Healthy Hair Tip #2 Your Personal Product Arsenal

Hello All My Darling Divas!!!!
Ok so I decided to make the second  healthy hair tip a non-video post because I just couldn’t find the time to make a video and I didnt want to put it off any longer than I already did! So this is gonna be an information packed post because this tip, like all the tips in this challenge, is an important one! So enough of the chit-chat, lets begin!

So Healthy Hair #2 is called  Your Personal Product Arsenal and this will be your weapons in the battle of hair growth, your enemies  dryness, lack of moisture, and harsh weather conditions. Using all of these products will ensure that your hair will stay protected and damage free during harsh winter winds, rainy spring afternoons, dry brittle summers, and frigid fall evenings. I will introduce your Arsenal, and then in the next couple of tips, I will break down the importance of each unit, and recommend some good products to use.

 Wash Unit 
The job of this part of your Arsenal is to cleanse and restore your hair. You want to make sure that you are using the popular rinse, lather, and repeat method because shampoo can over cleanse the scalp and hair, so the conditioner is used to restore natural oils back to your hair. CAUTION: Once a month only!!!!  Now of course your more than welcome to shampoo and condition your hair more times a month, but once is fine because shampoo can over clarify your hair, and you want to rid your scalp and hair of dirt, not the good stuff. 
Condition Unit
The job of this part of your arsenal is to further condition your hair right after and long after you have washed your hair. Your hair should always be properly conditioned if you want to grow healthy hair and retain length. This Unit consist of your Deep Conditioner and Leave- in Conditioner. Both will help your hair stay conditioned long after you have washed it. Co-washing every week will defeat any damage that you get from weather conditions.  (especially in the flip-flop weather were having this winter! ) And applying a leave-in conditioner after you wash your deep conditioner out, will retain moisture and softness during how ever way you decided to dry and style you hair. 
Moisture Unit 
This is honestly is probably the most important unit in your arsenal! Moisture hair is happy hair, and without moisture you hair will be in serious trouble! You want to make sure that you have two major moisturizers in your moisture unit; A water-based moisturizer to penetrate the hair and provide it with moisture and then a oil-based moisturizer to seal the moisture from the water-based moisturizer. We will discuss more about that in the moisture healthy hair tip which I will release later. This unit also handles any daily products that you used to style you hair each day. 

Ok ladies so I have introduced your 3 main units in your product arsenal  The next 3 healthy hair tips will go into further detail of the importance of these hair products in growing your healthy hair. Its now December, so my end of the month pictures for November will be below. Make sure to check out the 1st healthy hair tip and the challenge into video if you wanna refresh your memory! Thanks for watching ladies!!! 
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