Hello all my Darling Divas!!

Happy Summer and PLEASE!!! Don’t kill me!! Its been about 4billion decades since I’ve posted a blog post, and I should be ashamed of myself!! My time away has been due to the usual culprit of school ( Damn you summer classes!), but I just wanted to stop in and let everyone know that I’m not dead and more importantly the blog isn’t dead! I have been wearing some pretty fabulous things lately and always post them on my instagram and tumblr account, so if you wanna keep up with all my outfits, I will leave allll my links for the blog and my personal links below so that you can stalk me! I have a bunch of tutorials and update videos to make, and since school gets out in July 1st, you wont have to wait to long for some brand new stuff! Can you believe that its summer already?? Sheesh! Well I will leave you with some pics below just to let know what new fashion and beauty things have been happening, and lookout for some new videos where I will explain all the pics you see below in further detail! Enjoy the pics! Until next time, love ya lots like tator tots divas! And pray that I make through the last bit of these summer classes!! XOXOXOXO

My Social Networking Links!
I update on all of them very frequently!
My personal facebook page
Instagram and Twitter- @BrieLikeMe

Ok on to the pics!!!!

I change my hair up a lot so first it looked like this


And now it looks like this! (Don’t panic im still natural!!)
I lost some weight(If you want a video on this let me know)
Anddddd that’s all im gonna share for now cause my professor is looking at me weird for typing while she is teaching! lol so stay tuned ladies! Updates, tutorials and so much more coming soon! Love ya all


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