Goth Ballerina OOTD

                                                   Hello all my darling Divas!
I’m back with another OOTD video! This was record a couple of weeks ago and I just haddd to record it because I looked so cute! I dont have many pictures because I wasn’t sure if I was going to post this soo yea sorry there aren’t lots of pics, but the video shows alot of the outfit. The picture to the left is the only full body pic that I have 😦  I felt so cute and amazing in this outfit and I’m def gonna find out different ways to rock my tutu type dress. So enjoy the vid ladies!! Below is some links that I want you to check out and until next time xoxoxox

Pics of the hair! ( Sorry if its a bit  messy..It was taken later in the day

Some Links I want you to check out– I do Fashion Friday post up here every Friday!
Facebook Fan Page– Fan page for nominus plus! Its always being updated soo check it out

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