Bleach and Distressed OOTD

Hello to all my Darling Diva’s!

I am so so so sorry about this week with my camera! Like they have all decided to die on me and have forced me to do my OOTD videos with just word post but later this week Im gonna see whats wrong with my camera and give the videos that you guys all love ❤ right?? lol ok so lets get started on today's OOTD which is called Bleach and Distressed because of the jeans that I personally bleach and distressed last week. You like?

Ok so lets begin, I was going for a rocker meets New Yorker look today. I have on a green Military style jacket( Which I’ve worn in a couple of videos) That I got from NY& CO. I swear I love that place! I paired it with a white Run Dmc shirt that I got from the Mens department at target. I love men’s graphic-tshirts. They Give my boobies some space to breathe and there very comfortable. I highly recommend bigger chested ladies to invest in mens’s graphic-tshirts. Also there shirts are way cooler! 

As far as accessories go, for today outfit I just decided to add a lil boho-chic to the look by throwing on my slouch beanie hat that  I got from Charlotte Russe. And My white watch that I got for Christmas. 
Ok so now to the best part….MY JEANS!!! I bleached and distressed these jeans myself, and here’s a better look at them. If you want me to make a video on how I did them, then go to my Facebook Fan Page and request for me to make the video! It was super easy to do 
And as far as shoes go, I just wore my short ankle brown conbat boots that were showcased in my Winter Shoes Video. To see that post click here So that about sums up todays outfit ladies below are more pics!

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