Top 10 Things A Natural Gal Needs

Hello Darling Divas!!

I’ve decided to do something a little bit different and do my Top 10 essential things that a  Natural Gal Needs. Now I am in no way a professional or expert, but to me having these top 10 things will help your hair grow, keep it maintained, and help it look nice, The Video explains it all and below I have more info on each top 10 item. Enjoy!

Detangler Comb And Brush

Essential for safely removing any knots and tangles that your hair WILL make. Its ok for your hair to get all messy and tangled. Its apart of being a Natural Gal! Using either a detangler comb or denman brush will ensure that you get all those troublesome knots out without damaging the hair. Remember ONLY detangle hair when its WET or slighty DAMP. never ever ever EVER!! Detangle on dry hair. 
Shea Butter
Now this is actually an optional thing on the list because Shea Butter is not for every type of natural hair. As stated in the video, on softer, wavier types of hair, Shea Butter may weigh the hair down. But for us Kinkier, Coilier Natural Gals Shea Butter Is God’s Greatest Creation. It can be used raw, or mixed with oils. How ever you choose to use it, it does wonders for your hair. Now if your not all into mixing things, then try the yellow labeled Shea Moisture products. It contains Shea Butter in it and does wonders for your hair! 

Spray Bottle
Water is Essential for Hair growth! Just like plants need water to grow big and strong, so does your hair. I know that water may seem like the enemy because it may ruin your curls and all that. But a light mist before you go to bed and even before you take down your twist in the morning will really make a big difference. Keep you hair like you keep your body. Nice and healthy and Hydrated 
Deep Conditioner 
Ok so you remember when I said Shea Butter was God’s Greatest Creation? Make that the second because Deep Conditioner is definitely the best creation! It restores your split ends, breakage, and any other troublesome problems. Deep Conditioner comes in all types of treatments to ensure that it can solve any of your hair problems and fulfills all your hair needs! Deep Conditioner is something that will help aid your hair into growing healthy and strong.

Bobby Pins and Clips
Bobby pins and clips are great for two things: Styling and getting your hair out the way. Bobby Pins help create any type of style that you want your hair to go. It can help it go up, help it go sideways, puts it in a bun; anyway that your want to shape your hair, the bobby pin helps you! As fair as clips go, they can aid in sectioning your hair so that its easier to manage your hair when twisting, conditioning or whatever else you may do.
Hair Goodies
The best part of being natural is decorating it. With headbands, scarves, pins, bows I mean I could go on forever and ever and ever! Natural hair is Art so dress it up! Wear a turban, clip on a bow do something crazy and different. And Hair goodies like that make having natural hair so much more exciting and fun

Shower Cap
 The Shower Cap and plastic cap is great because it protects your hair in the shower and also holds everything in while your deep conditioning or Hot Oil Treating your hair. I describe more in detail about the shower cap but its definitely a beauty essential that never gets recognized but is sooo important! 
Satin Scarf or Bonnet
Let me tell you. Your hair goes though soo much when you sleep! Your pillow and wild sleeping is to blame for that but you cant help it. So protecting your hair while you sleep is very important. So Satin is the best way to go. Now if your still want to sleep all wild and crazy, then you can go for a Satin PillowCase. All of which can be purchased at your local beauty supply store.
Heat Protectant

Now if your a natural gal who likes to use heat, then Heat Protectant should be your best friend. From time to time I use heat, and when I do I always have Heat Protectant. Heat Never touches my hair without some type of protectant and yours shouldnt either! 
Rainy Day Hat 

Now as you can see, my rainy day hat is used not only for my fro but also for my braids. I should have actually called this the lifesaver, lazy day hat. All your hair problems are minimized with this hat, which is why  I def recommend that everyone has a go- to hat on those days where your hair isnt looking all that great. Now I dont just use this blue hat, I also use floppy hats, turbans, and pretty much anything else that can hide my hair on bad hair-days and rainy, gloomy days 

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