Length Check #1

Hello My Darling Divas! (Again!)

Sorry about the mixup ladies..something went crazy with my video, and instead of uploading my whole video, youtube only uploaded 28 secondds of it! You can only imagine how agravated I am about this. But anyways, the video below is just showing you my length check. Im growing my hair out this year, and so im bringing you guys along for the ride and this is one of the many amazing hair videos that im putting out this year. I mentioned in the end of the video that I was going to record my co-wash process but I decided not to because next month I will be posting my new hair regimen, so I will just explain how I co-Wash then..enjoy the full video ladies and sorry for the mishap!

A better look at my Blue Addition to my Hair

Christmas Haul Part 2

Hello My Darling Divas!
I’m here with part 2 of my Christmas Haul! Now before you watch, just know that my camera cut off some of the clothing, but you can still get an idea of what the full item looks like. I hope you have enjoyed taking a peek at what I got this past Christmas, and feel free to be inspired to go out and find some of these items on your own. Until the next blog post dolls, xoxo

Christmas Haul Part 1

Hello all of my darling divas! I hope all your holidays were fantastic and filled with greatness. I’m so happy to see 2012 and i know this going to be a great year, and I hope the same for you ladies and gents out there. Below is the part 1 to the things that my lovely family and friends have gotten me for Christmas, and I just wanted to say to them all that I love you soo much and I appreciate you greatly for thinking of me this holiday season. I’m sorry to say that there are no prices and stores to where I got everything, since everything was a gift, but feel free to be inspired by what you see in today’s video and let me know if you find anything fabulously similar.  Stay tuned for part 2 which hopefully will be up tomorrow ( crosses fingers!) Love you dolls!