Healthy Hair Tip #1 Add Water

Hello All My Darling Diva’s
I’m finally back! After two back to back storms on the East Coast, everything is finally restored and we can get back to business. So first order of business is our First healthy hair tip of the Healthy Hair Growth Challenge 2012-2013. If you have no clue what the heck I’m talking about, then  Click Here. You may also wanna refresh your memory on how this challenge is working since I’ve been away. So once you refresh your memory, Watch the First Healthy Hair Tip: Add Water, and once ya do that, meet me below for some more info.

Ok so are our memories refreshed? Did you watch the tip? Did ya learn something? lol Am I asking wayyy to many questions? Lets just get to the good stuff

So lets recap what we learned in the Add Water Healthy Hair Tip: 
Adding water is essential to hair growth because water, just like for our bodies, is good for us
Add water by replacing water with your detangler spray
Add water by misting your hair before and after  you do your twists your hair for a protective style, for a two strand-twist out or bantu knots
Add water by doing Water bagging Click here for the Naptural 85 blog post that I brought up in the video 
That blog post is all about Moisturizing Your hair so its an added bonus
Alright ladies, I hope you have learned alot in the First Healthy Hair Tip Video. Stay tuned for next week for the next Healthy Hair Tip video. 

Winter Worthy OOTD

Hello Darling Divas!
It’s starting to get a bit cold outside and I’m so excited! That means layering up, hot chocolate, and snuggling with the ones you love. I thought this outfit was very Winter Worthy, hence the title, so let us begin with our outfit of the day

Ok so lets start with the top, I got this oversized blue sweater from Fashion 2 Figure. I’ve had it for 2 years and it’s my first time wearing it! Just goes to show you that you can find some fabulous things in the back of your closet. I decided to layer today since it’s so cold out. So I added my burgundy cardigan from Target for color, and my Black fur vest from Forever 21 for warmth. I brought in my shape by adding a black belt from Fashion 2 Figure. 

The bottom’s are quite simple as usual. Since the oversized sweater is a tunic, I decided to pair it with my black leggings from Rainbow, and my brown boots from Lane Bryant. 
And that’s it! This simple Winter Worthy look is perfect for Fall/Winter and I feel extremely cute in it! More pics below and as usual, Thanks for watching! XOXOXO

Happy 2nd Birthday

Hello All My Darling Divas!!!!

It’s that wonderful time of year again! That’s right, It’s Nothing Minus About A Plus Second Birthday! So please join me in saying Happy Birthday!!!! The official bday of Nothing Minus About a Plus is November 10th, this past Saturday, but I was in NY at a meeting all day, so I couldn’t get home and post. So I’m 2 days late but hey, it cant go unnoticed!  Let me first start off by saying thank you all for the love and support that I receive for this blog. Alot has changed for the better in two years, and its all because of all of you. I never thought in a million years that I would even make it past a day and would you look at that, it’s already two years! I am just filled with soo much joy!!! I also wanna take the time out to thank all the other fabulous beauty bloggers on the internet  It is because of all you fabulous mamas, that I even was inspired to create one of my own in the first place. I hope that Nothing Minus About a Plus continues to inspire and teach all its viewers. I hope that you all learn things that you never knew before, and develop the inner diva that secretly lives inside all of you. All of you ladies and gents are beautiful on the inside and out and you all inspire me as well. Each and every one of you have inspired me to work harder and make this blog better and better each day. I will stop at nothing to see Nothing Minus About A Plus reach the top, and I will be glad to say it was because of all of you. Ok ok now I’m starting to tear up  so I’m going to cut this short before my keyboard gets all wet lol.  Thank you ladies and gents for all your support, and I hope you will continue to take this Journey with me. 2 years down and many many many years to go! Happy Birthday Nothing Minus About A Plus. You have officially changed my life forever!

Click Here for the first blog post, and Happy Birthday!