Healthy Hair Tip #1 Add Water

Hello All My Darling Diva’s
I’m finally back! After two back to back storms on the East Coast, everything is finally restored and we can get back to business. So first order of business is our First healthy hair tip of the Healthy Hair Growth Challenge 2012-2013. If you have no clue what the heck I’m talking about, then  Click Here. You may also wanna refresh your memory on how this challenge is working since I’ve been away. So once you refresh your memory, Watch the First Healthy Hair Tip: Add Water, and once ya do that, meet me below for some more info.

Ok so are our memories refreshed? Did you watch the tip? Did ya learn something? lol Am I asking wayyy to many questions? Lets just get to the good stuff

So lets recap what we learned in the Add Water Healthy Hair Tip: 
Adding water is essential to hair growth because water, just like for our bodies, is good for us
Add water by replacing water with your detangler spray
Add water by misting your hair before and after  you do your twists your hair for a protective style, for a two strand-twist out or bantu knots
Add water by doing Water bagging Click here for the Naptural 85 blog post that I brought up in the video 
That blog post is all about Moisturizing Your hair so its an added bonus
Alright ladies, I hope you have learned alot in the First Healthy Hair Tip Video. Stay tuned for next week for the next Healthy Hair Tip video. 

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