happen to be in. With different varieties of colors, patterns, and materials, you are sure to find something that fits you best. If you are interested in purchasing something from torrid, click here
Lane Bryant 

Lane Bryant has a bra and lingerie line call Cacique and if you haven’t checked it out please do! For my more bigger chested ladies( like my self) they have large sizes and their items fit perfectly! MY have is the cat inspired lingerie cause its so cute and fun! Def give that look a try. If your interested in purchasing anything from Lane Bryant’s bra and lingerie line Cacique, click here

To all of my divas out there wanting to do something sexy but want to D.I.Y because you may be on a budget (tust me girl I understand) you can still do something amazing for your hunny! Wear your sexiest bra and panty set that you have, throw on some heels, and if you have a silk robe wrap that on yourself and wallah! Instant sexiness!
If you still wanna buy a lil something you can always buy a sexy accessory that are located in Nightly Allure that I mentioned above. A pasty or some cat ears will super sexify anything that you may already have. Remember ladies its the confidence that makes you sexy!!
Well ladies that is all! Hope that this lil VDay guide helped you out and inspired you to do something sexy for your sweetheart this Valentines Day! Feel free to add me on all my social networking sites which are located at the top of this blog post. Love ya lots like tator tots and see you later!

Christmas Haul!

Hello  my Darling Divas!!

Happy 2014!!!!!!!!! Its my first post of the year and I decided to sit down and show you guys the goodies I got for Christmas! Feel free to go on the sites or to the stores to pick these things up, or use them for inspiration for some goodies you may want to add to your closet! If I can find any of my gifts online meet me below the video after you watch to check it out! Enjoy!

Items From my Haul that I was able to find online

So that’s it ladies!!! Thank you for watching I hope you enjoyed! Follow me on all the social networking sites if you like! The links are at the top of the page! Until next time, love you lots like tator tots!