Shea Moisture Curl Smoothie

Hello to all of my Darling Divas! First off Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it!!!! I hope you all got the fabulous gifts that you wanted and deserved. I’m here with another Product review video and this time it was on Shea’s Moisture’s Curl Enhancing smoothie. If you want to give this product a try, its located at your local target or Wallgreens.

Pictures of my twist-out using the Curl Enhancing smoothie 

I mentioned Afrobella’s Shea Moisture Blog Post check it out

 This video was previously recorded, so if you wanted to see my fashion Friday post, here’s the link right here!  —> Fashion Friday Post

Product Review/ Haul

Hello All of my Darling Divas! Today was a very very exicting friday for me! So exciting that i have had to re-record this video about 5 times! Im busting at the seems beause I had two of my blog post debutd on two sites today! The first site was where I did my Fashion Friday Post, So click on this Link to check out that post. This friday is the HeadWrap. My second post is showcased on I have been honored to now be apart of the CurvyMag Fabulous team, and today my Smokey Eye on a dime blog post was posted! So be sure to check both of those post out ladies!

Ok so in today’s video I reviewed Miss Jessie’s Rapid Recovery Treatment. I love love love this product! I go more into detail about what I did to my hair in the video, so just log on to for more info on this product and all the other products. Also go there to buy their products or visit your local target to buy. They Have Miss Jessie’s line of products there now.

Ok so after weeks of complaining, my Forever21 Package FINALLY Came! ugg I’ve bee waiting for them for soo long! So below are pictures of me in what I brought, followed by the prices. Log on to Forever21 to find some more fabulous things to wear!

Lace and Satin Button Up Shirt- $16.99
Black Boyfriend Cardigan- $16.00

ALSO! I mentioned in my last video that I was doing a Miss Jessie’s Hair Holiday Video. So far I haven’t gotten many likes on the video or any post on NominusPlus Facebook Fan Page for me to do the giveaway. So if you want these products ladies makes sure you like the Update video on YouTube and/or like the Facebook fan page and post on the wall that you want me to do the holiday giveaway. If I don’t have enough replies by December 31 at midnight, then I’m keeping the products and doing a product review video instead.

The YouTube Update Video-

Update, Giveaway?

Hello My Darling Divas!
Today was random blogging day. I just got in from devouring 3 chili hot dogs and picking out a Christmas tree, so I decided to post an update video. In the video I talk about nail polish, a haul that was supposed to happen and a possible giveaway. So click below to check the video out, and below is the information for everything in the video. Enjoy the randomness ladies!

Magnetic Nail Polish
$16 from This is how the polish comes out 
Holiday Give-Away
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If I have enough comment post and likes then i will do the giveaway! 
Guest Blogger Position
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My EveryDay Face

Hello all my Darling Divas!
I’m here today with a Makeup Tutorial! I haven’ done one in a long time so I decided to show you my everyday look. The Next makeup tutorial that I’m going to post up is gonna be my night look, so stay tuned for that. The great thing about this tutorial is that everything in this video cost under $10.00 bucks! Pretty good right?? So lets up begin with the tutorial. Below you will find prices of everything and where to buy and also some pics 🙂

List of Products Used All Under $10.00!
Elf Face Primer- $6.00
Elf Tinted Moisturizer- $3.00
Elf Flawless Finish Foundation- $6.00
NYC Smooth Face Powder- $2.00
SmashBox Brow Tech Palette- $9.00
Elf Blush in Coral ( The one I didn’t like)-$2.00
Coal Eye shadow used for blush-Cheap Beauty Supply Store Palette
Black Radiance Liquid Black Eyeliner- $3.00
Blistex- $1.59
Revlon’s Soft Nude Lipstick- $6.49
All these products can be brought at your local CVS, Target and Wallmart
The Elf Products can be brought at the Elf Website Click this link to go to the website 

Some Pics