Healthy Hair Tip #4 In Good Condition( Condition Unit)

Hello Darling Diva’s

Ok so here we are again with another Healthy Hair Tip in the Healthy Hair Tip Challenge. If you need to play catch up, the tips will be below. Once your up to speed, meet me down so we can begin the next healthy hair tip

Healthy Hair Tip #3

Alighty then, let us begin. So In the second Healthy Hair Tip Video we discussed Your Personal Product Arsenal and in this blog post we’re going to discuss the second unit which is The Condition Unit and then below I will put some suggestions of some Conditioner’s to try.

Condition Unit 
So when discussing the Condition unit, I’m not talking about your conditioner that you use after you shampoo, that’s apart of the Wash Unit that was in the last healthy hair tip. The Condition unit contains your deep conditioner, hair mask’s, and leave-in conditioners. The Condition unit is especially important in the winter because all these harsh winds and weather changes do massive damage on your hair. And the only way to ensure that your hair is protected is by giving it the best deep conditioner that you can. Now you can use a hair mask as well. The only difference between a deep conditioner and a hair mask is that a hair mask has a thicker consistency than a deep conditioner. They both get the job done and are equally as great. I deep condition my hair ever week to ensure that my hair stays nice and conditioned. I also add some oils to my deep conditioner for an extra little kick. Another tip that I just learned actually was not to keep your conditioner in your hair for over an hour!!! Only let it sit in your hair for under an !hr or less, but after 30 mins have passed your typically good to go. Also make sure you rinse your hair with cold water so that your hair locks in the moisture from your conditioner.  Some of my suggestions for deep conditioner’s are below and then after that we will get into leave-in conditioners: the conditioner that everyone forgets! 
Queen Helene’s Deep Conditioner

Parnevu Organic Hair Mayonnaise
Pantene Moisture Masque 

Ok now on to the 2nd product in the Condition Unit which is your Leave-in Conditioner. Alot of people skip these step in the regime and I have no clue why! Leave-in conditioners ensure that your hair is conditioned long after your done with your shampooing or co-washing. It creates a condition barrier that leaves your hair feeling great . I apply my leave-in after I wash out my deep conditioner and my hair is set to go until I co-wash it or wash it again. Here are my leave-in conditioner suggestions
Shea Moisture Curl & Style Milk

Original Moxie Everyday Leave-In

Ok ladies well that’s enough for healthy hair tip #4, hope you ladies have learned alot!!!!! 

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