Updated Hair Regimen pt 1

Hello All of my Darling Divas!

I’m here today with my updated hair regimen. Alot of things have changed since my last hair regimen so I decided to show you what I do differently now. Ever since I changed my hair regimen, I have noticed that my hair color has be vibrant, fuller and moisturized. And its mainly because I no longer use heat. Now I still recommend my old regimen so I’m not gonna take it down, but this is just how I do my hair now. Part 3 is still the same way I twist up my hair, so that part wont be changed at all . Below are two pictures so that you can see the comparison of how my hair looked during my old regimen and how it looks now with my new regimen. So enjoy the video ladies! Part 2 will be up tomorrow!

    This picture is a picture of my hair while i was doing the old regimen. Notice how my hair color is brown (when it was supposed to be blonde) and notice how my curls really aren’t defined ( Taken 5/21/11)

 This is my hair now durring the hair regimen that im showing you. Notice how my hair color is vibrant and my curls are defined (Taken 01/10/12)

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