Explanation Please

Hello All my Darling Diva’s out there!

So yea. I guess its only right that I explain myself ONCE AGAIN! But I swear this time its not my fault. Blame it on technology. Where Should I even begin with this story…You know the best place to begin is with the video. So take a look at that first and then meet back with me below the video.

Ok so are we back from watching the video??? are we all in attendance?? Did you take notes??? lol ok ok let me get to it. So first off I looked really orange in the video. Blame that on the lighting. And I know, I know; Im blaming everything on everything else but me, but hey its not my fault!Ok so the problems with the website domain started some time in July but I didn’t notice it until August, August 13th to be exact. It took me all day and all night to fix it, and when I thought I fixed it, I still didn’t. Can you believe that crap? So the site is goin under “Domain Name” Issues and were gonna leave it at that cause the story is realllllyyy boring. But on to the fun stuff.

I hate HATE HATE the new domain name its under right now. NothingMinusAboutAPlus.blogspot.com is just so long and its not doin it for me. So that’s where all of you darling divas come in. I need a lil help on thinking of a new domain name for nominusplus. So put those beautiful  brains together and help a sista out! It has to be a clever shortened way of Nothing Minus About A Plus, and who ever picks the best one wins a prize!!!!!!! easy right? So post your clever ideas to one of my social networking pages which I will post below

Stalk Me Links
Twitter- @VintageBlondie
Thanks for your help in advance and see ya next week ( HOPEFULLY!) with a new post

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