Fave Hair Products

Hello Darling Divas!

I’m here again with another video! Two blog post in one week? Im on a roll! Lets hope I don’t drop the ball. BUT ANYWAYSSS! In today’s post were going to discuss my fave hair products. I decided to do my top 5 fave hair prodcuts because I have soooo many favorites and my faves are always changing so I picked the lucky number 5. The Video explains more in detail about why I love each product. So after you watch the video join me below for some more info and where to buy!

Did you enjoy? I hope you did! I tried to make it as short as possible. The one thing that I hate are long videos, so I generally try to get what I need to say out so that your not watching a 20 min video!. I’m rambling though, so let me get to the deets!

Fave #1- Homemade Shea Butter
I make my own personal mixture and put them in whatever jars I have handy, so that explains why its in a gelato container( It was yummy!) But my Shea Butter Tutorial and more info about it is Here. I probably will redo this tutorial so that its more detailed because honestly that tutorial sucks! BUT you get the idea. Stay tuned for me redoing that later on.  You can get Shea Butter from your local beauty supply store and I’ve also purchased some from my local Walmart.

Fave #2- Murray’s Loc- Lock Gel
I LOVE THIS STUFF! I have already expressed it so much in the video but man oh man this stuff is great! Below is a picture of a twist-out I did using the sheabutter, loc-lock gel, and high gloss setting lotion. See I told you its the best combo EVER! You can purchase Loc-Lock gel also at your local beauty supply store and Walmart for around 4 bucks. You def wont pay more than $5 for this product. 
My twistout using this great stuff!! DEFINITION BABY!!! 
Fave #3- Design Essentials High Gloss Setting Lotion
I ALWAYS use setting Lotion with my twist outs just because of how I like how it define’s my curls. I always use LottaBody Setting Lotion, but I decided to switch it up and try a new product. Switching to this setting lotion was a great decision! Now I’m not saying this a permanent switch, but for now its awesome! You can buy this product at your local beauty supply or on the Design Essentials Website (Click on that sentence to take you to the product) 
Fave#4- Design Essentials Leave-In Hydrating Conditioner
This stuff rocks! It kept my hair feeling extra soft after my co-wash and wash routine! A lil goes a long way so dont use to much! You can purchase this at your local beauty supply store or on the Design Essentials Website(Click on that sentence to take you to the product) 
Fave#5- African Royale Hot Six Oil
This all in one oil also works for your body, but I mostly use it for hair. For all of my hot oil treatments, and sealing the ends of my hair, this baby is what keeps my hair looking awesome! Also now that I have my hair in braids I also use this product as scalp oil to keep my scalp moisturized while its put away. 
Alight Darling Divas thats about it! Feel free to also share with me you fave hair products! Natural,Relaxed, Somewhere in-between I wanna see them all!! Until Next time love you lots like  tater tots! And see you next week! 
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